rate and form of payment

The mortgage loan market is almost non-existent in Argentina, but is it possible to save in crypto to buy a property? The lack of access to credit, unstoppable inflation and the continuous devaluation of the peso make up a Hostile environment to fulfill the dream of owning a home. To this we must add that … Read more

automotive and consumption slow down

The last month of the year will be one of intense headaches for production and consumption. It happens that the Government continues without loosening the clamp on imported and key sectors such as automotive manufacturing or the block that integrates industrial SMEs they will have to alternate between days of operation and days of shutdown … Read more

What does a robotics expert do and how much does he earn?

It is a profile that has been growing and is in more demand every day. The most seniors have salaries that start at 500,000 pesos The automation of processes is a path that started and will not stop. At least in the medium term. Is that the digital transformation imposes speed in responses and also … Read more

A salary increase is coming for a domestic worker: how much would they charge

Kelly Olmos summoned individual workers to discuss a salary increase. How much would they earn in the last month of the year, with Christmas bonus included? By Alejandro DiBiasi 22/11/2022 – 16,14hs One of the sectors most affected by the pandemic, the inflation and economic crisis is that of domestic workers, with fall in purchasing … Read more

5 best Argentine stocks to invest, according to experts

Miscellaneous Corporate stocks are having a year with record gains, which come to exceed 200% rise in price, as is the case of YPF and TGS. Why savers are wondering what are the papers that can continue its upward rally and become an attractive investment possibility. In this regard, iProfesional consulted which are the 5 … Read more

Common fixed term or UVA fixed term?: reveal which is appropriate

The traditional fixed term is once again attractive after the new official inflation data was released, which indicates that a 6.3% price increase was registered throughout October. That is, a percentage similar to the interest rate of a 30-day placement. Therefore, the challenge now is know if this situation will continue in the coming months, … Read more

Will the fixed term pay more after the dollar rises?: This will be done by the BCRA

Since September, the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) has not touched the performance of the traditional fixed term. Last time, he took it to 75% (Annual Nominal Rate -TNA), which is equivalent to an Annual Effective Rate (TEA) of 107%. Until that month, it had been adjusting the performance of these investment instruments … Read more

Aerolíneas Argentinas sells last cheap tickets to Qatar

The firm enabled seven flights from November 20 with a “promotional rate”. This you have to pay if you want to see the team By iProfessional 15/11/2022 – 20,00hs Through an advertising campaign, Aerolíneas Argentinas launched a promotion to purchase round-trip tickets to Qatar to watch the World Cup and “support the team”. According to … Read more

how much corresponds and how to find out

In Argentina, the employees who dismissed without cause should be given compensation that helps them financially until they are re-established with another job. That is why it is important that everyone learns to do the compensation calculationto know how much money corresponds to them if that unfortunate situation happens to them. so is the calculation … Read more

The millionaire business of the product hidden behind the gin and tonic

Some years ago the gin tonic was crowned as one of the favorite cocktails of Argentines: according to a study by the consulting firm IWSR, only Between 2020 and 2021, gin consumption in the country grew by 81% and of the 300 brands that are available in the local market, about 72% are already nationally … Read more