SpaceX mounts the Starship booster on its launch pad with two huge robotic arms

Image: SpaceX The huge rocket stage Super Heavy de SpaceX se find now on the company’s launch pad at on from Texas, has the waiting for a series of tests and final checks. The company is eager to launch a fully stacked Starship rocket for a test flight from July, but a number of regulatory … Read more

Government Review New Rules for Entering Malls: Vaccine Booster Mandatory

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The government has started discussing new rules for citizens who want to travel and travel to malls. The new rule is in the form of an obligation to accept booster or the third dose of vaccination Covid-19. “There are two most effective vaccines, mandatory travel and mandatory shopping, they will have … Read more

Can I take the booster dose against covid-19 if I have symptoms?

Specialists recommend that the covid-19 vaccine be applied when there are no symptoms of the disease. Photo: file / EL COMERCIO In winter seasonin Ecuador the virus from gripe it circulates strongly especially in January and reaches its maximum peak in March, but it can last until July. In any given year, according to a … Read more

Second call should boost the low booster level of people over sixty | NOW

Only 44.2 percent of the more than four million people over sixty in the Netherlands have had a repeat shot against COVID-19, RIVM reported on Tuesday. Minister Ernst Kuipers (Public Health) thinks that percentage is too low. That is why he is sending another call to people over sixty who have not yet obtained this … Read more

I’m well! Pfizer-Astra Booster Users Can Be Happy

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A study from Brazil and the University of Oxford conducted research on vaccine types booster from recipients of two doses of Sinovac. The result is enough to bring good news for vaccine recipients booster Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Researchers mention vaccines booster vector (Johnson&Johnson and AstraZeneca) and mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) platforms … Read more

WHO backs modified omicron vaccine as booster

Reuters Agency / 17.06.2022 16:12:00 A technical advisory group World Health Organization (WHO) gave the green light to administer as a booster dose a modified vaccine against covid-19which is aimed at confronting the omicron variant and seeks to increase immunity. The variant-adapted vaccine may benefit those who have already received the full schedule of injectionssaid … Read more

What vaccines do the authorities recommend for the second booster against covid-19?

Last Friday, June 17, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MinSalud) announced to the country the approval of the second reinforcement or fourth dose against covid-19 for people under 50 years of age under medical recommendation. This reinforcement had only been authorized in the national territory for people with immunosuppression, transplants or adults over … Read more

Government Difficulty Finding Booster Vaccination Participants Page all – The government encourages the public to immediately carry out the third dose of Covid-19 vaccination or booster. This is due to the daily cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia, which is experiencing an upward trend in the last few days. President Joko Widodo We hope that the increase in Covid-19 cases will not occur … Read more

Sanofi says its COVID booster has potential against major variants

Por Ludwig Burger and Tassilo Hummel PARISJun 13 – French drugmaker Sanofi said Monday that an improved version of its vaccine against COVID-19, which it has developed jointly with GSKdemonstrated potential in two trials to protect against major variants of coronavirus concern, including omicron strains BA.1 and BA.2, when used as a booster dose. While … Read more