the atom is back on the agenda. Off to the plan to install solar panels on the roofs of all buildings

At this point it is official. To face the emergency gas l’Italia will be able to draw on the 225 billion euros of loans still available in the NextGenerationEu. A dowry to which is added, on a voluntary basis, the use of cohesion funds (26.9 billion), CAP (7.5 billion) and the proceeds of Ets auctions, … Read more

After the Curtains of the House, the Turtle Building’s “Dome” was painted

JAKARTA, – A number of work projects within the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) have drawn controversy. The projects were not considered urgent, but the budget was fantastic. For example, the project for the procurement of curtains for the official residence of members of the DPR, which amounts to Rp. 43.5 billion. After nearly … Read more

The 12 wonders of Chile: review the great works of engineering created in our country | National

Despite being a highly seismic country, innovation and talent have allowed Chile to overcome challenges to have great engineering works, such as two of the tallest buildings in South America, one of the longest tunnels in Latin America, reservoirs, highways, modern renewable energy plants and even the future largest telescope in the world. Every May … Read more

With the co-financing of the municipality, 50 cultural and historical buildings and their elements will be restored in Riga

Riga City Council The Commission for Degrading Buildings has approved more than 50 projects in a tender for co-financing the renovation of historic buildings in Riga. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The tender announced by the municipality for owners of historic houses to receive co-financing for the renovation of buildings is taking place … Read more

The heat pump is not just a matter for new buildings, it can also be used in older houses

Concerns about a possible shortage or continued rise in gas prices, rising electricity prices and rising government subsidies are the main reasons why interest in heat pumps is growing. “Even though all energy, including electricity, is becoming more expensive, the heat pump is currently perceived as the source that is the least dependent for energy … Read more

‘War’ in Rome: Somali ambassadors shut each other out and replace closed buildings | Abroad

It is war in the Somali embassy in Rome. The new ambassador took possession of the property without formal transfer, locked out the outgoing ambassador, and immediately replaced all the locks. Mohamed Abdirahman Sheik Issa is currently still the Somali ambassador to Italy, but has been unable to go to work since the beginning of … Read more

Shanghai is building fences and barricades around buildings to spread Covid-19

According to the Caixin business newspaper, the Shanghai administration ordered the construction of sheet metal barriers and wire mesh fences in several places in the modern Pudong financial district. The entrances to the apartment buildings, where the coronavirus infection was proven, were blocked, according to the AP agency, leaving only a small opening for anti-pandemic … Read more

Rural buildings: from the Region up to 150 thousand euros for restoration. Questions since Friday

Cagliari Individuals and institutions can submit the request for co-financing For the recovery, restoration and enhancement of the rural architectural and landscape heritage, the Regional Department of Culture led by Andrea Biancareddu has promoted in agreement with the European Union the project called “NextGenerationEU: Protection and enhancement of architecture and rural landscape “. The grant … Read more

Destroyed buildings and terrified inhabitants: we visited the kyiv region after the withdrawal of the Russians

A team from RTL INFO traveled to the kyiv region. Many cities but also villages bear the scars of the Russian offensive. Destroyed buildings and terrified inhabitants. The road to kyiv begins early in the morning against the backdrop of a postcard from a breadbasket of Europe. Ukraine has been cultivating for 55 days, the … Read more

CURRENT FRONTES⟩ Occupiers destroy 1617 high-rise buildings in Kharkiv – Abroad – News – TVNET

The command said the liquidated unit consisted of militants involved in the killing of civilians in Syria. Ukraine: Russia’s loss of life force reaches 19,300 The loss of life force of Russian troops in Ukraine has reached about 19,500 soldiers by Monday morning, the Ukrainian Army General Staff reports. Since the beginning of the invasion, … Read more