The white label protein bread that is becoming the new phenomenon in the fitness world – NiT

The white label protein bread that is becoming the new phenomenon in the fitness world The protein-rich alternative is on sale at Pingo Doce and ends up being cheaper than the traditional bakeries. Bread is seen as the biggest enemy of those who want to lose weight. However, excluding it from food is not a … Read more

Index – Economy – Horror prices: these things have risen in price the most in the last year

Portfolio has collected which products have risen in price the most in the last year in Hungary. The biggest increase can be seen in food in general. A Food inflation of around 40 percent everyone is feeling it in their wallets, and these products are the ones that generally drive inflation very high. Recently, he … Read more

Ukrainian war, direct. Kiev without light (with snow). “Whoever can, go away.” «Russians shoot civilians in bread line in Kherson»

2022-11-19 19:07:34 Kiev announces civilian evacuation from Kherson for the winter Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk has announced the start of the evacuation of civilians who have suffered damage to their homes or are too old and sick to face the cold winter in Kherson, which has just been liberated, but without electricity, water … Read more

Is bread bad for cholesterol?

Bread generally does not contain cholesterol, but varieties that contain animal products, such as milk and butter, do. White bread and other types of bread made from refined grains can raise a person’s cholesterol level. Bread is a staple food for many different cultures, and there are hundreds of different types. Some varieties of bread … Read more

This is the most fattening part of bread. If you are on a diet, avoid

O bread is one of the basic foods in the diet of many people. There are those who avoid it when they are on a diet, but sometimes it is the side dishes that are the problem. Still, there is a difference between the crust and the crumb. You know what’s more fattening? Read too: … Read more

Focaccia, the alternative to bread and pizza: Do you dare to prepare it at home? | Life

Focaccia is Italian bread, it has become a trend among fans of food from the European country. Chile is one of the great consumers of bread in Latin America. In fact, according to data from the Chilean Federation of Industrial Bakers (Fechipan), the figures range from 88 to 90 kilos per capita. Time has also … Read more

Hand kneaded and baked in a traditional oven. This is the best bread in Portugal

6 nov, 14:04 The best bread in Portugal is from Alentejo and Mértola. Padaria Seara de Pão was once again considered the best of the best in the national competition for this delicacy. This bakery makes bread in a traditional way, baking the dough in the old wood-fired ovens.

Experiments should make customers choose the “right” one from the bread shelf

Is it possible to influence customers to make healthier choices on the bread shelf? The Cancer Foundation and the Heart-Lung Foundation want to find out in a store experiment that will contribute to better public health. – How the store looks and the goods are presented plays a role in our choices. With this experiment, … Read more

‘Pokemon Bread’ I couldn’t buy because I didn’t have it…

Boycott continued due to protest against SPC ⓒTwitter After the re-launch in the first half of the year, there was news that the sales of ‘Pokemon Bread’, which had been very popular all the time and could not be sold because they were missing, had withered. The ‘SPC boycott’ movement spreading everywhere served as a … Read more

In Belarus, the military of the Russian Federation is greeted with bread and salt

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Belarus Russian soldiers met in Belarus Russian servicemen, who are part of the regional grouping of troops, arrive in Belarus. The Ministry of Defense of Belarus showed how they welcome the arrivals of the Russian military. At the training ground they were met with bread and salt. “Russian servicemen, who … Read more