Historian A. Baltuškonis: in preparation for the Third World War, testing of atomic bombs became a pastime for superpowers

“The Cold War began when, after the Second World War, the goals of the former allies – the Soviet Union and the United States and Great Britain – differed. The Soviets continued to want to increase their influence in the world and spread communism. There is a contradiction between East and West, which is marked … Read more

Israeli bombs on a Lebanese café… Here’s what happens!

The anti-Lebanese violations continue in the south, where Israeli army forces fired tear gas canisters at a café that was crowded with citizens on the Adeisah highway, while they were servicing the cameras installed on the separation wall in the area. Read also: “Hezbollah” monopolizes gasoline with weapons in the south…and threatens stations with fires … Read more

Kim Jong-un has 60 nuclear bombs and is suspected of having …

loading… The United States (US) military report says North Korea(Korut) led Kim Jong-unhas up to 60 nuclear bombs and is thought to have armed himself with anthrax. The report states that the poverty-stricken country has accumulated stockpile as a way to deter other countries from trying to bring about regime change in Pyongyang. “Estimates of … Read more

Riots in Kanaleneiland, young people throwing fireworks bombs | Inland

The police confirm that it is restless in Kanaleneiland. “There is a lot of youth on the street, there is unrest and vandalism.” A spokesperson was unable to say anything about how many young people are out there. “Colleagues are busy keeping things calm.” A car has been set on fire, she says. “There was … Read more

Beirut rises again amid protests and searches for the missing. Tear bombs against protesters

BEIRUT – Thousands of Lebanese citizens take to the streets today in Beirut to protest and commemorate the victims of the explosions that hit the port area of ​​the capital on Tuesday. “The idea of ​​a mass funeral ceremony cannot be realized due to logistical problems but there will be a great protest march against … Read more

Portland served 60 consecutive nights of protests: Police found rifle magazines and Molotov bombs

Protesta and Portland (Reuters)Portland (Oregon) police reported the discovery of a bag with rifle magazines and firearms near a park where most of the protests against racism and police abuse have been registered, which have already completed 60 days of protests and deployments of law enforcement. Every night since the viralization of the video of … Read more