Gaps in the budget of the song and dance festival should be filled with revenues from the festival / Article

IN SHORT: An additional 5.5 million euros were needed for the performance of the song and dance festival at the planned level. The Saeima, approving the state budget, has additionally allocated 3.2 million euros for the holiday. The government has decided to pay the State Fire and Rescue Service and the Emergency Medical Assistance Service … Read more

Control 2’s budget is nearly double that of the first game

Remedy Entertainment’s Control received overwhelmingly positive reviews when it released in 2019. Since then, the studio has confirmed that a sequel is on the way, as well as a multiplayer-focused spinoff as well. Thanks to the half-year financial report from Digital Bros. (owner of publisher 505 Games), we now have more information on Control’s performance, … Read more

Georges-Louis Bouchez tackles De Croo on the budget: “You cannot say that the situation is dramatic and not change direction”

Georges-Louis Bouchez urged the federal government to urgently tackle Belgium’s budget deficit. On the set of VTM News, the liberal considered that the situation was “dramatic”. “Our budgetary parameters are worse than those of Greece”, he even advanced. The president of the MR expressed concern that few people in the Belgian political class are sounding … Read more

the MR puts pressure on employment at the start of budget work

Deputy Prime Minister MR, David Clarinval, disputes the forecasts of his socialist colleague in charge of employment, Pierre-Yves Dermagne. According to him, there is no indication that Belgium will reach an employment rate of 80%. On the contrary, the country will be the European red lantern if a reform of the labor market is not … Read more

Mom in jail? Her sister has the boys as a foster child

Monika (34) trained as a saleswoman and you could say that she was an ordinary girl who doesn’t have money to spare, but lives relatively happily – albeit in a small apartment with her mother. “These were not ideal conditions, we lived in so-called excluded location, so in an environment that is not exactly nice, … Read more

Great Wall Tank 500 will be sold in Russia in two trim levels

In Russia, the following organizations have been recognized as extremist and banned: FBK (Anti-Corruption Foundation, recognized as a foreign agent), Navalny’s Headquarters, the National Bolshevik Party, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the People’s Will Army, the Russian National Union, the Movement Against Illegal immigration”, “Right Sector”, UNA-UNSO, UPA, “Trident im. Stepan Bandera”, “Misanthropic Division”, “Mejlis of the Crimean … Read more

The province of Hainaut makes budget cuts but… finances a marching band in Palestine: Jacqueline Galant is taken aback

** ********************* ** ******** ********** ******* ************** *** ****** ************ **** *** ******** ** ** ******** ** ******* *** *** *** *** ********** ********* ***** *** ******** *********** **** ***** ********* ******** *** ******** **** ********** ********** ******************* ** ******** ** ******* ********** *** ***** ** ***** **** ******** *** ******** ** ***** *** **** … Read more

Thomas Heinze is the new “old man”: “Crime novels are like brain teasers” – budget

Vienna – The crime series, which began with Sigfried Lowitz in the title role, has been running since 1977. On March 24, the fourth changing of the guard takes place on ORF 2: From the 454th episode, “Fear of Relegation,” Thomas Heinze investigates as Commissioner Caspar Bergmann. The look has changed over the years, the … Read more

Compare the specifications of mobile phones in the budget of 7000 baht, year 2023, which one is more worth buying?

For a mobile phone in the budget of 7000 baht, the year 2023 is considered a price that can be called very attractive. Because nowadays, mobile phones in the budget of 7000 baht are attracting attention from a large group of users, causing many brands to launch mobile phones in a not very high budget … Read more