A Mobile Brigade Platoon Sent to Puncak Jaya After the KKB Attack

CNN Indonesia Monday, 27 Mar 2023 13:19 WIB The Papuan Police sent a platoon-level unit (SST) to Puncak Jaya Regency after the attack by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) on TNI-Polri officers. Illustration (Polda Polda Papua) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Papuan Police sent a platoon-level unit (SST) to Puncak Jaya Regency after the attack by the … Read more

The Catania-Syracuse motorway was closed for two days due to a fire brigade exercise

On Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 March, periodic training activities will be carried out for fire brigade personnel inside the tunnels along the Catania-Syracuse motorway. The section covered by the activities is the carriageway towards Catania, up to the Lentini junction, which will therefore be closed between 9 and 30 and 17 and 15. During … Read more

German journalist – frankly about the real German plans for the brigade and loud statements of Lithuanian politicians

Although the deployment of the German brigade is constantly the subject of fierce disputes in Lithuania, the German journalist assured that the loud statements of Lithuanian politicians or the issue of the brigade itself are not of interest to the German public. True, the attitude of the German population towards the future support of the … Read more

The Motorized Brigade massacres Russian tanks in Donetsk: the video taken by the drone

One shot after another and all those of the 59th Ukrainian motorized brigade active in the Donetsk oblast hit. The Russian tanks seem to have no chance in the face of the javelin missiles of the Kiev soldiers who hit the enemy armored vehicles, destroying at least two of them. In the past 24 hours … Read more

Delivered the message of the German Social Democrats: Landsberg is lying

At the beginning of this week, social democrats from 12 European countries gathered in Warsaw. A lot of attention was paid to the representatives of Germany’s ruling Social Democrats (SPD). It seems that the Germans are seeking to change the public discourse about their alleged indecision in the field of defense, so they presented their … Read more

Lommelaar receives firm invoice for false alarm at fire brigade (Lommel)

© Dick Demey Lommel – When Piet Meijers’ living room was flooded by a heavy thunderstorm, he quickly called the fire brigade to prevent worse. But on arrival the danger turned out to be over and the firemen were able to turn around. Now Piet is presented with the bill. “Can’t I worry then?” Gunter … Read more

155th Brigade Apparently high casualties in elite Russian unit

Brigade of Marines London: Elite Russian unit takes heavy casualties 03/01/2023 12:09 (updated) According to British intelligence, the marines of Russia’s 155th brigade have suffered “an extremely high number of casualties”. The losses would be offset by much less experienced troops. Nevertheless, these should be used in the highly competitive city of Wuhledar. According to … Read more

Soldiers and equipment of the German brigade arrived in Lithuania by land, air and sea

Part of the soldiers and equipment is moving through Poland to Lithuania by road, accompanied by the Military Police, to the training ground of General Silvestros Žukauskas (Švenčioni district), where until March 10. international exercises will take place. Also in the evening, after disembarking at the Klaipėda sea port, a convoy of military equipment of … Read more