His Child Winces in Pain Saying There’s a Baby in His Stomach, A Father Is Shocked When There’s This Strange Object in His Daughter’s Body!

A sad story, a child winces in pain, it turns out that in his stomach there is this strange item. Grid.ID – His son, who was only 9 years old, winced in pain and said he had a baby in his stomach. This man got angry. A father was angry because he thought his 9-year-old … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo’s recipe for perfect body: The younger footballer thought he was going to die after trying this diet

Although Cristiano Ronaldo’s career is heading towards the sunset, the Portuguese football superstar is still one of the most followed figures on social media, and continues to be an icon in various corners of the world. What makes the 38-year-old Portuguese unique, apart from his talent on the pitch, and what helps him maintain his … Read more

Danger in Space: Can a Distant Dark Body End Life on Earth?

Danger in Space: Can a Distant Dark Body End Life on Earth? (Photo: NASA/ESA/A. Feild (STScI) The Universe is full of lurking dangers. Not only must our planet avoid collisions with Earth-crossing asteroids, but more remote threats exist as well. If a nearby star went supernova, a gamma-ray burst exploded nearby, or a black hole … Read more

The body of the missing Wissam Hakim was found in the Salihiya orchards..Is it the sixth suicide within a month?

After losing his trace last Monday and pleading with his family to find him, the body of Wissam Hakim (35 years old), a father of two children and a cook-chef, was found today with a gunshot wound in one of the orchards in the locality of Salhia, east of Sidon. Next to the body was … Read more

The CNEA and the INFN of Italy renew their collaboration in nuclear medicine and astroparticle physics

A meeting between the president of CNEA Adriana Serquis and authorities from the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) of Italy, including its president Antonio Zoccoli, was held at the Central Office of the National Atomic Energy Commission. During the visit, a new framework agreement and two specific agreements were signed between both parties to … Read more

The eminent monk in Thailand has passed away for 22 years and his body is not rotten. His whole body is emerald green and cannot be burned during cremation-International-China Times News

(Schematic / Dazhi video) The eminent monk Luang Phu Woraphon Thawitan passed away in 2001, and it has been 22 years since then. But so far, the body of Luang Phu Woraphon Thawitan has been enshrined in Chumphon Temple (Chumphon Temple) in Khon Kaen Province. The current abbot of Chumphon Temple also recalled that when … Read more

Nong Nuea, Disraya, wears a white bikini to show off her hot body. splashing aura Ugh…so full of shit!

Nong Nuea, Disraya, is splashing hot again. with a cool picture in a white bikini Showing off a perfect body, hot, eye-popping, big breasts, and abdominal muscles. I don’t know where to focus. Photo from Instagram nurdesoraya It’s called never really revealing sexiness for Nong Nuea Disraya The beautiful daughter of Mother Kob Paphatsara and … Read more

Russian press: figure skating champion’s body has changed significantly | Sports

Olympic champion Roman Kostomarov was hospitalized in Moscow on January 10, a few days after an ice show that took place in an outdoor ice rink in minus 20 degrees. He was diagnosed with pneumonia, blood circulation was impaired, and there was a risk of sepsis. The 46-year-old Russian had his legs amputated, and for … Read more

There are 3 types of neurons based on their function in the body, here they are!

Types of neurons based on their function exist in the human body. There are three types of neurons based on their function. Neuron itself is the human nervous system which plays an important role. The functions of the neurons are of course interrelated with one another. With the presence of neurons, the human body can … Read more