Drought brings ancient tree stumps to the surface in Frisian Lake

Omrop Fryslân In cooperation with Omrop Fryslân NOS News•yesterday, 10:43 In the Frisian Klaarkampstermeer, ancient tree stumps have surfaced due to the persistent drought. The trees are certainly between 10,000 and 15,000 years old. According to Staatsbosbeheer, they are remnants of a forest that arose after the last ice age. Forest ranger Gjerryt Hoekstra is … Read more

Hassan Murad: Keep politics away from education, for politics divides..and education brings together and unites

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free The head of the Parliamentary Education Committee, MP Hassan Murad, confirmed during his patronage of an honoring ceremony held by Al-Salah Islamic High School in Baalbek, for those who succeeded in the official certificates, that “the responsibility imposes on us to be honest, and I will not … Read more

Insurance auction brings together 0km vehicles from Jeep and Fiat; check out

Fiat Toro 0km is one of the vehicles available at auction from Mapfre (Credit: Reproduction Superbid) <!– –> The Superbid website is carrying out a online auction of vehicles from the insurance company Mapfre with its closing scheduled for August 19, at 12:00. A total of 43 vehicles will be auctioned, all resulting from accidents … Read more

Special patient brings immunologists and neuroscientists together

The pivot in this story is a special patient. The young man presented with recurring infections to pediatrician in training and immunologist Fabian Kaiser of Erasmus MC. It turns out that he doesn’t make enough antibodies. After a search, the cause comes to light: the patient has a mutation in both copies of the so-called … Read more

Father Brings Son Crash Himself into Train in Bandung!

Bandung – The information in this article is not intended to inspire anyone to take similar action. If you, the reader, feel symptoms of depression with a tendency to think about suicide or hurt yourself, immediately consult your concerns with parties who can help, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, or mental health clinics. A father with … Read more

Ferrari brings latest power unit update in Belgium

The Belgian Grand Prix, round 14 of the 2022 F1 world championship, will see Ferrari bring the latest power unit upgrades before their specifications are frozen until the end of the current era of engine regulations. As Formula 1 imposed laws to freeze the development of some parts of the power unit, starting from last … Read more

Pelita Air Brings Third Airbus A320, Ready to Add Flight Schedule

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -PT Water Lamp Service (PAS) again brought the third Airbus A320 type aircraft with registration number PK-PWD to Soekarno Hatta Airport on August 6, 2022. This aircraft will be used for scheduled commercial flight services (regular flights) and increase the frequency of domestic flights in Indonesia. President Director of PAS Dendy Kurniawan said … Read more