To build a global vitamin production platform, Tianxin Pharmaceutical issued new shares and subscribed on July 1_ Securities Times Network

On July 1, Tianxin Pharmaceutical’s new shares were subscribed online and offline at the same time. The subscription price was 36.88 yuan per share. The online subscription was referred to as “Tianxin Subscription”, and the subscription code was “732235”. The maximum subscription quantity for a single online securities account is 13,000 shares. Tianxin Pharmaceutical issued … Read more

Russia has given up trying to build more trust and partnership – Politics –

Russia’s war against Ukraine is the result of a long-term trend in the Kremlin’s behavior. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, writes Ukrinform. “NATO has been seeking a better relationship with Russia for decades, we identified it as a strategic partner in the previous Strategic Concept. Russia abandoned these attempts to build … Read more

Poles can get by without a permit to build family houses

The Polish government is preparing an amendment to the law, which is to allow the construction of single-family houses of any size without a building permit from next year. “The need to anchor and have one’s own home is one of the basic human needs. Therefore, let’s make it clear that the goal of the … Read more

Kingston Introduces IronKey External Encrypted SSD and USB Flash Drive to Build Comprehensive Information Security Defense from Hardware | XFastest News

Kingston, the world’s leading brand of memory and storage, today officially launched two latest products in its encryption series, the IronKey Vault Privacy 80 external encrypted SSD (VP80ES) and the IronKey Vault Privacy 50 encrypted USB flash drive (VP50). Protect important company information and intellectual property for enterprises and content creators, and create a water-proof … Read more

Trot prodigy Kim Tae-yeon, how much is the cost of appearing? “I will build an apartment in Gangnam”

Screen capture of BS2TV’s entertainment program ‘Capitalism School’ © News 1 Everyone admired Kim Tae-yeon’s confession of a different economic goal than her peers. 11-year-old ‘trot prodigy’ Kim Tae-yeon appeared on KBS2TV’s entertainment program ‘Capitalism School’, which was broadcast on the 26th. On this day, Hyun Joo-yeop and Hyun-young asked Kim Tae-yeon, who had earned … Read more

An astrobiologist figured out how to build a Dyson Sphere

Among the disturbing – but foreseeable – news for humanity, there is the fact that it risks being quickly confronted with energy shortages. This is not a new omen: already in 1960, British-American theorist Freeman Dyson was worried about it and was looking for a solution to the problem. The physicist had then imagined a … Read more

Expert: Rising Construction Prices and Rising Energy Prices Motivate Citizens to Build Smaller Private Homes – Market News

foto; Due to high construction costs, rising inflation, rising energy prices and the uncertain economic situation to fit into their home construction and maintenance budgets, many are currently reviewing plans to build new homes, reducing the area of ​​private homes. According to Luminor Bank, residents are reducing their home area by an average of about … Read more

3rd new city to build more apartments… to be developed as a compact city like Rotterdam in the Netherlands

The government is considering a plan to develop high-density development centering around the station area in public housing sites such as the third new city. The photo shows a panoramic view of Namyangju’s Wangsuk district among the three new towns. [사진 = 매경DB] The government is weighing the plans for high-density development centering around the … Read more