A man died in front of the Emergency Center in Samokov

There was no doctor in the emergency room, only a nurse A man died in front of the Emergency Service in Samokov, reports New TV. A video shot by the deceased’s relatives shows him lying helpless in the back seat of a car while waiting for a doctor to arrive. It turns out that the … Read more

Legendary Bulgarian furious with participant in “Get Rich”

© btv Rumen Ivanov The legend of the Bulgarian airwaves and “Minuta e mnogo” Dimo ​​Padalski is furious with a participant in “Get Rich”. The encyclopedia man, who has an answer to every question in the world, talked about a blunder in the show, hosted by the actor Mikhail Bilalov. “I start watching the tape … Read more

See how King Simeon talks to King Charles at the Queen’s funeral

At the invitation of the British Royal Family, with which the Bulgarian Royal Family has a family relationship, as well as long-standing friendly relations, the King attended the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London, reports the official website of Simeon of Saxe-Coburg https://www.kingsimeon.bg/. King Simeon bowed before the remains of the Queen, which … Read more

After the death of Elizabeth II, four countries are still claiming the Kohinoor diamond

The death of Queen Elizabeth II reopened the war over the Kohinoor diamond, one of the world’s treasures. Four countries claim to have it returned to them. And Queen Consort Camilla is rumored to be wearing it to Charles III’s coronation. The Kohinoor, or Mountain of Light, currently resides in the Tower of London with … Read more

Prince William became a billionaire after the Queen’s death

The heir to the British throne, Prince William, became a billionaire immediately after receiving the title of Prince of Wales after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, reports “Daily Star”, quoted by NOVA. According to him, the fortune of the new King Charles III’s son, previously estimated at 34 million pounds (about $40 million), has … Read more

Prince Harry with touching last words for his grandmother Elizabeth II

Prince Harry released a statement with poignant final words to his late grandmother and Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen died on September 8, and Harry did not make it to Balmoral Castle in time to say goodbye to his grandmother. “My grandmother, Her Majesty The Queen, was respected by the whole world. The world admired … Read more

Rumen Radev changes the protocol in the presidency because of Anya Pencheva

The actress donated the money from the gifts to CHRD to 2 women from the flood The great actress Anya Pencheva will donate the money from her gifts for today’s birthday to two women from the village of Slatina, Karlovsko. The idea to turn her holiday into charity was born after watching a television report … Read more

Somewhere they rejoiced at the death of Elizabeth II – the most scandalous were fans of a rival of Ludogorets

Roaring soccer fans in Ireland, a jubilant shop owner and a few countries that might want to ditch the monarchy altogether. The death of Elizabeth II does not cause deep sadness everywhere, Felix Kessler points out in Spiegel. The numerous flowers in front of Buckingham Palace and the great sympathy around the world speak for … Read more

Charles didn’t give me a flower or a penny

As nothing was torn from his heart, I renamed my daughter Diana to Evgenia, says Valcho Atanasov 24 years later “Are they going to give money to Mr. Valcho?”, ask three of his neighbors, sitting in front of the mastic and meze block in the “Stolipinovo” district in Plovdiv. They comment animatedly that just 24 … Read more

Opera singer Sonia Yoncheva is in hospital, canceling concerts

Opera singer Sonia Yoncheva was admitted to a hospital in the French city of Nyon. For this reason, the primate cancels some of its participations. “I hate to publish this kind of photos, because they affect my personal life, but for those who are hungry for gossip, immediately – here it is! – wrote Yoncheva … Read more