Telegram announces the launch of video broadcasts with an unlimited audience

Published: 1 sep 2021 19:25 GMT The instant messaging service Telegram has announced the launch of video broadcasts with an unlimited audience in groups and channels, as well as a new ability to remove the sender’s name and captions from photos when sending messages. “To get started, tap ‘Videochat’ (in groups) or ‘Live Stream’ (in … Read more

‘Kim Yoon-ji and September Marriage’ Strange Son Who? Proud of handsome looks in past broadcasts

It’s strange, his son Choi Woo-sung (Photo-Capture only Yeo Yu-man) ‘Dongsang Imong 2’ Kim Yun-ji revealed her love story with her prospective husband. On the 30th, SBS ‘Songsang Imong Season 2 – You are My Destiny’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Dongsang Imong 2’), Kim Yoon-ji appeared as a special guest. Kim Yun-ji, who is about … Read more

Tencent live broadcasts the Olympic opening ceremony, cuts off the Chinese team’s entry, and the netizens collapse | Tencent broadcasts | cut off the signal | Taiwan team

[Epoch Times July 24, 2021]On the evening of July 23,Tokyo Olympics, JapanOfficially unveiled whenTaiwan teamWhen entering the venue, Tencent Video suddenlyCut off the signalRebroadcast a sports talk show, unexpectedly missed itChinese teamWhen entering the market, a large number of mainland netizens collapsed and scolded for this. A total of 207 countries participated in the opening … Read more

Listen to spooky radio broadcasts from NASA’s Juno spacecraft recorded from Jupiter and its moon Io

This New Horizons processed image of Io shows a 290-kilometer-high (180-mile-high) plume of Tefstar Volcano near Io’s north pole. The much smaller plume of Prometheus is also visible at 9 o’clock. The top of the Masubi volcano plume appears as an irregular bright spot near the bottom. Credit: NASA / JHUAPL / SwRI The Juno … Read more

RTL Boulevard resumed, broadcasts from Mediapark in Hilversum

“The safety of the employees is of course a top priority,” RTL said. “We trust the advice of the security authorities that we can resume broadcasts at a new location at the Media Park in Hilversum. The media company thanks the authorities for the support in recent days, as well as the viewers, business partners … Read more

[아하! 우주] 29 stars with high probability of existence of life confirmed… “Earth broadcasts can be received”

Of the thousands of planets discovered so far beyond the solar system, 29 have been identified with the highest potential for life. According to a joint research team from the Department of Astronomy at Cornell University, the Carl Sagan Institute, and the Astrophysical Research Department of the National Museum of Natural History in New York, … Read more

O2TV customers will lose Czech Formula 1 broadcasts –

O2TV today confirmed that it has not agreed to a new contract with AMC. “Despite long and hard negotiations, no agreement was reached with the representatives of the AMC channel group,” states in a press release. As of June 30, all AMC channels in the O2TV offer will end, which also applies to the Sport … Read more

NASA broadcasts live astronaut walk – News Now

Shane Kimbrough de NASA Astronauts and Thomas Pesquet of ESA-European Space Agency they did the first of two spacewalks to install new solar arrays on the International Space Station, in order to give the station more power. The astronauts were in the last preparations to start the spacewalk with the slogan of installing new solar … Read more

LRT will pay 3.6 million to the Euroleague. even without them, basketball broadcasts would be free

The report submitted to the Center of Registers states that LRT will pay LTL 3.6 million for the right to broadcast basketball matches for three seasons in three years alone. euros. However, as far as the work of journalists, commentators, other employees, equipment required for broadcasting and broadcasting, etc. is concerned, the public body does … Read more

leader in live broadcasts of medical and scientific topics

César Fuquen LealLatin Agency for News of Medicine and Public Health The purpose of the Journal of Medicine and Public Health (MSP) during its 15 years of history has been to inform, educate and be at the forefront of the most relevant issues of medical science in Puerto Rico, Latin America and the world. To … Read more