CETIN also bought Huawei technology from subsidies for the construction of broadband, and will build fewer connections than planned

Company CETIN belonging to PPF Telecom Group is slowly starting the construction of fast internet in poorly covered areas. It will use European subsidies from the OP EIC program, which is distributed in several rounds by the Ministry of Industry. This money is intended to help fund the construction of a quality connection where it … Read more

In the USA, Kurt Cobain’s house was recognized as a cultural heritage site :: Society :: RBC

Photo: WASHPO / Facebook The one-story house in Aberdeen, Washington, where Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain grew up, has become a cultural heritage site. About it informs State Department of Archeology and Preservation on Facebook. Facebook post of user WASHPO “This house, owned by Donald and Wendy Cobain, was the childhood of Kurt Cobain (frontman of … Read more

Reduce Electric Vehicle Mileage Worries The United States Tests Magnetized Concrete to Build Wireless Charging Highways-Hong Kong unwire.hk

Many car owners have to overcome their mileage worries when transitioning from traditional fuel-engined vehicles to electric vehicles, that is, they are worried that the car will run out of power before reaching the charging station. The Transportation Department of Indiana in the United States announced earlier that it will cooperate with Purdue University to … Read more

Scientists Want To Build A Different New Arecibo Telescope

Arecibo Observatory is a pulsar seeker, alien broadcaster, asteroid mapper, hidden parabola villain Bond, a Puerto Rican icon, the birthplace of the future scientist. Until seven months ago, when gravity got the best of the engineering marvel that had endured everything that had been thrown for decades and the entire platform collapsed. For a group … Read more

A surprising event fails Tesla’s test to build the largest energy storage batteries

31 – July – 2021 Fire breaks out at Tesla’s largest factory in Australia A Tesla Megapack battery plant in Australia caught fire on Friday during a test, fire authorities said when a toxic smoke warning was issued, in what appears to be a setback for one of the world’s largest energy storage projects, Forbes … Read more

4 people teamed up to shoot ARPG “The Ascent” to build a cyberpunk worldview of Kowloon Walled City | 4Gamers

The new dark-looking bird’s-eye shooting developed by Neon Giant, “The Ascent”, was launched on Steam at the end of July. Although the evaluation did not burst in one fell swoop, the cyberpunk world created by the development team is hard to ignore, especially when You are in the jungle of buildings like the Kowloon Walled … Read more

The Ministry of Culture is looking for the best way to build a Museum of Contemporary Art – Arts – Culture +

At the same time, Vikmane emphasized that November 18 is a very fast deadline for the working group to answer a number of important questions. According to her, the working group could also talk about the content of the museum and accredit it, because later this museum could also apply for state funding. Solvita Krese, … Read more

Minami Takahashi and Yuko Oshima get married “Build a happy family!” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

On July 29, the event “Know, Hepatitis Project World Japan Hepatitis Day 2021” was held in Tokyo, and the former AKB48Takahashi MinamiAttend. The “Know, Hepatitis Project” is a health awareness project led by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for the purpose of disseminating knowledge about hepatitis. Takahashi, who serves as a special supporter, … Read more

Merko will build a wind farm in Mažeikiai district | Business

It is planned to install the foundations of 14 wind power plants. UAB Merko statyba works in this project – to build the foundations of wind power plants, ie to dig foundation pits, to install piles and foundation foundations and more. The works are planned to be completed in 2022. I quarter. “I very much … Read more

Pokémon Unite: build and list of fighters, guide to playable characters – Breakflip

Pokémon Unite has about twenty different playable Pokémon. What Pokémon are available and how do I play them? Pokémon Unite is available from July 21, 2021 on Nintendo Switch. A release is planned on iOS and Android mobile for September 2021. It is already possible to play with twenty different Pokémon, each with its own … Read more