Bitcoin price breaks $27,000; Youtuber Lost $1 Million Betting Against BTC; Argentina will host BingXperience 2023 and much more

This week the price of bitcoin (BTC) broke the $27,000despite the financial crisis that is affecting several friendly banks with the cryptocurrencies in the United States. Ethereum posted record levels of burning of ETH after 6 months of the implementation of the Merge, the update that allowed the protocol migration of consensus of Proof of … Read more

Bawaslu Wins Lawsuit by Prima Party, Breaks Up KPU’s Violation

The Election Supervisory Body or Bawaslu today announced the results of the hearing on the dispute over alleged violations by the General Election Commission. The report was made by the Just and Prosperous People’s Party or the Prima Party with case number 001/LP/ADM/BWSL/00.00/III/2023. The decision hearing which was held on Monday (20/3) was chaired by … Read more

“Children passed off as children by gays”. And the controversy breaks out

The Democratic Party “crucifies” Fabio Rampelli. And Nichi Vendola uncomfortable “Herod” to buckle it to the right. The clash over the children of gay couples sends the radical left into a rage. The vice president of the Chamber is the new target of the opposition after his unhappy exit during the program In Onda on … Read more

he breaks the world record for the longest session in 40 hours and more than 700 waves

The record just broken, the forty-year-old with the big beard admitted to being “a little burnt out”, but still got back into the water with the 40-hour goal in mind. An extended session, part of which was carried out overnight from Thursday to Friday, all the same interspersed with breaks to eat and protect yourself … Read more

Odermatt breaks Hermann Maier’s points record with RTL victory in Soldeu – winter sports

At just 25 years old, Marco Odermatt made his mark in the history books on Saturday. With the superior victory in the giant slalom in Soldeu, the Swiss broke Hermann Maier’s legendary points record from 2000. The “Herminator” scored 2,000 points back then, Odermatt now 2,042.

Susana Giménez: “I don’t want to talk about politics, but seeing that there has been no electricity for a month with 40 degrees of heat, it breaks your heart…”

Interview with Susana Giménez by Tati Schapiro – “Seeing that there is no light with 40 degrees of heat a month ago breaks your heart” “How good it makes you laugh! That’s my motto,” he says. Susana Gimenez in this talk with teleshow from the presidential suite of a hotel in Madero Porthours after the … Read more

[Frankly Masuzoe]Putin’s true intention is “Challenge to the unipolar system of the United States”, gradually spreading supporters Not only China and Iran, but also India and South Africa are quietly supporting, US diplomacy breaks down (1/5) | JBpress (JB Press)

Not only China and Iran, but also India and South Africa are quietly supporting, and US diplomacy may be broken A Russian Su-27 approaches a U.S. drone MQ9 Reaper in international airspace over the Black Sea March 16. The Russian aircraft drops fuel, obstructing the MQ9’s path. After this, the MQ9 collided with the Russian … Read more

Shakira breaks all Guinness records with her song ‘Vengeance’

Through the sound “BZRP Music Sessions #53” posted on YouTube last January, Shakira knocks out her ex, footballer Gerard Pique. A hit that has gone viral and which, listed in the Guinness Book, wins record after record. The breakup song is a pop music classic. Jingles that can turn out to be melancholic, romantic, or … Read more

A fire breaks out on the first floor of an apartment building, on the road to Mons, in Charleroi: around forty apartments evacuated

Around 11:45 a.m., the firefighters, under the orders of Lieutenant Gelpi and Warrant Officer Delvigne, quickly intervened on the road to Mons, in an apartment on the 1st floor. Pauline Schumacker Pauline Schumacker FVH Read also A Fleurusien shot dead on rue Neuve in Charleroi: the shocking images of a neighboring business, we hear the … Read more

Shakira breaks 14 records with her controversial hit “BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53”

On January 12, Shakira put her voice on the sound of 24-year-old producer Bizarrap, the most listened to Argentinian artist in the world, according to Spotify for the song BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53. The title had quickly created a stir. In question, the murderous words of the singer of Hips Don’t Lie towards his … Read more