Clodine Desrochers on vacation with Bruce Willis?

The host’s spouse was mistaken for the American actor Clodine Desrochers and her partner are currently on vacation in Italy. On social networks, the host told a rather funny anecdote that they experienced on the Amalfi Coast. It was on board a ferry that a couple intercepted them, believing that the lover of Clodine Desrochers … Read more

SPICY 31st Birthday Party: Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s Daughter GOES TOTALLY NAKED!

The daughters of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are no strangers to eccentricity, and in the past they caused their parents a lot of trouble. However, they have matured over the years and although they don’t make one scandal after another, they still like to recall their former rebellion from time to time. Most recently, … Read more

34 Years Later: Bruce Willis Returns to Nakatomi for ‘Die Hard’ Anniversary

The news of Bruce Willis’ retirement earlier this year sent waves of discontent across Hollywood and among the actor’s legions of fans. Even retirement, however, didn’t stop Willis from celebrating the 34th anniversary of “Die Hard” by returning to the top of Nakatomi Plaza – as it is in the film, or Fox Plaza as … Read more

At only 13 years old, Aaron is European champion of WUSHU: this sport is the successor of Kung-fu “of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan”

Wushu is not yet widespread in Europe, but is a hit in China where it is the national sport. Heir to the legendary Kung-fu, this sport has its followers in our country, including a 13-year-old phenomenon ready to sweep away everything in its path: Aaron Laachiri. Aaron is 13 years old, 1m80 tall and weighs … Read more

Bruce Willis Emma’s wife is a real support: She took her daughters to the beach

It seems that after the actor Bruce Willis (67) was diagnosed with aphasia, a brain disorder in which the patient stops understanding speech and has difficulty speaking, Bruce’s wife Emma (44) took over the reins at home. The model shared a video on Instagram, which shows how she enjoys the actor’s daughters Mabel (10) and … Read more

When Bruce Lee Was in Muhammad Ali’s Last KO in the Boxing Ring

TWITTER.COM/MUHAMMADALI American boxing legend Muhammad Ali. BOLASPORT.COM – Who would have thought if Bruce Lee had influence when the legend died boxing heavyweight, Muhammad Ali his last KO. The month of May 1976, became one of the interesting moments where Muhammad Ali face off against Richard Dunn in Munich, Germany. Richard Dunn boldly challenges Muhammad … Read more

13 times Bruce Springsteen in three months, superfan Frank follows his entire European tour: “But I’m not going to watch in Belgium” (Roeselare)

© Stefan Beel Bruce Springsteen will tour Europe in four months next year. In his wake, not only the famous The E Street Band, but also his Belgian superfan Frank Dufour (58) who follows him to eight countries and wants to see the Boss at least thirteen times. From the front row, otherwise he would … Read more