Bloodborne would not reach PC but other PlayStation exclusives, according to a rumor

PlayStation is starting to bring some of its biggest PlayStation exclusive hits to PC. Computer users have already been able to enjoy Horizon: Zero Dawn Y Days Gone on their platforms, though from Sony prefer to take it easy and they do not plan to launch the Exclusively for PS4 and PS5 simultaneously for PC. … Read more

Bloodborne: PS5 Remake Rumors Received New Food

A few weeks ago, rumors were circulating that Bloodborne should celebrate a comeback on the PS5. This speculation is now being fueled. In June the renowned Leaker SoulsHunt attracted attention with a statement about Bloodborne. This had previously leaked Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, for example, before it was actually announced at the digital … Read more

Bloodborne: PS5 remastering to debut at the end of the year and it would be ‘ambitious’

The rumors return. Once again, the popular Bloodborne returns to the headlines with new alleged details about remastering that is being cooked for PS5, which is said to the coronavirus pandemic will have delayed its announcement. While many of the rumors have been disproved, this week is the French leaker @SoulsHunt who has been at … Read more

Bloodborne, Lady Maria comes back to life in LittleLuckyCosplay cosplay –

If you don’t know Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower, you have probably lived a quiet life: good for you. The players of Bloodborne instead they know it well, and still dream of it at night, when it is dark outside. The cosplay today will allow you to remember it even during the day. … Read more

Developer casts Bloodborne in Zelda jacket with indie game Yarntown – Gaming – .Geeks

Is Bloodborne on the list of games you want to play, but don’t have a PlayStation 4 at home? Then you can now get started with Yarntown, a Zelda-esque 2D game inspired by Bloodborne. Yarntown is free to play on Windows, macOS and Linux. Yarntown was created by developer Max Mraz. He calls the game … Read more

The enthusiast turned Bloodborne into a “pixel” action movie in the style of the classic The Legend of Zelda

Everyone is welcome to read the free Yarntown project. Enthusiast Max Mraz has released the Yarntown project on the Solarus engine. The game is a kind of look at Bloodborne from FromSoftware studio. Max Mraz decided to turn Bloodborne into an analogue of the classic parts of The Legend of Zelda. Max recreated Central Yarnam, … Read more

RUMOR: Bluepoint is working on improved versions of Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord Makes a few hours began to circulate rumors about the possible arrival of Bloodborne to PC. Despite the fact that there is no official information about that, it is believed that the announcement of the project is imminent, and speculation has … Read more