Pain in this part of the body may be a sign of high cholesterol

KLIKMATARAM – You may not be aware even though the level cholesterol in the body has exceeded normal limits. Because, basically cholesterol height does not cause certain symptoms. You may notice that cholesterol high when experiencing various symptoms of complications cholesterol. Here are some symptoms cholesterol which can be identified by signs of pain in … Read more

If You Feel Tired All The Time, Your Body Might Be Missing That Vitamin

Living things need food to survive. Vitamins are essential nutrients for the healthy growth and continuation of human life. But if you are constantly feeling sluggish, exhausted and tired, something is not right in your body. In this case, that vitamin may be deficient in your body. Do you see yourself constantly tired, sluggish, lethargic, … Read more

43-year-old Lee Yu-ri is now synonymous with coolness and a solid body TEN

Actress Lee Yu-ri encouraged viewers to watch the drama. On the 26th, Lee Yu-ri posted two photos on her Instagram with the caption, “Two-tuck #Lee Yuri #Gongmari #TV Chosun #The Witch is Alive #Filming #Every #Saturday #9:10pm” did. In the published photo, he showed off his toned body by matching short hair with a crop … Read more

The star of the famous series “Tash Ma Tash” was fed up with her and revealed what Saudi artists did to her body behind the scenes!! (exciting details)

2022/06/26 It’s 11:10 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Afnan Fouad was born on July 28, 1990 in the city of Riyadh, and her origins are from the Al-Baha region. She began her artistic work in 2011, through her participation as a new face in an episode of the series “Tash Ma Tash 18”. She … Read more

Harassed by Male Nurses 4 Times a Day, Jepara Hospital Patient: ‘How tainted this body is!’

Report of the Journalist of the Central Java Tribune Muhammad Yunan Setiawan TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JEPARA – A patient at the Kartini Hospital, Jepara Regency, admitted to being a victim of sexual harassment male nurse. This is revealed by the owner’s confession Twitter account @UpWanita. Through his personal account, he admitted that he had been sexually harassed … Read more

Why is it necessary to consume water with a high pH value to increase body resistance?

Our need for water, which makes up a large part of the cells in our body, differs according to age and gender. Approximately 70-75 percent of human muscle tissue, 80 percent of its brain, 78 percent of its heart, 83 percent of its kidneys, 85 percent of its blood, 10-15 percent of adipose tissue and … Read more

Headless body in Forlì, the criminologist: “Franco knew his killer well”

Forlì, 27 June 2022 – In the mind of Franco Severi’s killer. The 53-year-old farmer was beheaded in Ca ‘Seggio, in the municipality of Civitella, between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday (the discovery took place on the evening of 22 June). What can the heinous methods of murder mean? Where could Franco’s head have gone? Roberta … Read more

Koeman:I have doubts about Barcelona signing Lewandowski for 60 million euros. I know De Jong wants to stay in the team – yqqlm

Original title:Koeman:I have doubts about Barcelona signing Lewandowski for 60 million euros. I know De Jong wants to stay in the team Koeman:I have doubts about Barcelona signing Lewandowski for 60 million euros, I know De Jong wants to stay in the team Live it, June 28th. Former Barcelona coach Koeman was interviewed. He talked … Read more

This is what the black spots on the body of swimmers of the Italian national team are. Scientific studies: “They are useless”

The black circles that have appeared on the bodies of some have aroused more than a curiosity athletes of the Italian national team competing in the world championships in Budapest. He also exhibited them Gregorio Paltrinieri which, even in its polka dot version, he managed to conquer gold in the 1,500 freestyle updating the European … Read more

7 most dangerous parasites for the human body

Those that cause blindness, those that paralyze the face, or those that devour the eardrum… Some terrible parasites that enter our body can trigger serious diseases. Parasites are organisms that cannot continue their life cycle without a host. Parasites can trigger many diseases in humans. They can appear as ten-centimeter worms or single-celled amoebae. A … Read more