Nik counterattacked a journalist who defended Aníbal Fernández

The journalist Pablo Duggan spoke in favor of the Minister of Security and attacked the cartoonist. Cristian Dzwonik came out to defend himself The controversy over the crosses on Twitter between Alberto Fernandez and the cartoonist I It does not stop growing. This Wednesday, the journalist was also involved in the issue Pablo Duggan, from … Read more

These are the 5 electric cars you can buy in Argentina

Some brands are encouraged to launch models and lay the foundations for electromobility. We tell you what products there are and which ones will arrive in the short term Electric cars are already a reality in the world, and the big brands have established the deadline to put an end to combustion models and migrate … Read more

The strangest goal in the Argentine jersey. Messi started Uruguay with a bizarre shot

He is a champion of great goals, most of them bear the marks of his football genius. But Lionel Messi will probably not let Sunday’s grandchildren hit Sunday. The world media even call Messi’s strangest goal in the Argentinian jersey from the 38th minute. Argentina reduced Brazil’s lead at the top of the South American … Read more

Spanish company offers salaries from $ 250,000

The startup of Spanish origin has long been established in Latin America as one of its strategic and main markets for its operations Lingokids values ​​and seeks Argentine talent. It is a startup of Spanish origin that is committed to diversity as a source of innovation and to offering attractive working conditions to retain the … Read more

how to earn in dollars with the video game

The platform allows you to compete with other players and obtain cryptocurrencies by winning battles or by buying and selling characters. The keys to the phenomenon For most, lVideo games are a distraction from the daily routine. For others, is becoming a major source of dollar income, especially taking into account the obstacles to foreign … Read more

Is it time to buy dollars? This is what the experts recommend

Although it is often considered a refuge in turbulent times, analysts advise other types of instruments on the way to the November legislative elections For the successive devaluations weight and long periods of inflation that were eroding real income, the Argentinian average tends to look at the dollar a refuge for their savings. The current … Read more

The 10 tips to follow if you want to be rich, according to Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and has interests in various companies; his fortune is 4,500 million dollars If you search the internet for how to get rich or how to become a millionaire, you can find hundreds of results, of which very few respond to accurate, quality information and backed … Read more

how to apply for scholarships to earn silver with NFT

The Reserve company proposes to take over the initial investment demanded by one of the games of the moment and promote the development of the local community In recent years, two segments experienced exponential growth in terms of the number of users reached: cryptocurrencies and to the industry gaming, which crossed their paths in the … Read more

At these prices, the dollar is a gift and acts as a …

The Government and the internal coalition are inflicting great reputational damage to society. This will have consequences on the economy The political crisis is piercing the confidence in economic matters, the data of the day of Thursday are eloquent. The volume of the AL30 bond that is used to acquire dollars in the Electronic Payment … Read more

what motorcycles are in installments without interest

“In the first 24 hours, 1 motorcycle was sold every 2 hours (11 in total) with an average ticket of $ 145,600,” they said from Mercado Libre In an ambitious bet, Free market launched its own plan within its platform “Now 18” on motorcycles, with discounts of up to 20% on some models, which are … Read more