Film producer Broccoli announces “reinvention” of James Bond

The most important Bond cars from then to now 1 / 25 The most important Bond cars from then to now quelle: epa/epa / facundo arrizabalaga Longtime James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has once again made it clear that the film series about the famous secret agent will continue. However, it will be at least … Read more

The interest rate is 2.54%, and the purchase of 1.2 billion local government bonds in Sichuan Province starts from 100 yuan on June 29.

Original title: Interest rate 2.54%, 100 yuan minimum purchase of Sichuan Province local government bonds of 1.2 billion yuan to start subscription on June 29 Cover reporter Liu Xuqiang The reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance that on June 28, Sichuan Province officially launched the 2022 over-the-counter issuance of local government bonds … Read more

Russia has made payments on bond interest in rubles – Financial News – Financenet – TVNET

The payment in rubles, corresponding to the exchange rate of USD 235 million (EUR 233 million), covers the interest on two bond issues redeemable in 2027 and 2047, respectively. This amount has been credited to the account of the Russian National Depository for Settlements (NRD) and the Russian Ministry of Finance claims that Moscow has … Read more

The Fed raises interest rates, the bond market is headwind, and investment-grade bonds have withdrawn nearly $100 billion this year | Anue Juheng-Fund

The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates three times to combat inflation, and the bond market is facing pressure to withdraw funds. According to EPFR statistics, major bond markets have faced net outflows in the past week, of which investment-grade bonds have accumulated a net outflow of about $95.9 billion this year. Allianz Investment Trust … Read more

Important! Ridwan Kamil: Applause to Bond with Zara as a Child, What is Bonding? Listen here

KEDUTODAY.COM – Check out the explanation of what it is bonding and its benefits for children. Recently Ridwan Kamil | attended the graduation of his second son, Camilla Laetitia Azzahra at SMAN 3 Bandung. In the event which was held on Friday, June 16th, Ridwan Kamil | have the honor to greet the parents or … Read more

Income-linked bond or currency-protected deposit?

Ufuk KORCAN Mobility continues in both domestic and international markets. We are in a period in which countries draw their interest weapons more rapidly in order to fight inflation, which is rising globally, under the leadership of the US Federal Reserve (Fed). On Wednesday (June 15), the Fed hiked rates by 75 basis points, the … Read more

The favorite sign of Wall Street’s recession is already here: the signal is sent by the bond market

Federal Reserve (FED) an attempt to control the hottest in decades inflation will end in recession. Sends such a message bonds the market. The main parts of the treasury curve were inverted after the US inflation shock on Friday prompted traders to increase their bets on the pace of the Fed’s tightening. Related articles War … Read more

Milan closes with a strong rise with the ECB shield. Down the Spread – Economy

The differential between the Italian BTPs and the German ten-year Bund closed down at 216.5 points against the 241 points scored yesterday at the end of the session. The Italian annual yield was down by 36.4 points to 3.799%, against 11.1 points less in Germany and 16.6 points less in France. It went well in … Read more

ECB Directs Development of New Tools to Address Inappropriate Rising Bond Yields-Bloomberg

Every morning we deliver world news that you want to keep track of before you start your day.Click here to subscribe to the Bloomberg newsletter。 The European Central Bank (ECB) has instructed departments to develop new policy measures to prevent unjustified rises in government bond yields in eurozone countries. Deal with market tensions ahead of … Read more

A shocking message from the bond market to the US President… What do you carry?

As stock markets continue their violent losses, warning signs are beginning to loom in global bond markets Also, to reveal how worried investors are about the economy and inflation and what central bankers will do next. The data indicates that the yield on US 10-year Treasury bonds – which moves with opposite prices – jumped … Read more