A foreigner’s brain hole develops the “Pokemon FPS” shooting game, allowing you to capture Pokemon with a shotgun | 4Gamers

“Pokemon” (Pokemon) is already a well-known and well-known game. The most impressive thing about this work is the scene where the protagonist uses the baby ball to subdue the Pokemon and call them to fight, but you probably don’t think that one day you will You can use other equipment to subdue Pokémon, and that … Read more

The expert warned: Sugary drinks impair children’s brain functions!

New research has revealed that sugary drinks negatively affect children’s brain function. Making statements about the research conducted in China, Assoc. Dr. Mohammed Sharp, “The brain functions of children who consume 250 milliliters (1 glass) of sweetened beverage per week are impaired by 30 percent, and those who consume 2 glasses by 60 percent. In … Read more

Brain, heart, lungs, kidneys… What are the after-effects of a mild Covid such as Omicron?

Long-term sequelae can occur after infection with Sras-CoV-2. A German study focused on patients who had mild Covid. An enlightening subject at a time when Omicron, a less aggressive variant, sweeps away all the others. This is undoubtedly the most exhaustive study on the subject published a week ago by a team of researchers on … Read more

Higher incidence of brain and respiratory problems in coronary heart disease

The data show that people who have undergone coronary heart disease experience an excess of symptoms twelve months later compared to those who have not been diagnosed with coronary heart disease in the same time period. 21 percent of those who had not had corona reported at least one new symptom in the last twelve … Read more

Cell Phones – No More Brain Tumors in Young People

PostedJanuary 10, 2022, 11:16 AM A study on cancers in children and adolescents does not show an increase in brain tumors with the use of smartphones. Smartphone use is not leading to an increase in brain cancer cases. Getty Images/iStockphoto The study is called “Mobi-Kids” and was conducted among 900 children, teens and young adults … Read more

Get to know the early symptoms of a brain tumor, one of which is a headache accompanied by blurry eyes

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Brain or spinal cord tumors often have no subtle symptoms. However, according to the Neurosurgeon Specialist, Dr. Jeremia Prastya Pardede SpBS, the symptoms that often appear are headaches and seizures. Then Dr. Jeremia also mentioned that there are several things to watch out for. One of them has a headache and convulsions. “Well, … Read more

Brain Cancer Symptoms! Mood swings to visual disturbances

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CES 2022: a portable helmet with a brain scanner to detect Alzheimer’s is presented | Technology

The innovations presented in the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 continue to amaze all fans of the technologyas the items shown are ideal options for home, everyday life and entertainment. A firm, which develops electronic devices for health care, presented a portable case that includes a brain scanner. YOU CAN SEE: CES 2020: First circular smartphone … Read more