Art gossip..the strangest marriage customs in the world A bride does the impossible and falls into a very embarrassing situation during her wedding won’t believe what came out from under her dress

A teenage bride gets into a very embarrassing situation during her wedding ceremony. Watch what came out from under her dress in front of the audience and shocked the groom.! A bride appeared to have difficulty moving around in the dress, which seemed to be lifted from the front, as is customary in fashion designs … Read more

Viral man’s confession of marrying an older woman, the same age as his stepson

Malaysia – The story of this couple of different ages from Malaysia stole the attention of netizens on social media. The story about this couple went viral after the husband shared his love story via his TikTok account @geemie3599. A man named Geemie uploaded his love story marrying a 47 year old woman. The 24-year-old … Read more

Prae’s older sister, Peach married Prabhu, a magnificent 2 billion-dollar family. Famous people – the mother of the bride is unchangingly beautiful

The wedding of Prae Pimpisa, the older sister of Peach Phachara Chirathivat Prabhu Phornprapha married two families Celebrities rejoice The mother of the bride is unchangingly beautiful. After having a sweet picture, asking for marriage Prae Pimpisa Chirathivat young actress sister Peach Phachara Recently entered into a sweet wedding ceremony with Prabhu Phonprapha Connecting the … Read more

“Nong Joy” the bride of “Keng Lai Camouflage” in a beautiful wedding dress

Entering the wedding door for another couple “Nong Joy Jirawan” Mother is also spicy and “Good camouflage” famous net idol who held a wedding ceremony on November 22 at Benedict Studio Nong Joy Jirawan and Keng Laipung after last year “Good camouflage” have wielded “Little Joy“Announcing the good news that your girlfriend is pregnant. and … Read more

Bride of December Lydia Ko wins the final round of the LPGA season… 3 crowns achieved

Lydia Ko (New Zealand) won the LPGA Tour season’s final CME Group Tour Championship (total prize money of $7 million). Lydia Ko hit a 2 under par 70 with 4 birdies and 2 bogeys in the 4th round on the final day of the tournament held at the Tiburon Golf Club (par 72, 6,556 yards) … Read more

Trump’s daughter is married. A photo. Video / Showbiz Boulevard

The wedding celebration took place at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, which is located in Florida. More than 250 guests were invited to the wedding. One of the guests of the wedding ceremony, Natalie Hanneinb published on Instagram on November 11, pictures in which she showed a rehearsal of a wedding dinner. Trump’s daughter chose a white … Read more

As her mother gave birth to her without an iota of modesty.. A Tunisian bride takes off her clothes in front of the camera and dances in a bikini.. She will not believe what her husband did to her.

And when the bride finished that paragraph, she put the piece of cloth that she was raising. She folded her waist on the groom’s neck, to appear at the end wearing a beak. Just me. The video clip also sparked controversy on social media, and many followers were surprised. They are concerned about the appearance … Read more

The Story of a Newly Tortured Bride Having to Pay a Luxury Reception Debt at the Desire of Parents All

KUALA LUMPUR, – Story newlyweds feel tormented because they have to pay off the debt used to hold a luxurious reception this time coming from Malaysia. They admitted that they were forced to hold a luxurious reception because they wanted to realize the dreams of their parents. Reported World of BuzzTuesday (11/8/2022), in a … Read more

How was the wedding scene of announcer Lee Hyun-joo? “The bride and groom were so wonderful and pretty”

Announcer Lee Hyun-joo / Announcer Park Eun-young Instagram capture While the announcer Lee Hyun-joo (38) announced their marriage, senior announcer Eun-young Park posted a picture after attending Lee’s wedding. On the 8th, announcer Park Eun-young posted on her social networking service (SNS) account, “Finally! Hyun-joo’s wedding, the bride and groom who were so wonderful and … Read more

Muhallabia appeared – the bride of Hashka filled the air from the dancer and the groom was watching

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – The dancer, Jawhara, ignited social media after she posted the video clip on her personal account on the “Instagram” website, a video clip while she was reviving joyfully, and the bride’s interaction with her. The video clip caused an uproar due to the bride’s strong interaction, her dancing and merging … Read more