Brexit: Negotiations on a follow-up agreement without much progress

Representatives of the ME and Great Britain again on a follow-up agreement to Brexi – Now their seventh week of negotiations has ended without any significant progress. Both sides had resumed negotiations in Brussels after a short summer break. They were deeply disappointed and made serious reproaches for each other. “I just don’t understand why … Read more

A preliminary agreement with Brexit with the EU will not be reached this month / Day

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Italian senator launches Italexit party, modeled on Brexit

An Italian senator launched Thursday, July 23 Italexit, a sovereignist party which aims to get his country out of the EU on the British Brexit mode. Gianluigi Paragone, ex-member of the 5 Star Movement (M5S, anti-system) and former television journalist, chose to present his training two days after a meeting in London with the leader … Read more

Great Britain: Russian interference in the referendum in Scotland, unclear role on Brexit

Proving the interference? “Difficult, if not impossible” Credible public indications have emerged to suggest that Russia has embarked on an influence campaign in connection with the 2014 Scotland independence referendum, the report, which was finalized in March 2019 but waited for publication by Tuesday, reads. It also stated that there were publicly available indications that … Read more

Russia report published – did the Kremlin influence the Brexit vote? – News

The long-awaited report by the Secret Service Committee on Russia has been published in London. According to the report, Russia is said to have tried to influence the Scottish independence referendum in 2014. There are also signs that Russia also interfered in the UK’s Brexit discussion in 2016. The British government had reacted far too … Read more

Barnier hardens his voice against London

Relations strained a little more Wednesday between London and Brussels. Chief Brexit negotiator for the EU Michel Barnier released the letter he had just addressed to his British counterpart David Frost in the afternoon. An exchange of good procedure since the latter had done the same the day before. In his letter, the former French … Read more

The State plays 1,000 million in the viability of Iberia and Air Europa

05/17/2020 05:00 Advanced in Spain is very much at stake in making Iberia and Air Europa viable. Not only because there are important Spanish airlines in the future, with everything that implies in jobs, in the promotion of tourism or in mobility between countries, but by direct exposure through credits and participation in the IAG … Read more

Brexit puts passengers on the Calais-Dover ferry in nostalgia

February 1, 2020 at 12:49 p.m. Farewell pain : Brexit puts passengers on the Calais-Dover ferry in nostalgia – and anger ->      <! – A ferry arrives in the port of Dover on the morning of February 1st. Britain is the first member country to leave the European Union after 47 years. Photo: dpa … Read more