The most complicated week begins since the government took office: the market does not want bonds in pesos or dollars

Scioli, Pesce and Guzmán, three to take care of themselves, and take care of the Central Bank dollars If you have to put a date on the debacle, it is June 8, when investors stopped believing in bonds that adjust by CER. The Treasury then lost the only credit available: the one denominated in pesos. … Read more

Russia pays interest on bonds in rubles, not dollars or euros

Russia Moscow made interest payments on two issues of its bonds on Thursday, but Moscow used rubles instead of the US dollar or euro for the purpose, the Ministry of Finance said. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The payment in rubles, corresponding to the exchange rate of USD 235 million (EUR 233 million), … Read more

Even if the big guys sell US stocks and bonds, they don’t sell dollars

Enter 2022.06.22 17:50 Edited 2022.06.23 02:00 floor A10 On the 22nd, the exchange rate of the yen to the dollar is displayed in the range of 136 yen on the electronic board of a foreign exchange trading company in Tokyo, Japan. /Reuters Yonhap News “The dollar is the safest asset in the world and has … Read more

Majid Al Futtaim seeks to refinance half a billion dollars of permanent bonds

group appointed Majid Al Futtaim Banks are required to refinance their existing perpetual bonds worth $500 million, according to a document seen by Reuters. The agency added that the group appointed CITI BANK, HSBC and STANDARD CHARTERED, in addition to Abu Dhabi Commercial, Emirates NBD Capital and First Abu Dhabi as joint managers of the … Read more

The Fed raises interest rates, the bond market is headwind, and investment-grade bonds have withdrawn nearly $100 billion this year | Anue Juheng-Fund

The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates three times to combat inflation, and the bond market is facing pressure to withdraw funds. According to EPFR statistics, major bond markets have faced net outflows in the past week, of which investment-grade bonds have accumulated a net outflow of about $95.9 billion this year. Allianz Investment Trust … Read more

After the turbulence, CER bonds rebounded up to 4% and country risk stopped climbing

With some inflation-linked local currency bonds under pressure, the Government was forced to adopt a defensive attitude against the risks of non-compliance. Official entities even went out to buy debt to stop the debacle. “As for the barbarism of stopping paying the debt in pesos: our government would never do that”Economy Minister Martín Guzmán said … Read more

Börse Express – US bonds are suffering from a friendly mood on the stock exchanges

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – At the beginning of the week, US government bond prices followed on from Friday’s losses. A generally friendly mood on the international financial markets led to lower demand for comparatively safe US bonds on Monday. The futures contract for ten-year Treasuries (T-Note future) fell by 0.47 percent to 118.48 points. The … Read more

Why a precancelable UVA fixed term is the best investment today

For now, the fixed term UVA covered us from inflation and even allowed us to earn in hard currency (dollar). How does this go forward? By Christian A. Buteler 06/06/2022 – 11,00hs Welcome to a new installment of “The Investor”. To enter the world of investment, we not only have to incorporate new instruments, but … Read more

Companies indebted abroad will exchange their bonds amid uncertainty about the exchange situation

The stocks, the dollar, again REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won/Illustration/File After leaving against his will Matias Kulfasthe Minister of Productive Development, the market confirms what it anticipated with its latest movements: Martin Guzmanthe Minister of Economy, is left in a vulnerable position and changes are coming that companies do not like. For example, the fear in the market … Read more