Virtual Reality Is Called A Post-Stroke Therapy Solution – Immersive technology startup, Aruvana, announced a partnership to develop a post-stroke therapy product, VINERA (Virtual Neuro Engineering and Restoration) with PT Medika Brain Sejahtera. The presence of this product is intended to accelerate the expansion of post-stroke therapy solutions using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. VINERA is the first VR technology-based application in Indonesia … Read more

Oldest Brain Fossil Found, 525 Million Years Old Page all – 525 million year old worm fossil unearthed at China surprised the researchers. The reason is, the worm is known to have brain which is said to be the oldest ever found. The shape of the brain could also help provide clues about arthropod evolution. This is because the brain of this group that … Read more

Neuralink presented a brain implant prototype and a robotic surgeon

The world’s richest man said at the launch of health technology company Neuralink that human trials would begin within six months. Associative Pixbay photo. Elon Musk — founder of SpaceX, CEO of Tesla and, more recently, owner of Twitter — held an impressive event Wednesday night for another of his companies, Neuralink. It is a … Read more

is the final revelation of the first season realistic?

The new Netflix series, from the creators of Dark, ignites the web. From episode to episode, the mystery deepens; with each puzzle solved, others are added. Beware of spoilers in this article, because we are about to explore the realism of the grand finale, revealed in the last episode! Released on the Netflix streaming platform … Read more

3 types of foods that are really good for your brain and memory

Are forgetfulness more common in your routine? Meet some memory foods that contribute to brain health 3 dez 2022 – 10h07 (updated at 9:43 pm) food for memory Foto: Shutterstock / Sport Life As the old saying goes: “when the head doesn’t think, the body suffers”. And, in times of multitasking routine, forgetting important things … Read more

Brain measured with high precision for the first time – New Scientist

To determine the activity of human brains, we mainly look at scans made from the outside. Those methods don’t show as much detail as you’d like. Researcher Iris Green looked into people’s brains via implants and thus gained more insight into our vision.

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Researchers Find Human and Octopus Brain Similarities, Amazing! – The research team, with systems biologist Nikolaus Rajewsky of the Max Delbruck Center of Molecular Medicine as lead author, discovered a trait shared by the human and octopus brains: a broad repertoire of microRNAs in neural tissue. “This, is what connects us to the octopus,” said Rajewsky. Reporting from Sputnik news via HiTekno, … Read more

Brain disease doctor worried about young children infected with COVID-19 The most common brain symptoms are seizures.

Brain doctor worried about young children infected The most common brain symptoms are convulsions. Some people have convulsions that require intubation. COVID and brain symptoms in children are new and the causes are still inconclusive. The COVID epidemic is on the rise today (3 Dec. July ’22), Dr. Kulset Sakphichaisakul expert doctor Neurology, Epilepsy, Pediatrics-Neurology … Read more

This is the oldest fossilized brain ever discovered

A reanalysis of a fossilized worm more than 500 million years old discovered in China nearly forty years ago sheds light on the oldest example of a brain ever discovered. Its surprising shape offers clues to the general evolution of arthropods. Details of the study are published in the journal Arthropod Evolution. An exceptional discovery … Read more

Bariatric surgery: brain determines success

A recent study shows that the success of bariatric surgery depends less on the surgical procedure. Intact information processing in the brain seems to be more important. For many people with pronounced obesity is a bariatrische Operation (such as a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve) is the last resort to lose weight permanently. However, the … Read more