intervention of the fire brigade

Firefighters intervention in progress, along the west ring road of Catania, on a tank containing benzyl alcohol (UN number 1987), a highly flammable substance. The section of the ring road currently closed is from the San Giorgio junction to that of Misterbianco, on the Syracuse-Messina roadway. From a first reconstruction, it would seem that the … Read more

The German journalist is about Berlin’s attitude towards Lithuania and Russia: the criticism is understandable

Interview 15min Fritz said the German leadership often communicates vaguely and causes stallions as a result. According to him, the sending of troops to Lithuania in Germany does not cause much discussion in principle, but in the near future all Lithuanian expectations regarding the German-led NATO brigade will not be met. VIDEO: German journalist: Lithuanian … Read more

Will the German brigade defend Lithuania: no homework and strange talk about a five-year plan

Speaking about the brigade, the politician stressed the importance of the principle of frontal defense. “Now is the time when we can make and forge stakes – or we will nail stakes and move NATO Eastern Flank to a new and credible deterrence and defense architecture based on this case brigadeby air defense decision or … Read more

“Are they still there?”: Elite Russian brigade sent under covert operation

However, when the helicopters took to the air, the senior officers turned to the men and informed them that they were in fact going to war with Ukrainerašo „The Moscow Times“. Instead of turning towards Grodno, they flew into Ukrainian airspace and turned to Hostomel Airport near the capital, Kiev. “The soldiers were shocked by … Read more

After the Chancellor’s visit, new information about German soldiers in Lithuania: NATO brigades will have to wait

Brigade in Lithuania or Germany? The Baltic states are seeking to expand the NATO battalions deployed in them into brigades. The NATO Military Committee has already expressed its support for such an ideaand a final decision could be taken at the Madrid summit in late June. Without waiting for the NATO summit to be held … Read more

From NATO – an important signal regarding the deployment of the brigade in Lithuania

The Baltic states aim to have a brigade deployed in each of them – about 5,000. – Allied troops. Preparations are under way at various levels: politicians and diplomats are working to establish the goal in common documents, and the military is preparing the infrastructure for the reception of allies. The process can take a … Read more

After the heat, wind and rain. Fallen trees in Bergamo: 50 calls to the fire brigade – Photo

There were about fifty telephone calls to the Bergamo fire brigade center due to the wave of bad weather which, in the early afternoon of Sunday 5 June, also affected the Bergamo area . No situation of particular gravity, the firefighters themselves know. The interventions following the calls mainly concerned the removal of branches from … Read more

Fire brigade frees trapped boy from goal in Bovenkarspel

Firefighters were able to free the boy.© Mizzle Media’s Photo Internet editors Yesterday at 12:11 Bovenkarspel The Bovenkarspel fire brigade released a boy on Wednesday morning who was stuck with his knee between the bars of a goal on a sports field at Princenhof. The fire brigade was called at 10:50 am. She managed to … Read more

The war in Ukraine. The Lviv brigade destroyed the Russian platoon

The platoon of the 104th Assault and Assault Regiment of the 76th Assault and Assault Division of the Russian troops ceased to exist. In total, about 20 soldiers with equipment. Photos from the attack were published on social media. It was not stated when or where the clash took place. The Ukrainian command only emphasized … Read more

Belgian fire brigade frees naked driver after car crash | Abroad

Firefighters experienced a very remarkable rescue operation late Friday evening in Melsele, Belgium, about 15 kilometers west of Antwerp. They had to free a stark naked motorist from his car, reports The last news. The Pole became according to the newspaper seriously injured and taken to hospital. Shortly before midnight, his vehicle crashed into two … Read more