It does not give any symptoms in the early stage! One of the most common bone diseases…

“The diagnosis of osteoporosis is made by measuring bone mineral density (BMD) or by the development of a low-traumatic fracture. A detailed history, physical examination, BMD measurements and the use of imaging methods in terms of vertebral fractures are the necessary methods to make the diagnosis. However, it is very important to diagnose osteoporosis before … Read more

CBD oil and bone problems

The unfortunate truth is that many people neglect their bone health, which has a negative impact on the skeletal system. Rigorous daily activities, improper exercise regimens all contribute to poor bone health. Cannabis has recently gained attention as a potential treatment for weak bones, but how? Everything you need to know about how cannabis promotes … Read more

Bone Flu Disease, Causes, Symptoms, and How to Treat It at Home

Meanwhile, the common symptoms of bone flu are similar to those of dengue. Usually, symptoms of bone flu in adults appear within 3-7 days after being bitten by a mosquito that infects it with the chikungunya virus. Complaints that are often felt such as: – Acute fever, usually above 39 degrees Celsius – Headache – … Read more

Beware of consumed foods: It can accelerate bone resorption

While it is stated that there may be an increase in diseases seen in citizens with advancing age, experts draw attention to the importance of compliance with healthy living conditions. Department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Educational Responsible Prof. Dr. Esra Şüheda Hatipoğlu warned that advancing age, the foods consumed and unhealthy life are effective … Read more

【Evaluation】Shokz OpenFit Bone Conduction Headphones are comfortable to wear + top-notch calls

True wireless Bluetooth headsets have become more and more expensive in recent years, not only in-ear, but also bone conduction headsets. It really takes time for beginners to study. Bone conduction headphone manufacturer Shokz has released most of the earphones for sports in the past. It has indeed eliminated the discomfort of wearing in-ear earphones … Read more

No systematic bone density test, pleads a committee of experts

Osteoporosis Canada recommends that women and men 65 years of age and older undergo bone densitometry to measure their bone mineral density, a risk factor for fragility fractures. The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (CTTPHC) believes that this test should not be routine in women in this age category and advises against it … Read more

shock! “Lupus erythematosus” wound with deep visible bone healed after 10 days of PRF treatment

Text/Health Medical Network Ms. Chen suffers from lupus erythematosus, resulting in thoracic spinal cord lesions and paralysis of both lower limbs. Due to prolonged bed rest at home and poor care, pressure sores formed on her ankles and wound infections. Even after one month of debridement surgery, she used many expensive Bone was still visible … Read more

Abu Ashar Putra Bone Appointed as Director of PT Vale Indonesia

BUKAMATA – Abu Ashar was appointed as director of PT Vale Indonesia through the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) which was held physically at the Assembly Hall Menara Mandiri 10th Floor, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav 54-55, Jakarta, and on a hybrid basis through the eASY.KSEI application provided by PT Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) … Read more

Evaluation of bone sarcomas care in the Netherlands with an international perspective

Bone sarcomas are rare; that is why it was decided more than 20 years ago in the Netherlands to centralize the care for patients with bone sarcoma. Time to evaluate sarcoma care in the Netherlands, says Dr Louren Goedhart (UMCG). In his thesis, he looked at trends in the incidence and survival of bone sarcomas … Read more