She put poison on her husband and practiced vice with her lover next to him.. The story of the traitorous bride in Kerdasa

08:30 p.m Saturday, March 18, 2023 Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi:Nourhan K. was not received. Paying attention to her stable life over the course of 85 days inside the marital nest, and she began searching for her old love in order to satisfy her sexual desires on the marital bed with a sinful relationship, until she … Read more

Beautiful… The Jordanian princess took her breath away as a bride. It is clear from whom she inherited her beauty – look – On the red carpet – Cocktail

A magnificent wedding was already held in Jordan during the past weekend. The daughter of King Abdullah II was getting married. Photo: ČTK / imago stock&people / Royal Hashemite Court apaimages The daughter of Jordanian King Abdullah II, Princess İman married the financier of Greek origin, Jamil Alexander Thermiotis, in the royal palace west of … Read more

Viral Bride Holds Special Wedding 18+, Children Can’t Attend

Jakarta – This bridal couple went viral for holding an unusual wedding. Their marriage is for adults aged 18 and over. Here’s why. Through the TikTok account @AshleeyLaam, the wedding couple named Ashley and Adam shared their happy wedding moments. The bride and groom can be seen dancing with the invited guests. “POV: you have … Read more

“Belle Mananya” swings “Win” single! Telling the legend of secretly in love with a bride since high school

The wait is over! Belle-Mananya Limsatian, former member of the Girly Berry band, with Win Inthara, a non-celebrity boyfriend After being in a relationship for 3 years, it’s a good time, March 5, to enter the gate of a sweet wedding ceremony at AUBE (Ob Ratchapruek). It can be called the celibacy of the second … Read more

Better than Sama Al-Masry.. An Egyptian bride, a rocket, parked Safinaz, and a jewel on the shelf, with a ten-baladi dance, shake right and shake left.. And the audience swept me, Angie Khoury, Georgina

Yasser Al-Jarjoura Yasser worked as a former director of the content and contents department in Gulf 24, which is the department responsible for providing reliable and simplified health information to Gulf 24 surfers. This is done by selecting the content, passing through supervising its formulation to facilitate its delivery to the reader, and even ensuring … Read more

Your hair will turn gray from what happened.. A groom was exposed to it on the wedding night when the bride wore her wedding dress in front of the groom. It was a surprise that made his hair turn gray.. You will not believe what happened

Indonesian media recently revealed a bizarre case in which a 31-year-old man married a woman he met online, only to find out she was a man two days after the marriage. The story begins, about a month ago, the man “Moh” met his wife “Meta” on Facebook, after meeting online and establishing a relationship between … Read more

Screaming and groaning.. A bride records the wedding night for 90 minutes with her husband, publishes the video, and a follower: An experienced bride.. Watch

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – A 50-minute continuous video clip of a Kuwaiti bride and her groom on the first night of their marriage spread on social media, which caused a sensation about who filmed this clip. While the police later discovered the real reason for what happened, to reveal that the bride was the … Read more

The Association of Former Boyfriends Groom’s Marriage, Bride to Shame

HENGDI, – In China, there was an incident where a wedding party was crowded out by former grooms who got together. This incident occurred on February 6 in Hengdi Village, Yunan Province, China. Reported from Oddity Centralthe groom in this wedding is called Chen Song. When the wedding ceremony was still going on, about … Read more

He danced with his bride.. 10 photos from Hassan Shakoush’s engagement

12:20 pm Saturday, January 28, 2023 I wrote – Bahira Fouda: Festivals singer Hassan Shakoush celebrated his engagement yesterday evening, Friday, to a girl outside the artistic community, in the presence of a number of family and friends in the artistic community. And his friend, artist Omar Kamal, published a picture of him from Hassan … Read more