An enthusiast builds a motorcycle faster than the Bugatti Chiron. It has a ten-cylinder from Viper

The ten-cylinder Dodge motorcycle has been here before. This time, a unique project was built by private Allen Millyard. Remember the 2003 Dodge Tomahawk? The extreme motorcycle with an eight-liter ten-cylinder had an insane 500 horses. Thanks to the massive body, which was needed due to the large power unit, the design was so futuristic … Read more

This must have been a pretty nice day. The lucky man picked up eight Bugatti cars, six for his children

The carmaker Bugatti boasted an enthusiastic customer who took over eight cars of the famous brand in one day. He bought six of them for his children. The mentioned client, whose Bugatti identity does not reveal, picked up the cars at the French Château Saint-Jean in Molsheim, where customers were greeted by the founder of … Read more

Germany: after the Chiron at 417 km / h, there is a storm on the limits of the autobahn

The brain above all else. Although technically he has not broken any speed limit, Passer is accused of having violated the first clause of the German road traffic law: “Anyone who participates in traffic must behave in such a way that no other person is harmed, in danger, obstructed or disturbed more than is inevitable … Read more

Bugatti Chiron is completely sold out, but the carmaker will not be bored

The carmaker sold out the remaining production slots last year, but still has to manufacture and deliver the cars. At the beginning of the new year, the carmakers publish various sales statistics, in which production and sales numbers in the order of hundreds of thousands of different models appear. But we cannot expect anything similar … Read more

Bugatti convenes Chiron Pur Sport models because of the tires

Exclusive events do not avoid exclusive models either, during extreme Bugatti Chiron performances there is not much room for mistakes. The carmaker Bugatti devotes a lot of time and attention to the development and tuning of its cars, yet even such a prestigious and premium brand may have to announce a convening event. The reason … Read more

Over 400 km / h on the highway. The Czech billionaire took his Bugatti Chiron to a speed test in Germany

Entrepreneur and developer Radim Passer, one of the richest Czechs, has a weakness for very fast cars. That’s why he currently has a Bugatti Chiron Sport in his garage. This is not his first “bugatt”, Passer bought Veyron years ago. And even with it, he set a record on the German motorway in May 2015: … Read more

Do you want Bugatti Chiron? So hurry up! Only 40 pieces are available now

Production of the Bugatti Chiron is slowly coming to an end. The basic design is no longer available, you can only choose from the Super Sport and Pur Sport variants. Bugatti is slowly preparing to end production of the Chiron model. The car was first presented at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show announced in advance … Read more

Bugatti exhibited the first Chiron Super Sport 300+, their tuning took 2 years

The company has introduced the first eight pieces, which it will already send to customers. Two years have passed since the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ prototype exceeded 300 miles per hour (approximately 482 km / h). During that time, Bugatti introduced several other gems, but at the same time also focused on the development … Read more