The production of bovine meat is the second most important in the last five years

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation reports that the volume of vaccine supply in October stands out as the second highest record in the last five years. According to the monthly report prepared by the Undersecretary of Livestock, the volume of cattle slaughter for the month of October was 11,103,033 heads, … Read more

See what are the MAIN SIGNS of HIGH CHOLESTEROL in the body, and HOW TO DECREASE its rates

<!– –> O high cholesterol It is a condition that can cause a series of health problemsand affects people of all genders and ages. One of the main complications of cholesterol is the atherosclerosisan inflammation in the walls of the arteries of the heart and other organs of the body. As cardiovascular diseasessuch as heart … Read more

Check out the 9 Benefits of Wedang Uwuh Traditional Drinks for Health – Wedang uwuh is a typical Yogyakarta drink that can be consumed in all conditions and is very beneficial for the health of the body. Previously it was known that wedang uwuh consisted of two words, namely, the word wedang in Javanese which means drink, while uwuh which means trash. So, wedang uwuh can … Read more

Get a Pomegranate today and start right away! Look what happens in your body when you eat a pomegranate every day.

Pomegranate is a food that has been the symbol of power, strength, productivity and invincibility throughout history. Pomegranate did not get this fame for nothing. The benefits of pomegranate have been recognized for centuries and have carried it to the top of the list of miracle foods. From its peel to its core, from its … Read more

Counting Genjer Leaf Calories, Suitable for Making Ideal Body Weight: Okezone Lifestyle

ONCE try veggie genjer? Like most other green vegetables, genjer vegetables do contain quite high fiber. Genjer is also rich in various important nutrients for the body. One such nutrient is potassium or potassium. Please note that these minerals have benefits for maintaining blood pressure balance. This content is known to be able to expedite … Read more

Body of Athena (7) missing in US found, parcel delivery company FedEx arrested | Abroad

Two days after she was reported missing, US police found the body of 7-year-old Athena Strand of Wise County, Texas. The police found her body on Friday at the direction of the suspect, a delivery person from the FedEx courier service. The man has since confessed that he kidnapped and killed the girl. The girl … Read more

Adlaa Ya Madlala .. A wonderful view of Nisreen Tafesh dazzles the followers with the beauty of her body in a leaked image on the sea

Moroccan singer Nisreen Tafesh topped the search engines, after publishing a picture of her singing in the Gulf in a wonderful way. Nisreen Tafesh shared her short video testimony and her follower on Instagram while she was in a morning session on the sea and was on Gulf melodies, and after listening to the music, … Read more

It turns off the appetite and burns the excess fat in the body! Dietician Hatice Nur Ege revealed the secret of losing weight…

WORK WITH AN EXPERT Doing all these things in the company of an expert will help you take more correct steps and make the situation healthier. Let’s not forget that our body is not a robot, there may be fluctuations or decreases in our weight and fat ratio from time to time. We should not … Read more

Gas explosion in Ustroń. Rescuers found the body of one of the victims

In front of the collapsed house, cold and terrified householders who miraculously survived were waiting for the news. The inhabitants of Polana, a district of Ustroń, will remember Sunday morning for a long time. A few minutes before 10 o’clock there was a huge explosion. – A terrible bang, shook the house and the ground. … Read more