21 Fighter Jets and 4 Chinese Bombers Hit Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone

loading… Chinese H-6 bomber. Photo/SCMP TAIPEI – Taiwan sent fighter jets to warn 39 planes China that entered the country’s southeastern air defense zone. This was revealed by the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan, Thursday (22/12/2022). Taiwan has complained about China’s air force missions repeatedly breaching its air defense zone over the past two years. … Read more

US Fly Bombers and Stealth Jets After Kim Jong-un’s Brother Spreads Threats

loading… The US flew B-52 nuclear-capable bombers and F-22 stealth fighter jets after Kim Jong-un’s younger brother spread threats. Photo/AP SEOUL – United States of America (The US) flew nuclear-capable bombers and advanced stealth jets in its latest show of force against North Korea (North Korea), Tuesday (20/12/2022). This was done a few hours after … Read more

China Deploys 18 Nuclear Bombers to Break Through Taiwan’s Defense Zone

loading… China deployed 18 nuclear capable bombers and breached Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone in the past 24 hours. Photo/REUTERS TAIPEI – China has deployed 18 bomber aircraft (bomber) nuclear capable to air defense identification zone (ADIZ) Taiwan in the last 24 hours. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry on Tuesday (13/12/2022) exposed Beijing’s military maneuvers, just days … Read more

The United States’ Most Advanced Bomber Jet

loading… The B-21 Raider is the latest generation of digital bomber jets. Photo/usaf WASHINGTON – The United States (US) is a country with the strongest military. Launching Global Firepower, the United States ranks first in the 2022 Military Strength Ranking with a score of 0.0453. One of the strengths of its defense equipment is the … Read more

PLA Bombers Land in Russia, NATO Finds Ways to Avoid Clashes with China

loading… Chinese bombers land in Russia. Photo/ABC News BUCHAREST – Government Russia on Wednesday announced a number bomber plane China landed at the country’s airbase for the first time. This announcement comes at a time when Western leaders perceive China’s emergence as a threat to members NATO . “We are not seeking conflict with China; … Read more

The story of the AURI Tu-16 Bomber Plane, Penetrating the Heart of the Australian Continent Without Being Detected by Radar

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Indonesia was once a country with the strongest armed forces in the southern hemisphere in the 1960s. At that time, Indonesia’s military strength was taken into account because it had various main tools of the most recent weaponry system (alutsista) of its time. One of the defense equipment that makes Indonesia feared … Read more

Israeli F-35 Stealth Jets Control US B-52 Bombers Roaming in the Middle East, Bullying Iran?

loading… US B-52 bombers hover over the Middle East. The American bomber maneuver was escorted by Israeli F-35 stealth fighter jets. Photo/CENTCOM TEL AVIV – Military United States of America (USA) announced two B-52H bombers flying over the Middle East and carrying out Bomber Task Force missions, signaling its readiness to meet any challenge resolutely. … Read more

US wants to deploy nuclear bombers to Australia, China is angry

loading… The US plan to deploy B-52 nuclear bombers to Australia has angered China. Photo/REUTERS BEIJING – China is angry over the plan United States of America (USA) deploy the plane nuclear bomber B-52 to Australia. According to Beijing, Washington’s move will trigger an arms race in the region. According to the investigative program “Four … Read more

Tensions Rise, 11 Russian Nuclear Bombers ‘Park’ Near NATO Border

loading… Eleven strategic bombers – the red Tu-160 and the yellow Tu-95 – were spotted near the Norwegian border. Photo/LBC/Planet Labs WASHINGTON – Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed 11 bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons just a few miles from the NATO border. The sighting was captured by satellite imagery operator Planet Labs. The … Read more

Kamikaze Drones Attack Russian Air Force Base, Hit 2 Tu-22M Backfire Bombers

loading… A kamikaze drone explodes at Shaikovka Air Force Base in Kaluga Oblast. The Shaykovka base is located 140 miles (225 km) from the Ukrainian border and 170 miles (273.5 km) from the Russian capital, Moscow. Photo/The War Zone WASHINGTON – One unit drone kamikaze exploded at Shaikovka Air Force Base in Kaluga Oblast. The … Read more