What Happens to ‘Young People’ Being Injected with Parents’ Blood? Rats Give Evidence

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A study Recent studies have found that injecting parental blood into young children has an aging effect. It was known through several experiments on mice who are of different ages. Reported from Science Alert, a new experiment conducted on young mice showed they briefly age when scientists injected the blood of … Read more

No Expensive Supplements Needed! These delicious herbs and fruits are the most effective in cleansing the blood of harmful poisons

North Sulawesi PORTAL – No need to use expensive supplements to maintain blood to be clean and free from toxins. Reason heart and kidney already did a good job of cleaning blood by disposing and sorting waste. So, the best thing to clean blood it is natural to find ways to help these important organs … Read more

11 signs that your blood sugar is high! Here are those symptoms

Distraction and forgetfulness Today, this symptom, which may have many other reasons, including stress, is caused by the inability of brain cells to use sugar well in diabetics. stomach ache indigestion We mentioned that diabetes can also damage nerves. As the vagus nerve, which is effective in digestion, is negatively affected by constantly high blood … Read more

The Massacre of JP Coen, 100 Samurai, and the Blood Well of the Banda People

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Neira band long before Dutch came to have established an advanced trade order in the world. Market spicesespecially Pala in Banda invited many foreign traders such as China, India, Moro, to the Portuguese. Banda did not recognize the pattern of royal government. Trade is regulated by a number of respected people, … Read more

There are people who are more susceptible to being bitten by mosquitoes, apparently this is the reason

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Bitten mosquito at night while sleeping must be very disturbing. Especially if it is scarred and scratched which leaves scars that are difficult to disappear. There are people who are very easily bitten by mosquitoes until the term sweet blood appears. First to note, mosquitoes do not bite humans to eat because … Read more

6 Foods that are suitable for consumption by diabetics because they can control blood sugar levels

PRFMNEWS – Here’s information about 6 intakes food suitable for consumption by patients diabetes because it can control levels blood sugar. Maintain intake food that enters the patient’s body diabetes is one that must be guarded, because if you consume carelessly foodfor blood sugar can go up drastically. In addition to controlling levels blood sugar … Read more

Food that lowers blood sugar the fastest

Diabetes is very dangerous. There are healthy foods that keep the sugar in the body in balance. Studies on diabetes reveal the effect of consuming celery on diabetes. Here are the benefits of consuming celery… A study published in the Saudi Medical Journal found that consuming celery had a significant effect on blood sugar levels. … Read more

Eating Too Much Salty Food? Here are 9 Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure

KOMPAS.com – Foods that contain high salt can quickly increase blood pressure. Even Blood Pressure UK mention, eating too much salt is the biggest cause of high blood pressure. Consuming excess salt will increase the amount of sodium in the cells and disrupt the fluid balance in the body. Fluid that enters the cells will … Read more

Consume half an hour before each meal! Lowers high blood sugar in minutes – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Health Consume half an hour before each meal! Lowers high blood sugar within minutes Chronic diseases caused by high blood sugar can lead to very risky situations if not controlled. It is of great importance to prevent blood sugar fluctuations in order to prevent this situation, which can cause different consequences from … Read more