Berlin has taken “the first step towards a new era”? “This scene is suitable for history books”

“Best photo Annaleny Baerbock in Kiev, it is one where it is impossible to recognize her at all. You can see how German it is minister foreign affairs hugs her Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kulebę so hard that her face disappears completely for a few seconds, “writes Matthias Koch in the commentary. “The first step towards … Read more

Amazon’s Kindle readers will support EPUB books

Amazon’s Kindle line includes some of the best e-readers around, but no Kindle reader supports the industry standard for eBooks: the EPUB format. However, Amazon claims that this will (partially) change soon. Kindles are designed to read books purchased from Amazon, but Kindle owners can also copy their own files to read – such as … Read more

Dave Grohl reappears at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival – Music and Books – Culture

Dave Grohl, founder and member of the Foo Fighters band, reappeared on social networks after being absent for several weeks after the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins, which occurred in a hotel in Bogotá last Friday, March 25. Since then, the other members of the band had only spoken through their networks to send an … Read more

The Ministry of Education apologizes and eliminates the story of the “sponge cat” from school books: it is violence against animals

The story of a child who wants to be the best in the world turns into a horrific story of violence against animals. To end up under accusation is “The best child in the world and his cat Sponge” written by Mauricio Paredes and inserted in a Chilean school book directed to the second grade. … Read more

Dormant posting books: how to avoid deactivation

Starting from March, Poste Italiane has taken steps to disable some booklets, creating turmoil among taxpayers. The measure acts on the deposits they present sums equal to or greater than 100 eurosbut which have no longer been incremental or used for 10 years. These are the so-called “dormant” postal booksfor which the authorities have provided … Read more

If you find these postal books you are rich: this is what they are worth

The postal books have been able to resist the numerous conceptual, economic and social changes that have “invested” our country. This is not an exaggeration as this “reduced” form of the savings book developed by the Italian Post Office is particularly long-lived, since it dates back to the second half of the 19th century. It … Read more

An international conference / day dedicated to photo books will take place in Riga

One of the goals of the conference taking place in Riga is to develop reflection on the phenomenon of the Central European Photobook and to expand the circle of specialists who are familiar with this topic. Photos and new media curator Moritz Noimillers will address the opening speech of the conference. The event will bring … Read more

Smartphone: how to read books for free on a phone with Android operating system? | Technology

Nowadays, phones have become an entertainment tool. What began as a means of communication, today allows us to send photos, videos, audios, play games, make video calls, read news and more. As if that were not enough, there is a method for those who want to read books on the phone that is very similar … Read more

These books inspired 4 billionaires… a must-have for entrepreneurs!

There is no shame in finding trading tips and tricks on Tik Tok, but if you want to follow in the footsteps of your favorite businessman or a tech giant – consider Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett Or Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, for example, you might want to open one of the books from which … Read more