The PP asks the Government of Spain for a national strategy for tourism promotion in the United Kingdom in the face of Brexit – Cartagena Actualidad

The PP asks the Government of Spain for a national tourism promotion strategy in the United Kingdom before Brexit • Miriam Guardiola affirms that “eIt is essential to establish promotion, awareness and familiarization campaigns that maintain relations with the United Kingdom, one of the main emitters of foreign tourism in the Region of Murcia and … Read more

Brexit cancels the purchase of the fast “click” with extra consumer spending

EFE / EPA / ANDY RAIN / Archive London, Jan 24 (EFE) .- What used to be a quick and efficient “click” to buy a product online from a community firm now carries costly surprises. Delays due to bureaucratic chaos in shipments and unexpected import charges are some of the direct effects of Brexit that … Read more

Brexit killed the rock stars

Some of the UK’s best-known rock stars are among the 110 musicians who are demanding that Boris Johnson agree to tour the EU without a visa to avoid artists having to pay for really expensive country-specific work permits. Among others, Roger Waters, Sir Elton John, Sting, Bob Geldof, Liam Gallagher, Ed Sheeran, Brian May, Roger … Read more

The story of ‘Nacho Z’: a young Argentine who decided to undertake the London of the pandemic and Brexit – International

The task of undertaking has always been complicated, but it can turn into a real adventure, especially if we talk about a young Argentine who decides to settle in London months before the pandemic and the United Kingdom’s departure from Europe. We are talking about Nacho, a young ‘youtuber’ who has decided to settle in … Read more

The ‘tide’ of Brexit, a slab for Scottish fishermen

The mountain of paperwork and customs controls cause delays and spoil seafood and fish, causing millions in losses Some ships are selling their products directly in Denmark to avoid traffic jams at the border The current problems could hurt the ‘Tories’ in the regional parliament elections scheduled for May It has only been in force … Read more

Over 100 British music stars warn Brexit threatens European tours

Photo credit: Spencer Davis More than 100 British musicians warn that Brexit threatens future European tours. Musicians of all genres have gathered to comment on the situation. Ed Sheeran, Sting, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and even Simon Rattle have spoken out on the current state of Brexit in a letter to The Times newspaper. … Read more

Citizens ask the Government how it will guarantee health coverage for British residents in Spain after Brexit and in the face of Covid | Leader in Social Information

News Autonomies Society Health 23 Ene 2021 11:42h MADRID The Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs) has registered in the Congress of Deputies a question about health coverage for British residents in Spain during the Covid-19 pandemic. In it, he asks the Executive to explain how he will guarantee health coverage for British residents in Spain in … Read more

Erasmus students will have until 2023 to go to the UK despite Brexit

Brexit goes beyond economic relations. One aspect that also has an impact are the exchanges through the Erasmus program that the students of the University of León benefit from. The Vice-Rector’s Office for Internationalization specifies that the dozen UK universities with which the Leonese institution has an agreement will continue with the program until May … Read more

The mediation of the OIV facilitates a safe BREXIT for the wine sector

As recognized by the International Wine Organization (OIV), today we can affirm that the solid bases of harmonization provided by the work of the OIV have allowed the sector to guarantee a safe BREXIT for the wine sector after the agreement between the Kingdom Kingdom and the European Union. In this way, the organization reviews … Read more