Analysts: Russia’s currency exchanges are closing, revealing Putin’s brutal plan

Analysts state that the Kremlin has begun collecting data on all Russian residents who exchange currency.“All over Russia – this is especially noticeable in Moscow – a sharp decline in currency exchange points has begun,” RESC partners write in an overview.Their sources say that representatives of the Central Bank, government and power structures have strongly … Read more

His leg was broken! Soccer player suffers brutal injury in the Australian league (VIDEO) – Fox Sports

In the Australian League there was a moment of great tension with a terrifying image, because John Meadowsplayer of the Adelaide Unitedsuffered a brutal injury, same as broke his leg and is expected to be out of action for a long time. In it football all the players is it so exposed to receive faults, … Read more

Intel’s brutal results: annual sales fell by a fifth, and that was nothing. He is yet to know the Middle Ages

Illustration photo: Skull logo, used on Intel motherboards–Source: Cnews / ExtraHardware Intel plunged into a loss in Q4 2022 and its revenue is falling to levels not seen in more than a decade. Despite the negative cash flow, the company still has enough money for dividends. A year ago, we occasionally wrote that Intel’s financial … Read more

Intelligence Report Reveals Wagner’s Brutal Tactics In Ukraine

This is how the feared Russian group Wagner operates in Ukraine 4:12 (CNN) — Fighters from the Wagner Group have become the expendable infantry of the Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine, but a Ukrainian military intelligence document obtained by CNN exposes how effective they have been around the city of Bakhmut – and how difficult … Read more

World Cup 2023 – Brutal management, harassment and declining profits: Claude Atcher defends himself

The news that affects Claude Atcher is loaded. The former director general of GIP France 2023, responsible for organizing the next World Cup, was dismissed for “brutal managerial practices”. The committee has indeed been marked by cases of harassment, but that is not all. The investigation carried out by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office also … Read more

Iga ¦wiątek said what many fans think about ski jumping. Brutal true

Friday morning Iga Swiatek won the 3rd round match very easily Australian Open. In less than an hour, the Polish woman defeated the Spanish Cristina Bucsa 6:0, 6:1. Świątek after the victory said words that should resonate widely not among fans…, but rather among officials associated with the FIS, i.e. the International Ski Federation. See … Read more

Snapshot of UN climate summit: Called a ‘brutal blow’

United Arab Emirates (JAE) appointed the head of the state oil company United Nations (UN) climate change conferences (COP28) chairman. While the leaders of some countries welcome the decision, climate activists do not spare him criticism. They raise the question: how can the same person sell fossil fuel, and fight the climate crisis. The UN … Read more

Pain and destruction in Dnipro after one of the most brutal attacks of the war | Video

Posted at 22:18 ET (03:18 GMT) Wednesday, January 18, 2023 playing 2:45 Posted at 20:57 ET (01:57 GMT) Friday, January 20, 2023 5:28 Posted at 11:02 ET (16:02 GMT) Friday, January 20, 2023 2:10 Posted at 20:54 ET (01:54 GMT) Thursday, January 19, 2023 1:58 Posted at 13:56 ET (18:56 GMT) Thursday, January 19, 2023 … Read more

The Moon is portrayed with the highest resolution in its entire history in this brutal photo – FayerWayer

An important moment in the history of stargazing is achieved with the release of the portrait to the Luna from Earth with the highest resolution and detail in its entire history. All thanks to the power of radiotelescopio Green Bank. In recent years, our closest star has once again become a matter of obsession for … Read more