Family donates to the Friesenhagen / Friesenhagen fire brigade

News from November 22nd, 2020 Tweet On Saturday, November 21, the Friesenhagen volunteer fire brigade received a donation of 406.21 euros from the Manfred Hecken family, who live in the Friesenhagen district of Hilchenbach. Manfred Hecken has this year on his property in Hilchenbach These sunflowers were then offered for self-cutting between August and mid-September, … Read more

Donations welcome / Sendling volunteer fire brigade ensures safety in the city district

For the safety of the citizens on duty: the Sendling volunteer fire brigade. (Image: FF Sendling) For many months, the corona pandemic has also had an impact on the training and emergency services of the volunteer fire brigade (FF) in Sendling and now also on the support association “Friends of the volunteer fire brigade in … Read more

the health insurance covid brigade adapts to the rise in contamination

Multiplication of Covid-19 cases and how to break the chains of contamination? With the famous trytique, “Tester / Tracer / Isoler”, the Primary Health Insurance Fund is responsible for identifying and contacting positive people and their contact cases. But, faced with the sudden increase in positive cases, the CPAM has just reviewed its so-called “tracing” … Read more

Suitcases can be packed: nothing stands in the way of the Wewelsburg fire brigade moving – Büren

“Nothing should stand in the way of the fire extinguishing group moving by November 1st,” said Andreas Hilleke, chairman of the friends’ association, when signing the lease in the Büren’s public hall. The fire brigade and the village community joined forces to support the new home of the Wewelsburger fire fighting group and got the … Read more

118 aircraft and 7 thousand brigade members: President Piñera announces plan to fight forest fires – National

118 aircraft and 7,000 brigade members: President Piñera announces plan to fight forest fires “The forecasts anticipate important increases in temperature, also lack of humidity, heat waves, strong winds (…) therefore, we have to prepare to face this season of forest fires,” he said. He President Sebastián Piñera This Friday launched the Forest Fire Protection … Read more

The anti-mosquito brigade drives out the vector of dengue fever in Martinique

Under the authority of the Regional Health Agency, anti-mosquito brigades go to the places most affected by dengue in Martinique. More than 900 additional patients were diagnosed in August 2020 in the territory. The trend is towards a clear increase in the number of new confirmed cases of dengue in Martinique in recent weeks. In … Read more

Riga “Dinamo” – “Baris” game judge found Covid-19; will be replaced by a local brigade – Hockey

One of the four match judges, who had to try the Continental Hockey League (KHL) game between Riga “Dinamo” and Nursultana “Baris” on Thursday in Riga, was found to be infected with Covid-19, the channel “TV3 Sport Latvija” reports. “Dinamo” will receive its guests from Kazakhstan in “Arena Riga” at 5 pm. “One of the … Read more

Enrique Paris: “Covid-positive people should not vote in the plebiscite”

Enrique Paris has permeated the Ministry of Health with his style. With more or less criticism than its predecessor, it marked a before and after. Although he tells Publimetro that “it has been very exhausting”, he focuses on patients, and on overcoming the health crisis. This, despite the fact that definitions that “bring controversy” can … Read more

The Maduro regime turns to Cuba to try to contain the coronavirus outbreak: a new health brigade arrives from the island

Doctors traveling to Venezuela (Twitter Bruno Rodríguez)Cuba sent Venezuela a new health brigade made up of 212 doctors to join the island’s health professionals who support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in the South American country. “A new brigade of 212 doctors from #Cuba will support the brother people and government of #Venezuela in … Read more