Brexit Brain March Dynamites Johnson’s Praetorian Guard • Hola News

UNITED GOVERNMENT R. London, Nov 13 (EFE) .- The violent and unexpected slam of the door this Friday by Dominic Cummings, the closest adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, precipitated a crisis within the British Government that brings out the enormous tensions that Downing is going through Street. To the British, Cummings was much more … Read more

Waking up to the music of a brain with Alzehimer

Marta C. González traveled the world again, now through this viral video that generates tenderness, emotion and pain at the same time. The idea is from a Spanish non-profit organization called “music to wake up.” They seek to focus their work on making people with memory problems or senile dementia listen to music. Listening to … Read more

Scientists observe the famous “musical chills” in the brain

The feeling is almost universal: listening to our favorite music can provoke intense emotions. And now, a study published in Frontiers in Neuroscience has analyzed the patterns of brain activity associated with the pleasant musical chills. Researchers from the University of Burgundy used a device high-density electroencephalography (EEG). With this equipment they measured the waves … Read more

Brain study explains why music brings pleasure

The pleasure in music can make us shiver and, incidentally, activate some of the reward processing circuits in the brain, just as other “basic” forms of pleasure do, such as food or sex. Even listening to music can lead to the release of dopamine, the hormone associated with pleasurable experiences. This is confirmed by a … Read more

Brain scans show numerous abnormalities caused by Covid-19

The coronavirus leaves numerous symptoms and sequelae, but scientists are particularly puzzled by some: neurologicals. And more and more are being found. As collected Science Alert, coronavirus patients often have symptoms such as loss of sense of taste and smell But there are also other less common ones such as cerebrovascular accidents, seizures or encephalitis … Read more

Covid reduces your intelligence and ages your brain 10 years; 80% of hospitalized are vitamin D deficient and children should not sanitize their candy: three things we learned from the coronavirus this week

As the scientific knowledge of Covid-19, more details appear on the dangerous consequences that the disease can generate. The last one says a relationship with problems that the coronavirus can generate in the brain. According to a study by Imperial College London, coronavirus survivors suffer from such cognitive decline, that their intelligence quotient (IQ) decreases … Read more

“When fanaticism has corrupted a brain, the disease is incurable”

Day 44 at the trial of the January 2015 attacks – The debates ended this morning, the defendants will no longer have the floor except for their last words, just before the court leaves to deliberate, for the verdict. A mini-confrontation took place between them this morning. Then the lawyers’ pleadings began. The pleadings began … Read more

Confirm news of woman who suffers brain injury during covid test

“Test covid caused him to spill brain fluid! “, warn publications in Facebook (1 2 and 3), Instagram (1 and 2) and Twitter. “A woman’s brain was pierced during a test of covid-19”Points out another entry. “Normally, I do not take that test or give it away,” says one user. Others, on the other hand, … Read more