Lunar eclipse today May 26: What the Blood Moon looked like | TRENDS

Updated on 05/26/2021 01:09 pm This Wednesday, May 26, a new lunar eclipse will be seen. The ‘Blood Moon’ can be seen in the sky thanks to the alignment of the Sun and the Earth, to give the satellite an intense red color. What is a lunar eclipse? A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth … Read more

High blood pressure in pregnancy, hot flashes in menopause

Inform pregnant women A discovery that is not anecdotal. “Preeclampsia and hypertension of pregnancy are well known to predict cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in women,” notes Dr. Stephanie Faubion, lead author of the study. “But certain symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, are also heralds of cardiovascular risk. So do these … Read more

Recognize 6 Causes of Blockage of Blood Vessels

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Blockage blood vessel often associated with a number of serious diseases such as heart attack. Identify some of the causes of blockage of the following blood vessels. Blood vessels or arteries are in charge of carrying oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. Healthy arteries have smooth inner walls and allow blood to … Read more

The combination of white tea and moringa significantly lowers blood sugar levels

The combination of white tea and Moringa leaves significantly reduces blood sugar levels (Photo: High blood sugar or hyperglycemia is certainly a human problem. Conditions that generally occur in people with Diabetes Mellitus. However, healthy people, but have a bad lifestyle, can also experience hyperglycemia, causing diabetes mellitus. Based on World Health Organization standards, … Read more

Doctors deny trace of poison in the blood of Russian opponent Alexei Navalni and reject his transfer | International

Has not been discovered “No poison” in the body of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni, admitted very seriously to a hospital in Siberia, according to the doctors, who stressed that your status is “unstable” and you cannot be transferred abroad, as their relatives wish. “So far no poison has been identified in the blood … Read more

The doctor: ‘no poison’ in Navalny’s blood – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 21 – “No poison” was detected in the blood of Alexei Navalny, the Russian blogger and opponent hospitalized in a coma in Omsk, who according to his supporters would have been poisoned. This was stated by Anatoly Kalinichenko, deputy director of the hospital, quoted by the international media. The doctor said … Read more

Ingredient in the blood of older people promotes metastasis and resistance of tumor cells. Old blood makes cancer more aggressive – scinexx

Double burden: older people not only develop cancer more often, their tumors are also often more aggressive. The reason for this lies in the “old” blood, as a study has now revealed. Because it contains a metabolic product that stimulates cancer cells to form metastases. In addition, this methylmalonic acid makes the tumors resistant to … Read more

These 3 Drinks Should Be Avoided If You Want To Balance Blood Sugar, Do You Eat Them Often? – All Pages

arto_canon/iStockphoto Illustration of bottled juice drink – Friends, maintaining blood sugar levels to stay balanced is very important, lo. Maybe friends have heard that diabetes patients should always monitor their blood sugar levels. This is because if a diabetic patient’s blood sugar level is too high, it can be dangerous for him. However, it … Read more

5 Signs of Increased Blood Sugar That Need To Be Watched For, Including Frequent Urination

TRIBUNJATIM.COM – Following characteristics of elevated blood sugar that needs to be watched out for, needs to be controlled so as not to cause chronic health problems such as diabetes. Reporting from Web MD, if blood sugar rise is left untreated, levels blood sugar high or hyperglycemia can result in damage to nerves, blood vessels, … Read more