Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell dies

NBA basketball legend Bill Russell has died at the age of 88, according to his family’s statement published Sunday on social media. “Bill Russell, who possessed the greatest winning instinct in the history of American sports, passed away peacefully today at the age of 88,” the family statement said. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver described Russell … Read more

K. Durant’s stuck exchange – Heat saves, J. Tatum does not want changes in Boston

Waiting for exchange for a month Kevin Durant has not been receiving good news lately. The Brooklyn Nets are negotiating with the National Basketball Association (NBA) clubs, which K. Durant named among the priorities, but the negotiations are stalled both because of the team’s high expectations and the lack of offers. The Miami Heat are … Read more

Kate Middleton, Prince William, the Earthshot Prize and their announced visit to the US in late 2022.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be robbing all the positives of being British royal stars in America, but it won’t be for long. Because Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t about to conquer the US either. Harry and Meghan – on an official mission The occasion is Nelson Mandela International Day A day ago, … Read more

NHL | 8 years and 88 million for the number 88? Pastrnak’s new contract may break records

However, the former defender, who spent almost his entire playing career in Boston, has other tasks to solve. Sweeney is trying to come to an agreement with veterans Patrice Bergeron and David Krejčí, and is also negotiating the amount of the contract with new Czech signing Pavel Zacha. And in the meantime, he must reflect … Read more

We want him to stay for the rest of his career. Boston began dealing with Pastrnak

Czech hockey superstar David Pastrňák has started negotiations with Boston to extend his current contract. And it looks like the Bruins value her a lot. The club’s general manager Don Sweeney even made it known that he wants the star forward to stay. “David is a big part of the team,” said a representative of … Read more

Basketball Zone – About Sadness in Barcelona, ​​Outrage in Boston and Macijauskas’ Three-Point

Broadcast on Delfi TVBasketball area“. There is a conversation about the ending basketball season: a sad finish for Lithuanians in Spain, the final chord of the NBA and the release of the Lavrinovich brothers, in which Arvydas Macijauskas reminded himself of himself as Kalashnikov. The interlocutor is Benas Matkevičius, a scout from Boston Celtics. Starts … Read more

THE BALL – Curry commands Boston and Warriors win seventh title (NBA)

It is the fourth championship in eight years. The Golden State Warriors won their seventh NBA championship on Thursday in Boston after beating the Boston Celtics 103-90 in the sixth game, 4-2 on aggregate. The team led by Steve Kerr was losing 1-2 in this playoff, but playing away they achieved their third consecutive triumph … Read more

Golden State wins in Boston in race-6, title at the Warriors-

from Flavio Vanetti With Curry most valuable player, Steve Kerr’s team reclaims the throne by finishing 4-2 with the Celtics It was probably written in the books that the title of“Diamond vintage”that of 75 years since the foundation of the Nba, went to the team that had imposed itself in the 1946-47 season. At the … Read more