Brexit has not been good news for the British so far | Economy

Skyrocketing inflation, a shrinking economy and possibly the longest recession in over a century; the UK economy is not doing well. While the UK economy is certainly not the only one sputtering, it appears to be doing worse than other countries. This may be due to Brexit, which has so far mainly affected the economy … Read more

Recession and regrets. Brexit is making the British more pro-European than Europeans

Rishi Sunak has been British Prime Minister for exactly one month. And for what happened in Great Britain in 2022 this is already a great result. But this is the only encouraging news from across the Channel in recent times. Six and a half years after the referendum, three since formally leaving the EU, two … Read more

UK: More and more Brits are against Brexit

LONDON. More and more British against Brexit, for what appears to be the record against six years after the referendum that decreed the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU. Now this is also confirmed by a latest poll edited by Sir John Curtice, the undisputed guru of voting intentions in the United Kingdom and president … Read more

Brexit, political stalemate in Northern Ireland over party vetoes on the protocol. London: “Forced to call new elections”

Time is up. There Brexit he froze Stormont (the parliament ofNorthern Ireland), bringing the political fortunes of the nation from stalemate to total uncertainty, to a new electoral round. Six months were not enough to form the new national unity government between the separatist republicans of Sinn Fein and the unionists of the DUP, after … Read more

Britain has a new prime minister. It does not change the main problem – Dagsavisen

On Tuesday, Great Britain got a new prime minister. Rishi Sunak (42) is a very exciting choice for a multi-ethnic, diverse nation. Sunak’s story is both typical and atypical. The ancestors came from India via Africa to Southampton in the 1960s. The father was a general practitioner, the mother was a pharmacist and ran her … Read more

Study: EU-UK trade volume significantly lower than it would be in the world without Brexit

Photo by Olivier Matthys (AP/Scanpix). <!– Taip pat skaitykite Premjerė: Vyriausybė ankstins biudžeto pateikimą, netikėtoms išlaidoms – 2% BVP Netikri elektros perlai baigėsi Galvosūkis dėl minimalios algos – prisiūti daugiau ar mažiau? Vilniuje paklotas eksperimentinis asfaltas Verslo lektorė I. Rušmanė – apie laiko planavimą: poilsis yra planuojama T. Zitikis. Apie keliones ir skrydžius: kokia aviacijos … Read more

Revolut blames Brexit for moving 1 million business customers from London to Lithuania

Revolut blamed Brexit for forcing more than a million business customers from London to move to Lithuania in order to sell their products to European customers. According to reports from Companies House, the fintech company will transfer all of its European Economic Area (EEA) customers from its UK-based subsidiary Revolut Trading Ltd to its business … Read more

EU and UK discuss Brexit again this week for the first time since February | Economy

Representatives of the European Union and the United Kingdom will meet again this week to discuss the Northern Ireland Protocol, news channel reports RTE. It is the first time since February that the parties will meet to discuss the Brexit component. These are so-called technical talks, which mainly look at how the situation in Northern … Read more

COMMENTARY: It is said that the devastation of Brexit has not materialized. Really? – Daniel Drake

Truss knew that leaving the European Union would bring Britain more trouble than good. Talk of bureaucrats in Brussels is one thing, but the ability to thrive economically in isolation is another. That is also why six years ago -⁠ yes, it seems like an eternity -⁠ she voted to remain in the Union. She … Read more