Fundación León: annual dinner to raise funds

The León Foundation celebrates its 20 years of service to the community and tonight it will have its traditional fundraising dinner, starting at 8:30 p.m. and at the Sociedad Rural de Tucumán, which allows it to address the multiple programs underway. Within the framework of the festivities, there are many other activities: at 10, at … Read more

Gino Costa received the support of Karen Doggenweiler after deciding to leave Chile

Written in ENTERTAINMENT he 18/3/2023 · 11:31 hs Gino Costa He spent a great summer season in terms of work. Together with Yamila Reyna, he was in charge of hosting “Buenos días a todos”, the morning show on TVN, until the end of February. Also, she had an important role in the coverage of the … Read more

What is the true ceiling of the BLUE DOLLAR: expert verdict

Who reviews the evolution of Dolar blue Possibly over the past year may be surprised to note that during the first semester its price was around $200, but then, given the political and economic crisis that broke out in July, its price escalated exponentially to reach a ceiling of almost 340 pesos towards the end … Read more

How much is a motorcycle worth and where is it better to buy it?

Motorcycles gain popularity in a context in which fuel increases in price, as does car maintenance For iProfessional 28/01/2023 – 19,16hs Las motos are gaining ground in 2023 because it is a small vehiclecon low maintenance costs and taxescompared to a car (except luxury motorcycles), which is why many people wonder how much is a … Read more

what do you recommend with blue record

Although three months is considered short term, in Argentina, with a climate of great volatility, it might seem like a long time. Along these lines, Abel Cuchietti, a public accountant and financial adviser, argues that people who have a investment horizon 3 monthsare usually clients with a conservative profile. “In a short term horizon how … Read more

The 5 best cryptocurrencies that today make you earn money

The year began pure celebration for cryptocurrencies, with increases that reach 40% in dollars in January, news that impacts and rebuilds this market due to the dismal 2022 that this investment had, after having collapsed by nearly 70% in that entire period. Given this change in trend, analysts recommend 5 virtual currency alternatives to position … Read more

Holidays abroad with Excel: what you need to know

Those who spend the summer abroad face the dilemma of not knowing the price of the products they want and not knowing how much they will end up paying on a daily basis. For Ruben Ramallo 25/01/2023 – 07,10hs the thousands of Argentine tourists who plan or are on vacation in the exterior decipher what … Read more

The new SUV car with which Honda wants to repeat the success of the HR-V

In July 2015, Honda launched the new HR-V on the market. It was about a auto SUV for the small segment, but which, by design and equipment, aspired to position itself one step above its rivals that dominated the market, such as Ford Ecosport and Chevrolet Tracker. The HR-V was manufactured in Argentina, at the … Read more

Base salary up to $315,000 for employees of this key union

The Health union reopened the parities and reached an agreement with the chambers of the sector. How and when will they collect the benefit? For Alejandro DiBiasi 23/01/2023 – 18,30hs The board of directors of the Federation of Associations of Health Workers Argentina (FATSA) agreed with the chambers of drugstores and pharmaceutical laboratories the joint … Read more

The highest price the dollar would reach, according to economists

The foreign exchange market has a busy summer, because while the free dollar prices escalated sharply in the last days, the official greenback is in the crosshairs of economists. It is that an international report reflects new pessimistic forecasts, which anticipate that a strong rise may occur both in the price of the wholesale currency … Read more