Start of supervision of population screening for breast cancer has started

With this supervision, the Inspectorate wants to work on promoting, monitoring and protecting public health in the Netherlands The Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (IGJ) will start monitoring the population screening for breast cancer. Every year, 1.3 million inhabitants of the Netherlands between the ages of 50 and 75 receive an invitation for the population … Read more

Vegan women’s breast milk contains two important nutrients

Researchers showed that the breast milk of vegan women contains as much vitamin B2 and carnitine as breast milk of women who eat everything A vegan diet does not affect the concentration of vitamin B2 and carnitine in breast milk. These two nutrients are mainly found in animal products and are essential for the development … Read more

Can People with Breast Cancer Still Breastfeed?

CNN Indonesia Monday, 22 May 2023 18:45 WIB Illustration. Mothers with breast cancer can still breastfeed their babies but with certain conditions. (Istockphoto/ Petrunjela) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Process breast-feed or give breast milk (BUT) to infants is believed to reduce the risk breast cancer on girls. However, what if the mother has breast cancer cells? … Read more

Vegan breast milk simply contains vitamin B2 and carnitine

“Babies who receive breast milk from vegan mothers are therefore unlikely to have an increased risk of deficiency of these nutrients, as you might expect if you know that their mothers do not consume animal products,” said lead researcher Hannah Juncker. The number of people in Europe who do not eat animal products has doubled … Read more

Breast cancer screening tests from the age of 40?

You are browsing the Radio-Canada website Skip to main contentGo to footerHelp with navigationStart of main content Start of content Mammography from 40 years old? 15 minute duration15 min A mammogram uses X-rays to produce an image of the internal structure of the breast, helping to detect potential problems, such as breast cancer. (Archives)PHOTO : Associated … Read more

[Breast touch]SIGMA may launch a super wide-angle large aperture fixed-focus lens 14mm F1.4 DG DN | Art?

According to foreign sources, SIGMA may launch a super wide-angle large aperture fixed-focus lens 14mm F1.4 DG DN | Art. If the news is true, this lens will definitely be an exclusive lens for night shots, Yinke, starry sky and other themes! According to foreign sources, SIGMA may launch a super wide-angle large aperture fixed-focus … Read more

Breast Cancer Society explains: this is how you check your breasts for lumps | General

A breast self-examination campaign was recently shut down due to concerns. This week the Breast Cancer Association of the Netherlands will start a new campaign. This is important, because how do you actually do that, check your breasts? De actie kwam in maart online, maar werd offline gehaald na kritiek van het het Nederlands Huisartsengenootschap … Read more

Breast cancer patients can temporarily stop hormone treatment during pregnancy: “No risks for child and mother”

Women who are undergoing treatment after breast cancer has been diagnosed can have a child without major risks. This is shown by a study with 500 patients in which UZ Leuven participated. Some cancerous tumors are sensitive to female hormones and therefore an anti-hormone therapy follows the operation and radiation, but this lasts five to … Read more