Belinda introduces her “new boyfriend” during her stay in Mexico

Written in CELEBRITIES the 27/6/2022 · 09:36 hs Belinda this weekend he came back to the stages in Mash Fest, a music festival that took place in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Where the controversial moment occurred when the singer arrived at the Mexico City airport, the actress, who was accompanied by her father, was approached by … Read more

Miguel Polo Polo says what you have to have to be her boyfriend

miguel polo polo He was not only the protagonist for his defeat in the last legislative elections where he did not get enough votes to obtain his seat. The ‘influencer’ is also recognized for the controversial responses he gives on country issues and the confrontations he has with different personalities. Now, the supporter of the … Read more

Lee Gye-in, “My wife has a boyfriend in her 60s” → I got married by fraud at the age of 40 (‘Dongchimi’)[종합]

[사진]OSEN DB. [OSEN=박하영 기자] In ‘Dongchimi’, Jung Ae-in revealed that her ex-husband was from a royal family of movie stars. In particular, Gye-in Lee shocked her by telling her ex-wife that she had been married by fraud. In the MBN entertainment show ‘Dongchimi’ (hereinafter ‘Dongchimi’), which was broadcast on the 25th, actress Lee Hye-sook revealed … Read more

Can’t get excited! Great thinks with Kao, just siblings. Now I don’t want a boyfriend.

Can’t get excited! Great thinks with Kao, just siblings. Now I don’t want a boyfriend. Follow the news, press follow, live news On June 24, the young protagonist “Great Warintorn” Participated in LANCOME HAPPINESS from paris to bangkok at the Park Paragon area, where he gave an interview after someone cheered Kao Suphatsara Which referred … Read more

Kendall Jenner broke up with her boyfriend after two years of relationship

Beauty’s heart is free again. Kendall Jenner dated basketball player Devin Booker for two years. Nothing foreshadowed the end of their happy, at first glance, union, but recently two sources reported a break at once. “Kendall feels like they’re going their separate ways,” he said. Entertainment Tonight one source. Another confirmed: “We’ve discussed our future … Read more

Father forces daughter to break up with boyfriend in the middle of the street Go beyond until the lampshade breaks. In fact, my father is secretly hot with him!

Father forces daughter to break up with boyfriend in the middle of the street quarrel till the end real difference Father secretly flirts with him Not jealous of her daughter, but jealous of him. picture from Weibo June 21, 2022 ETtoday website It said recently that a shocking incident occurred on the streets of Shanghai, … Read more

Tess Masazza: age, height, origins, mother, boyfriend

Tess Masazza she is a much loved comedian and influencer on social networks. You participated in the latest Italian edition of LOLprogram in which he showed his sympathy in funny gags. Let’s find out all the details of his private life. Tess Masazza: age Influencer Tess Masazza was born on March 15, 1987 a The … Read more

Katie Holmes, Bobby Wootton and their appearance at the Tribeca Festival

Katie Holmes’ last relationship didn’t last long. It had been only six months since he had announced that he was meeting chef Emilio Vitolo Jr., and in December it became clear that they were no longer together. Katie Holmes is alone again Her relationship did not last long But Katie is committed again. He and … Read more