Growth, according to the Monetary Fund Italy and Germany will not go into recession. GDP down only in Great Britain, Russia recovering

Despite guerra in Ukraine and inflation the eurozone this year will manage to avoid the recession. And in general the 2023 could represent a “turning point” for the world economy: “we are far away” from any sign of “recession globally,” said the chief economist of the International Monetary FundPierre-Olivier Gourinchas, commenting on the new estimates … Read more

Russia-Ukraine: Boris Johnson reveals Putin threatens to launch missiles at Britain During a phone call before the war

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during a “significant” phone call ahead of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened him to launch missile attacks on Britain. Mr. Johnson said Mr Putin told him that the attack “It will only take a minute.” Mr Johnson said Mr Putin had made the remarks … Read more

New scandal in Great Britain, minister Zahawi fired: “Serious violation” –

Premier Sunak’s announcement: the minister and president of the conservative party has been fired. “There has been a serious violation of the ministerial code” LONDON – A new scandal shakes the British political scene. He was relieved of his dutieso Nadhim ZahawiChairman of the Conservative Party and Minister without Portfolio in the Government Altar. Former … Read more

Companies in Britain within the FTSE 100 index raise salaries by 6%

The Financial Times conducted a poll wage increases in Britain Last year, coinciding with the cost of living crisis. The survey included companies in the FTSE 100 index that provided an increase in the average salary of their employees by about 6% last year, less than the inflation rate that exceeded 9% in recent months … Read more

A Romanian returned from Great Britain to start a business in the country. He managed to reach 2.8 million lei turnover

A Romanian from Iași, who spent several years in Great Britain with his family, returned to the country to set up a business. He was inspired by a business model he saw there, and now has 200 employees and a turnover of 2.8 million lei. Bogdan Țermure Facebook PHOTO Once he returned home, the man … Read more

In return for his position, did the BBC boss help Johnson get a loan?

The British Labor Party has demanded a parliamentary inquiry into allegations that the BBC chief helped former Prime Minister Boris Johnson obtain a guarantee for a loan, weeks before Johnson recommended him for the position, according to the BBC. Sunday. The Sunday Times reported that Richard Sharpe played a role in arranging a guarantor for … Read more

Tourists Wales disappointed after visiting the smallest house in Britain: ‘Extremely small’ | Abroad

Some visitors to the property have complained about a lack of amenities, such as a kitchen or bathroom, or would have expected an extensive tour for the £1.50 they had to pay, the Daily Post in Wales found out. Others find the house, which is 1.8 meters wide and just over 3 meters high, “very … Read more

Great Britain: Russia will struggle with a lack of equipment and personnel

On 17 January, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced a number of changes to the military forces, including an expansion from 1.15 million personnel to 1.5 million. It was already known that the number of personnel would be increased to 1.35 million. – Shoigu’s plans signal that Russian leaders very likely consider that there will … Read more

Iranian Revolutionary Guards could be declared a terrorist organization by Britain and Europe – BBC News

January 21, 2023 image source, Getty Images The UK and EU may soon declare the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organization. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is the state’s military, political and economic force that fights against threats to the Iranian ruling regime. whymust announce Mr. James Cleverly, Minister of Foreign Affairs United Kingdom … Read more

“Tsunami of strikes” threatens Britain with bad days

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" A number of nursing strike participants, and their supporters, explains to the website "Sky News Arabia" The reasons that prompted them to do so, and the prospects for a solution that they expect from the government. Tsunami strikes Several countries in Europe stand on a hot plate as a result … Read more