This must have been a pretty nice day. The lucky man picked up eight Bugatti cars, six for his children

The carmaker Bugatti boasted an enthusiastic customer who took over eight cars of the famous brand in one day. He bought six of them for his children. The mentioned client, whose Bugatti identity does not reveal, picked up the cars at the French Château Saint-Jean in Molsheim, where customers were greeted by the founder of … Read more

Passer’s passage through Germany in Bugatti was criticized by the local ministry

“We condemn any traffic behavior that endangers other road users. Every participant in the operation must behave in such a way that he does not endanger anyone or limit anyone more than necessary, “the German Ministry of Transport, according to the AP agency, pointed out in connection with a piece of rich Czechs. Indirectly, it … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – Out of all civilian Bugatti

All luxury car brands did well last year, a Lamborghini decided to peak, Rolls-Royce also closed a record year thanks to the corona virus – they say the pandemic has made people realize that once they live, so they don’t save anything – but now the last forty Bugatti Chironalso managed to find a farmer. … Read more

Car photo of the week: The new Bugatti is electric, it runs a maximum of thirty

<!—-> Bugatti is also entering the world of electromobility, but the brand’s latest model is unlikely to speak into the carmaker’s emissions balance. However, the battery scooter, which was created in collaboration with the American company Bytech, can be seen as a step into the world of modern mobility. After all, the Croatian electric carmaker … Read more

Bugatti Chiron is completely sold out, but the carmaker will not be bored

The carmaker sold out the remaining production slots last year, but still has to manufacture and deliver the cars. At the beginning of the new year, the carmakers publish various sales statistics, in which production and sales numbers in the order of hundreds of thousands of different models appear. But we cannot expect anything similar … Read more

Bugatti convenes Chiron Pur Sport models because of the tires

Exclusive events do not avoid exclusive models either, during extreme Bugatti Chiron performances there is not much room for mistakes. The carmaker Bugatti devotes a lot of time and attention to the development and tuning of its cars, yet even such a prestigious and premium brand may have to announce a convening event. The reason … Read more

Billion Radim Passer beat his Bugatti Chiron at a speed of 417 km / h in normal traffic, breaking his own record

VRadim Passer published the Chiron Sport Speed ​​test in November last year and today 900,000 views of YouTubenecelch. In January, he posted a video from his on-board camera on his channel, supplemented by speedometer data and GPS data. While the tachometer shows 414 km / h, according to GPS, the relative speed is even three … Read more

The combination of two well-known modifiers brought an extreme version of the Lamborghini Urus. He is not losing power to the Bugatti Veyron

There is probably no need to introduce a pair of Mansory and MTM editors. There are not many well-known professional tuning specialists in the world. It’s no news that the two companies work together from time to time, and the result is always slightly extreme. This has been the case recently Audi RS6 Avant and … Read more