Luís Castro contested: he was almost hit by a glass thrown from the stand

Botafogo fans are dissatisfied with the team’s performance, and they showed it (once again) after the draw at Portuguesa-RJ, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Rio Cup. As he entered the access tunnel to the changing rooms, Luís Castro was booed by the supporters, and was almost hit by a glass thrown … Read more

Emanuelle ‘Manu’ Santana Marques from Genk travels with the whole family from Thailand to Brazil: “This even exceeds my participation in ‘De Mol’” (Genk)

© rr Genk – The hunt for De Mol will be open again from Sunday and there is even a search from Brazil. Emanuelle ‘Manu’ Santana Marques (36), the girl from Genk who dropped out just before the final last year, starts her search in her native country. It is the last stop of a … Read more

Foot Mondial – Exit Zidane, Brazil led by its former executioner?

The Brazilian football federation is still looking for a renowned foreign coach to take over the Seleçao. The Ancelotti and Zidane tracks are considered but it is clearly the one leading to Joachim Löw who is gaining weight at the moment. After the Qatar fiasco, the Brazilian selection wants a big name to return to … Read more

Scientists find rocks mixed with plastic debris on Brazilian island | climate

16 mrt 2023 om 08:30Update: een dag geleden Scientists have discovered rocks mixed with molten plastic on the volcanic island of Trindade in Brazil. They speak of a worrying discovery, because the amount of plastic waste on the island is increasing. According to the scientists, plastic pollution is mainly caused by fishing nets, which are … Read more

Brazil’s former president Bolsonaro must return Saudi jewelry | Abroad

Brazil’s federal audit office has ordered former president Jair Bolsonaro to deliver a set of jewelry he received from the government of Saudi Arabia within five days. Bolsonaro must also hand over a complete list of all the gifts he received during his presidency. Bolsonaro must return the items to “the rightful owner, the presidential … Read more

Jorge Jesus development in Fenerbahçe! – Aspor

While the eyes were turned to the Sevilla match in Fenerbahçe, the minds turned to whether Jorge Jesus would stay in the team. Finally, the Brazilian National Team’s technical coordinator Ricardo Gomes’ statements about Jesus came to the fore. Here are the details… Fenerbahçe’s big question is whether Jorge Jesus will stay in the team … Read more

Jewelery received as a gift from Saudi should be handed over within five days; The court against the former president of Brazil

Brasilia: A Brazilian court has ordered Jair Bolsonaro, the former president of Brazil, to hand over the precious jewels he received as a gift from Saudi Arabia within five days. He also ordered an audit of all official gifts received during his tenure as president. In 2019, the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), which oversees … Read more

Marburg that killed 11 people in Guinea causes hemorrhagic fever similar to Brazilian pathogen

The Marburg virus has made the world news in recent weeks by causing an outbreak in Equatorial Guinea. At least 11 people have already died in the African country from this pathogen, which has a fatality rate of around 88%. Marburg virus made world news by causing an outbreak in Equatorial Guinea – Photo: Freepik/Reproduction/ND … Read more