If we want to build Rázsochy with European money, there are only weeks left to save the project

Last week, the government approved crisis measures for the Ministry of Health. The crisis measures were proposed by the National Implementation and Coordination Authority at the Government Office (NIKA), which is headed by Lívia Vašáková. In the interview he says: what exactly is the Ministry of Health delaying; why is it the only ministry where … Read more

To build the tallest building in RI, Rp. 10.6 trillion, Taspen said that no money was spent

Jakarta – PT Taspen (Persero) cooperates with Japanese company Mitsubishi Estate to build the tallest building in Jakarta. This building will be built over 7 years with a total investment of IDR 10.6 trillion. So where did the funds come from? Main Director of Taspen ANS Kosasih revealed that the overall investment was disbursed by … Read more

Slowbro’s perfect build against Greninja in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

The Theraincursion of Greninja arrived in January 2023 at Pokemon Scarlet and Purple as one of the hardest challenges in the game. 7-Star Tera-Raids bring us the starter Pokémon from previous generations, but boosted with a Teratype and abysmal stats. That is why when capturing them you can find them with many perfect features. However, … Read more

Reject evil, and build the common good, Monsignor Urbanchik!

Monsignor Janusz Urbanczyk, Permanent Observer of the Holy See at the offices of the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna, the capital of Austria, spoke at a meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe about the atrocities committed by the Nazis. Joey Kariveli, Vatican City Monsignor Janusz Urbanczyk says that … Read more

Populism does not build a country, and whoever wants to divide will not win that… Lebanon

Arab News Press B.. The National Media Agency Shahid Hamdan from Burj Al Shemali: Populism does not build a country, and whoever wants to divide will not win. Now, watch the details. Watina – Dr. Khalil Hamdan, a member of the Presidency of the Amal movement, affirmed that “there is no solution to the crisis … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S23: flagship with the most solid build quality?

High-end smartphones are often expensive and unfortunately also quite fragile and that is not exactly a great combination. The Samsung Galaxy S23series might change that (but not the expensive part, of course). These upcoming smartphones will be the first smartphones with Gorilla Glass 2. This is Corning’s newest and strongest glass and it should make … Read more

Digitized? It’s time to build on the IT defense plan as well

Artras Milaauskas, Sales Director of Novian Technologies. Lost data, non-functioning website or e-mail. store, due to an IT failure, our operations were paralyzed. Such events are hardly surprising today, but tolerating such activity pauses is becoming more and more difficult as the digitization of business and the public sector grows. Especially since IT and other … Read more

And, build, erect! Steam Construction Game Discounts Start

▲ Steam Construction Game Festival (Photo source: Steam official website) Steam started the Steam Construction Game Festival from 3 am on the 24th. The Steam Construction Game Festival, which is being held this time, is an event that focuses on games that require the ‘construction spirit’ to build habitable spaces regardless of the number or … Read more