Mauled by the pit bull: the horrible end in front of the boyfriend

The 53-year-old Marli Donegá, who died in Brazil, caused a great shock “mauled from a pack of pit bulls“while she was in the company of her boyfriend at his place of work. The unfortunate mother of three was attacked by six dogs, who at the same time inflicted serious injuries also to the victim’s companion, … Read more

These are the heartfelt words that Aida Victoria Merlano’s boyfriend dedicated to her

Lumar Alfonso Parra, boyfriend of the Barranquilla influencer, Aida Victoria Merlano, He dedicated a few heartfelt words to his partner in gratitude for all the care and dedication that she has had with him since the day he was admitted to covid-19 in a clinic in the city. Merlano in his social media He has … Read more

the Montaners talked about the problem they had with Camilo, Evaluna’s boyfriend

Instagram In The Argentine Voice, the choice of the repertoire is usually a key issue. Or because the song remains unalterable and does not allow showing off, or because it has too much force, or too little. It depends on the spirit of the jury, the returns can be several, but the choice is always … Read more

25-year-old daughter Hailie shows off in bikini with boyfriend

People and royalty The young woman has published a rare snapshot with her companion. Over the years, Hailie Mathers has carved out a solid reputation as an influencer. At 25, Eminem’s daughter distills her fashion, food and fitness advice on Instagram, where she now has more than 2 million followers. However, the one who shares … Read more

Pernilla Wahlgren: – Tearful reunion with her boyfriend

In May, artist and reality profile confirmed Pernilla Wahlgren (53) that she had found love again. She revealed this to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. At the same time, she could reveal that it chosen is Christian Bauer (55) from Åkersberga, north of Stockholm. Talking about the drama: – Sick The Swedish pop artist is currently … Read more

Sublime, Adele has a rare spellbinding outing with her alleged new boyfriend

People and royalty The British singer made a notable appearance with a staple basketball figure. Love at the edge of the court? A distinguished guest had slipped among the spectators of the NBA Finals game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns on Saturday, July 17. Read also> The singer Adèle has just paid … Read more

The sincericide of Cinthia Fernández with Lizy Tagliani’s boyfriend live: “I said you were a cholulo”

There were many who did not trust Leo Alturria (32) when two years ago Lizy Tagliani (50) made him official as his partner since the capocómica had “signed” him as a participant in The right price, but before I had already tried my luck in Guido’s tribune, The problem show, Minute to win, Eyes that … Read more

“This is a matter of trust, not money.” Comedian Lee Se-young nags while lending 40 million won to her boyfriend

YouTube channel ‘Youngpyeong TV’“This is a matter of trust, not money.” Comedian Lee Se-young nagged her boyfriend, saying, “I want to borrow 40 million won by borrowing bonds because of bitcoin.” All of this was a surprise camera planned by my boyfriend who is 5 years younger than me. Comedian Lee Se-young’s boyfriendIn the end, … Read more

Sol Pérez told what is the phrase that bothers her the most about her boyfriend

Sol Pérez Y Guido Mazzoni celebrate their love from two years ago. However, as in the rest of the couples, not all of them are pink. The model and future lawyer told details of those tense moments in an interview. “No one gives in in the discussions”Sol said to the program Relentless. And in that … Read more

Three women turn out to have the same boyfriend, dump him and go traveling

They soon discover that he was dating at least six other women. One of them is eighteen-year-old Bekah King. After a confrontation, all three of them decide to end the relationship. After months of app to share their break-up dealing with the same man, the women finally meet in real life. “We were good friends … Read more