Mbappé in star mode: the impressive numbers of the France figure who breaks records in Qatar

Kylian Mbappé and all of France are celebrating. The French squad faced Poland in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 and managed to celebrate against Robert Lewandowski’s squad. Les Bleus came as favorites at this stage despite having lost surprisingly at the end of the group stage against Tunisia. One … Read more

World Cup breaks record with most surprising results | football world cup

Cameroon’s 1-0 win over Brazil on Friday meant the twelfth surprising result in the group stage. In the previous six World Cups in which 32 countries participated, in 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018, that number was lower. The record was nine surprising results in the group stage, during the 2002 and 2010 World … Read more

The electricity price breaks records for the third day in a row – At least in the northern half of the country

A kilowatt hour is expected to cost SEK 4.27 on Thursday in electricity areas SE1 and SE2. It is the highest daily record ever in the north and the third day in a row that the record has been broken. In SE3 and SE4, the electricity price ends up at SEK 4.29 per kilowatt hour, … Read more

IRS breaks revenue record

The Federal Revenue had R$ 205 billion in collection in October. According to organis the highest value for the month since 2020. According to data released by the institutionthe amount for October 2022 is almost 8% higher than the amount for the same interval in the previous year, in values ​​corrected for official inheritance. The … Read more

‘Wednesday’ breaks Netflix’s record for the most hours watched for an English-language series

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Orion capsule breaks distance record, 269,000 miles from Earth – IT Pro – News

Speed? Relative to what? The velocity is zero relative to itself. Relative to the spaceship, the light from the flashlight will be moving away from the ship at the speed of light. But not for an observer elsewhere. Actually simple, but then again not. The problem is time. If the spaceship is flying at close … Read more

Imminent important decisions by the Central Bank of Egypt .. and the pound breaks the 24.61 levels By

© Reuters – It seems that the Egyptian pound has not yet reached a fair price, according to the flexible price mechanisms that the Central Bank of Egypt announced its implementation on October 26, coinciding with the decision to liberalize prices for the second time in one year. In light of the continuous decline … Read more

Daughter (19) is not allowed to attend her father’s execution in the US: “My heart breaks that I cannot experience his last moments”

©  ACLU A 19-year-old Missouri woman has been banned from attending her father’s execution by a judge. She is legally too young to be there. A request from her father to let her be there, was of no avail. gjs Sunday, November 27, 2022 at 09:56 Father Kevin Johnson (37) was sentenced to death for … Read more

No ladies-in-waiting. King’s wife Camilla breaks with royal tradition.

King’s wife Camilla does without the traditional ladies-in-waiting as constant companions. The decision may be related to King Charles’ announcement that he wants to represent the British monarchy more plainly than his mother. Bild: Kirsty O’connor/PA Wire/dpa Because things are supposed to be more pragmatic in the British royal family, Queen Camilla is putting an … Read more