What Bruce Springsteen has in common with your home

Bruce Springsteen’s hit song ‘Dancing in the dark’ has a similarity with many houses: a sky-high value, due to the combination of low interest rates and high inflation. The record sales of Springsteen’s entire song catalog for $500 million (DS 17 December) shows once again how valuations increase extremely in times of strong negative real … Read more

Bruce Springsteen has sold his music for $ 500 million, according to “Billboard” – Entertainment

Bruce Springsteen, one of America’s most popular artists for decades, has sold the original recordings and publishing rights for his music to Sony Music. The deal is for about $ 500 million and this is probably the largest amount for such an event. The news was announced by Billboard magazine, citing its own sources. So … Read more

Bruce Springsteen sells his entire music catalog for $ 500 million

Mark Savage BBC Music Correspondent December 16, 2021 American singer Bruce Springsteen sold the original recordings and publishing rights to all of his work to Sony for about $ 500 million. The deal gives Sony ownership of their 20 studio albums, including classics like Born To Run, The River Y Born In The USA, according … Read more

Bruce Springsteen plant Europa-Tour

A leaked poster in Frankfurt announces the big concert sensation: Bruce Springsteen will return to Europe in 2022. Maybe even to Vienna. “Springsteen E Street Band 10 August 2022 Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank Park” – a series of hastily glued concert posters around Frankfurt Central Station announces the great concert sensation: seven years after the “River … Read more

Why Bruce Banner is not the Smart Hulk

November 15, 2021, 12:34 p.m. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings co-writer explains why Bruce Banner isn’t Smart Hulk in the movie. When Smart Hulk debuted in Avengers: Endgame, this state seemed final. We didn’t feel like he could change shape as he pleased. It should be noted that the blockbuster, directed by … Read more

Bruce Lee only looked for him as a stand-in! I am most grateful to Stephen Chow for his kung fu better than Jackie Chan in my life | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center / Comprehensive Report Hong Kong movies can be said to be the memories of many people, and what really makes Hong Kong movies enter everyone’s field of vision is the appearance of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee has not only become the world’s most popular martial arts actor, but also brought Chinese Kung Fu … Read more

Daily, part two of November 2, 2021 with Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen – Daily

On the program of Quotidien second part of Tuesday, November 2, 2021: in his 8:15 p.m. Express, Paul Gasnier takes us to Mali to follow the daily life of the French soldiers of Operation Barkhane. He then meets Valentine Watrin in Glasgow, Scotland, where the COP26 for the climate is currently taking place. Finally, Azzeddine … Read more

Publication of “Renegades”, a book by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen

The Penguin Random House editions, published this Tuesday, October 26, “Renegades: Born in the USA”, a work signed by former US President Barack Obama and American Rock and Roll, Bruce Springsteen. In a work that revisits the American Dream, two “longtime friends” engage in a series of “intimate and urgent” conversations about life, music, and … Read more

Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu and Eva Gevorgian play Chopin in the NOSPR hall [ZOBACZ WIDEO] – Two

Listen 313:28 2021_10_23 10_00_03_PR2_Chopin_Competition v1.mp3 18th Chopin Competition. Final summary (Two) 18th Chopin Competition on Polish Radio Laureates of the 18th International Piano Competition We met Fryderyk Chopin on the night of October 21/22. As Artur Szklener revealed, the jurors’ discussions revolved around the award, which was finally awarded to two pianists equally. He became … Read more

Bruce Lee’s son and “Batman’s Curse”… the most prominent bloody Hollywood accidents

The killing of a cinematography director and the injury of a director, today, Friday, was not the case, as American actor Alec Baldwin fired a pistol that was supposed to be loaded with bullets (Contains empty bullets used for acting or training purposes) During the filming of “Rust”, it was not the first accident that … Read more