A Brexit loophole used by British airlines to ease holiday flight delays

British airlines are using loopholes in Britain’s exit process from the European Union to prevent passengers from traveling this summer due to uninterrupted travel. Some of the country’s largest airlines lease full-fledged aircraft from abroad to maintain flight programs in the face of huge staff shortages. TUI, British Airways, Jet2 and easyJet use a system … Read more

Prime Minister of Ireland thinks Northern Irish protocol plan ‘economic vandalism’ | NOW

The UK’s plans to unilaterally amend the Northern Ireland Protocol’s trade rules are “economic vandalism” against Northern Ireland. That is what the Prime Minister of Ireland, Micheál Martin, says on Sunday BBC News. Martin responds to the announcement by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He wants to overhaul the rules on trade in goods to … Read more

EU starts proceedings against United Kingdom over Brexit change

The European Union has launched criminal proceedings against the United Kingdom after the UK presented a bill this week that would allow unilateral changes to agreements in the Brexit agreement. That bill deals with trade with Northern Ireland. The exact content of the proposal, submitted by Foreign Minister Liz Truss, is not yet known. But … Read more

The UK has decided that Brexit deals are no longer good for them

Loading player On Monday, the British government led by conservative Boris Johnson announced it would propose a law on the commercial status of Northern Ireland which if approved without changes will violate the agreements made with the European Union regarding the United Kingdom’s exit from the same Union. British Foreign Minister Liz Truss called the … Read more

They are already pulling their hair out on the Island because of Brexit, they have fallen into a crisis for …

The British Minister of Transport Grant Shaps is exploring the possibility of issuing temporary visas to workers from the European Union to alleviate the crisis with airport staff, the Telegraph reported. Plans are being discussed to issue permits to luggage handlers and temporary visa registrars, similar to those issued to fruit pickers, musicians and religious … Read more

Brits will introduce legislation on Monday that will unilaterally adjust Brexit agreements | NOW

The government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will present legislation on Monday that will unilaterally adjust the Brexit agreements. That can be read on the site of the British House of Commons. The amendment will only increase tensions between the EU and the UK. With this, the British government is laying down the rules … Read more

Mother and daughter met after 80 years, Brexit contributed to this

But British law made it impossible for her to meet or receive information about her later. After almost 80 years, the two women met in Toronto this May, the station wrote BFM TV. Sonya Grist grew up in Britain, worked as a guide and has three children and seven grandchildren. After Brexit, her son Stephen … Read more

Mick Jagger: ‘Brexit is a nightmare’

©  AFP front man of The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger (78) has again expressed himself critical of Brexit. According to him, it is therefore “a nightmare” to go on tour with his band. Sunday, May 22, 2022 at 8:46 PM In an interview with The Sunday Times has The Rolling Stones-frontmanMick Jagger has expressed his … Read more

Cambridge University astrophysicist loses role in space project amid Brexit squabble

An astrophysicist at the University of Cambridge who studies the Milky Way and hopes to play a key role in the European Space Agency’s (ESA) next major project has been forced to hand over his coordinating role in the plan after a row over the exit of Northern Europe. Ireland’s schemes put science in the … Read more

Brexit, new clash between Great Britain and the EU: London wants to change the protocol on Northern Ireland. Brussels: “We will answer”

Parliament of Stormont stalled, abrupt retromarcia a Westminster and storm winds raging from Bruxelles. Short history of the catchphrase Brexit which returns to undermine the relationships between European Union e Great Britain is between England ed northern Ireland. The British Foreign Minister Liz Truss threw the cards in the air again after two years of … Read more