The government with Solidarity is working on increases in the budget and seniority pensions

A special working group is to deal with working and pay conditions and state aid in a difficult period of high inflation and rising energy prices. Its work will be led by Marek Kuchciński (on behalf of the government) and Henryk Nakonieczny (on behalf of Solidarity). This is the result of the Prime Minister’s order … Read more

LKF presented the next year’s budget

General Secretary of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF). Mindaugas Balčiūnas presented a budget plan for the coming year. “During the last year, the budget increased by 1.3 million euros. The challenge was to maintain it and grow it further. We are glad that we managed to do it according to the plan. We don’t yet … Read more

Everything would be easier without the MDG in the city council. Now the city council is going to Høgre to get budget help.

Rune Bakervik (Ap) presented his new city council on 3 November, together with Venstre. Bjørn Erik Larsen (Archive) Hold on tight. The next year may be weirder than the last in Bergen politics. Published: Published: Yesterday 15:39 Then Rune Bakervik (Ap) became city council leader in the autumn, there was no MDG in the city … Read more

Faced with the budget deficit, Georges Ugeux announces dark days: “People will start to suffer and they are not the richest”

But then, what solution is available to us to rectify the situation? Georges Ugeux wants to be pragmatic and does not envisage happy days in the immediate future for the population. “From the moment you have easy money, you also spend easily. We have to go back to the blackboard and look at what we … Read more

New Alzheimer’s drug proves effective in slowing cognitive decline

A number of scientists expressed, on Wednesday, November 30 (November), their satisfaction with the detailed results of a clinical study on a new drug that confirmed its effectiveness in slowing down… cognitive decline for patients with diseaseAlzheimer’s neurodegenerative, but they also talked about the potential for negative effects. The full results of this advanced (Phase … Read more

Bought the same shopping cart two years apart: This was the result

Two years ago I got the help of consumer economist Silje Sandmæl to make the “weekly shopping” as cheap as possible. But what does the same trolley cost now, two years later? I have shopped the same shopping cart to check. Even though the report I wrote in 2020 gave me more aha experiences, and … Read more

Voting postponed on the PEC that recreates ‘quinquennium’ for judges, prosecutors and public defenders — Senado Notícias

At the request of senators, the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, decided to remove from the agenda of votes of the plenary of the Senate this Wednesday (30) the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC 63/2013) which reestablishes the payment of additional payment for length of service for judges and members of the Public … Read more

IRPC invests 5-year budget of over 36 billion, targets 2023 revenue growth of 12%

IRPC lays out investment plan for 5 years (2023-2027) investing more than 36 billion baht to expand current business into 5 new business groups to support EBITDA growth as targeted to reach 35 billion baht in 2030 with targeted revenue growth next year. 12% after refineries use higher refining rates Set to bid for a … Read more