Taking the best pictures so far of a strange asteroid in the form of a “dog bone” called “Cleopatra”

United States – Astronomers have captured the best images yet of a strange “dog bone” asteroid called “Cleopatra”. The images revealed that the rock is larger than previously thought. The asteroid, made of mostly metal, orbits the sun between Mars and Jupiter, and is 168 miles long and 58 miles wide, making it twice the … Read more

the mystery of Kleopatra, shaped like a “dog bone” has finally been unraveled!

Above our heads, in the infinity of space, we find many “things”. Satellites, planets, comets, Thomas Pesquet, stars, suns but also asteroids. In this last category, we find Kleopatra, arguably the strangest of the asteroids. We’ll explain why. He reveals his secrets Kleopatra was discovered in 1880. But it is only now that it reveals … Read more

They capture curious images of an asteroid shaped like a dog bone

While most people on the planet play “look at the shape of that cloud,” astronomers go many steps further. With more sophisticated tools than the common everyday, they set out to pull off a “look at the shape of that asteroid” style. In this sense, in a more scientific work, they have managed to capture … Read more

Unique, Dog Bone Asteroid Sighting and 2 Moons

Suara.com – Scientists managed to take the best image to date, from asteroid which is shaped like a dog’s bone and two small moons. These observations give experts insight into how the strange trio’s object came to be. An astronomer first spotted the Cleopatra space rock among other space rocks in the asteroid belt between … Read more

Strange asteroid that looks like a dog bone, 270 kilometers long | Porn Queen Star | Very Large Telescope | Satellite

[Epoch Times September 11, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Chen Juncun)AsteroidIt is a small celestial body that orbits the sun in an elliptical orbit, with different masses and shapes, most of which orbit in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.In this area there is an asteroid with a very strange shape, like a hugeDog … Read more

Total irradiation of the body before a bone marrow transplant can also be done in Romania

Total irradiation of the body is necessary especially in case of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Therapy prepares the body to receive the bone marrow transplant. It involves scanning the entire body every 2 mm and reconstructing each section, from the bone to the organs, so as to result in a virtual reconstruction in volume of the … Read more

Unknown ancient people invented elephant bone tools to carve meat 400,000 years ago

Archaeologists say a group of unknown ancient people who lived about 400,000 years ago unexpectedly created an “impressive tool” from elephant bones. The elephant bone collection is now located near Castell de Guido in Italy, between 1979 and 1991, and was later revised by a team from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Some of … Read more

Types of Bones Based on Their Shape, Know their Function and Examples

From head to toe, humans have a variety of bones that support the body and strengthen it. With so many kinds of bones in the human body, of course, they all have different shapes as well. There are long bones and some are short. There is even an irregular shape, according to the needs and … Read more