She is fighting cancer. It lowers the tension. The benefits of the miracle vegetable are endless.

With the arrival of autumn, the importance of natural foods has increased. Among them, the benefits of beetroot vegetables draw attention. All the details about the beet… WHAT IS BEET? Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is the best-known species of the Beta genus in Amaranthaceae (spinachaceae), a family of flowering plants. It is an economically important plant … Read more

Don’t Miss Sports! Check out 3 benefits that are rarely known

PEOPLE’S MIND – Exercising is not only good for physical health, but also good for mental health. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, one strategy to lose weight is to go on a diet and exercise regularly. Exercising regularly is also very good for heart health. The heart is a muscle that … Read more

Effective natural aphrodisiac: When consumed regularly, neither diabetes nor blood pressure remains

Dragon fruit, also known as ‘Pitaya’, draws attention with its appearance and taste. This fruit, which is grown in the Asian continent, has started to be produced in Mersin and Adana in our country. This fruit, which is gradually becoming popular in our society, provides effective results for health. In order for dragon fruit to … Read more

8 Habits That Lower Blood Pressure, Be Careful Can Damage Organs

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — There are many things that can help reduce blood pressure. One of them is the daily lifestyle. There are several habits that can help lower blood pressure. You can practice this habit in your daily life. High blood pressure is a serious health problem. Quotes Medical News TodayUncontrolled high blood pressure … Read more

Drinking Coffee and Eating Durian Cause High Blood Pressure? This is what the doctor said

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – High blood pressure or hypertension is still one of the health conditions that need special attention. The neurologist at Harapan Kita National Heart Center Hospital, dr. Eka Harmeiwaty, Sp.S, said that further scientific research is needed on goat meat, durian, and coffee as causes of hypertension. “Do goat meat, durian cause hypertension? … Read more

HUAWEI WATCH D, New Smartwatch with Blood Pressure Measurement Features

loading… Huawei presents the HUAWEI WATCH D smartwatch with the main feature of measuring blood pressure or Blood Pressure Measurement. Photo/Huawei JAKARTA – Huawei presenting smartwatch HUAWEI WATCH D with the main feature of measuring blood pressure or Blood Pressure Measurement. HUAWEI WATCH D brings technology and components researched for 6 years to provide comfort … Read more

Eating Too Much Salty Food? Here are 9 Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure – Foods that contain high salt can quickly increase blood pressure. Even Blood Pressure UK mention, eating too much salt is the biggest cause of high blood pressure. Consuming excess salt will increase the amount of sodium in the cells and disrupt the fluid balance in the body. Fluid that enters the cells will … Read more

Woman almost died when her chest made a ‘pop’ sound during sex

Surabaya – This woman never thought she would almost die while making love. When the sex reaches its climax and he has reached orgasm suddenly there is a pop in his chest. A 45-year-old woman who was not named at the time was having sex with her husband with her legs pressed against his chest. … Read more

Instantly lowers high blood pressure! The most effective foods against high blood pressure

It is estimated that almost one billion people worldwide are affected by high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. High blood pressure, which triggers heart disease, can get worse over time. A nutritious, heart-healthy diet is recommended for anyone with high blood pressure, including those taking blood pressure-lowering medications. FOODS EFFECTIVE AGAINST HIGH TENSION Citrus … Read more

Balances blood sugar, instantly lowers blood pressure… You only need 3 spices

In our country, where 1 out of every 3 adults has high blood pressure, almost half of the patients are unaware of their illness. Hypertension, which manifests itself with symptoms such as headache, ringing and buzzing in the ears, and dizziness, which usually starts from the neck, can progress insidiously and may also pave the … Read more