Connected sports bracelet promo: The Oppo Band style is half price at this reputable merchant!

Released at a price of €60, the Oppo Band Style is a connected bracelet at a low price that will appeal to athletes thanks to its many features. While it was already down to €39.99 on Amazon, it’s even cheaper today thanks to a -25% flash sale that drops it to just €29.99. In total, … Read more

Strépy drama: Paolo Falzone’s request for the electronic bracelet refused, he remains in prison

Imprisoned for almost a year to the day following the Strépy tragedy which took place on March 20, 2022, Paolo Falzone once again asked to be able to benefit from an electronic bracelet. His lawyer thus pleaded his case before the indictment chamber, arguing that the detention would take place in a place far from … Read more

For the sales, Boulanger destroys the price of the OPPO connected bracelet with the Enco headphones offered (-37%)

Boulanger is making an exceptional offer on Oppo connected bracelets with a -37% discount and Oppo Enco earphones offered. For the winter sales, Boulanger is selling off the price of many products to offer you good deals to be had throughout the month of January. High-tech products, smartphones, televisions and many other objects are available … Read more


He doesn’t have the most playstyle academic, but his regularity speaks for him. In short, this is what shipitpapa summarizes very well in his last intervention on the forum: “Whether online or live, I’ve always found thatAdrian Guyon was doing fishy or at least non-academic stuff. But on the other hand, whether it’s online or … Read more

how much are the dollar and the euro – Money –

During the day, the dollar exchange rate has not changed, the euro has lost 6 kopecks. The National Bank of Ukraine has established an official Exchange Rates for Friday, January 20th. During the day, the dollar exchange rate has not changed. Euro lost 6 kopecks. About it informs NBU The official exchange rate of the … Read more

6G networks: Scientists propose using people ‘as antennas’

Despite the fact that the networks are just being implemented 5G In much of the world, researchers and scientists are already thinking of a higher network: the 6G. This type of connectivity would have a great change, since it would not use radio waves to transmit the information, but alternatives such as visible light communication … Read more

In Senegal, the first accused under electronic bracelet

Senegalese justice has for the first time placed two defendants under electronic bracelets instead of sending them to prison, thus inaugurating the system put in place to unclog places of detention, we learned Thursday, January 12 from the Ministry of justice. Two defendants were placed under electronic bracelet Wednesday by the court of Pikine-Guédiawaye (suburb … Read more

Suspect in fatal stabbing Bladel wore an ankle bracelet, just like the victim | inland

Just like the victim, the eighteen-year-old suspect of a fatal stabbing on New Year’s Eve in Bladel, Brabant, wore an ankle bracelet. This is confirmed by the police on Tuesday after a message from Broadcasting Brabant. A spokesperson could not comment on why the suspect was wearing the band. Earlier it became clear that the … Read more

Uproar in Poland: Black Eyed Peas wears rainbow bracelet | Gossip

The Black Eyed Peas headlined the New Year’s of Dream show, as the New Year’s Eve show was called. The group walked onto the stage wearing the rainbow bracelets. Singer then thanked the Poles for their “open hearts and minds” for taking in Ukrainian women and children after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He … Read more

Xiaomi launches a bracelet and a connected watch with GPS at a bargain price

Xiaomi has unveiled, in China, its new Redmi Watch 3 watch and its Redmi Band 2 bracelet, two connected trackers offered at a price of less than 70 euros excluding tax. La Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3 // Source : Xiaomi This Tuesday, on the occasion of the launch in China of its new Redmi K60, Redmi K60 … Read more