Bruce Willis Emma’s wife is a real support: She took her daughters to the beach

It seems that after the actor Bruce Willis (67) was diagnosed with aphasia, a brain disorder in which the patient stops understanding speech and has difficulty speaking, Bruce’s wife Emma (44) took over the reins at home. The model shared a video on Instagram, which shows how she enjoys the actor’s daughters Mabel (10) and … Read more

Sick Bruce Willis: Basket surprisingly manages!

The former action hero (Death Trap) looked happy, dribbled, blocked, and even smashed … There was no indication that aphasia, which he publicly admitted in March, had any effect on him. “I must now put my family’s needs above my own. But that, of course, doesn’t make me a heroine. Every loving wife would do … Read more

Bruce Willis’ Wife Reveals Taking Care of Family Is Harming His Mental Health

(c)EmmaHemmingWillis on Instagram Emma Heming Willis has admitted she has mental health issues 6 weeks after releasing a joint statement with the actor’s ex-wife and daughters announcing that her husband, actor Bruce Willis has aphasia. In a new interview with The Bump, the 43-year-old model reveals her recent struggles, explaining that she hasn’t been feeling … Read more

Wife Bruce Willis shares photos for the first time after diagnosis is announced

©  AFP Bruce Willis looks happy in a few photos with wife Emma Heming Willis, which she shared on Instagram. It is his first ‘public’ appearance since it was announced that he has aphasia. Source: The Telegraph Monday 11 April 2022 at 17:18 “Mom and Dad in their favorite environment,” Emma wrote alongside the two … Read more

Bruce Willis sensed that his health was not good and sold most of his properties Afasia Hollywood USA USA Celebs RMMN | SHOWS

Updated on 04/04/2022 06:00 pm Bruce Willis He announced a few days ago that he had made the decision to withdraw from acting because he was diagnosed with aphasia, a disorder that affects the ability to communicate and understand the person who suffers from it. SIGHT: Bruce Willis: Award and category that bore his name … Read more

“We felt uncomfortable.” Bruce Willis’s problems began a few years ago

There has already been speculation in the media that Bruce Willis’ aphasia, ie the slow or more rapid loss of his ability to speak, write and read, may have been the result of a serious head injury the actor suffered in 2003 on the set of “Sun’s Tears”.

Bruce Willis’s wife spoke after it was announced that her husband had been diagnosed with aphasia, so she retires

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Bruce Willis raised a large amount of money by selling his properties to retire after illness

Written in CELEBRITIES the 2/4/2022 · 12:16 hs Bruce Willis He has been preparing for his retirement for years and, after selling his multiple properties, he managed to collect a large amount of money to rest comfortably. It was recently announced that the “Die Hard” actor was suffering from aphasia, for which he would have … Read more

“What am I doing here?”: Bruce Willis was already confused since the shooting of his last movie

Written in CELEBRITIES the 1/4/2022 · 15:59 hs A recent report from The Mirror ensures that Bruce Willis He already had cognitive problems and confusion in the shooting of his latest films, to the point that he even asked the team what he was doing there. The legendary actor confirmed his retirement this week, through … Read more