League of Legends champion Red Bull Solo Q is back in Lithuania! | Esports house

More than 800 Lithuanians competed in the last championship, 8 of which reached the national final. This presented many surprises and revealed many talents, but the Lithuanian champion became the favorite of the competition Zty (under the pseudonym 1Alone). Second place went to DoubleG (with a short version of his nickname 2xg) and third to … Read more

Lots of news for Algorand | Are you ready for the ALGO bull run?

It was one of the strongest cryptocurrencies in recent weeks and could continue its extraordinary run thanks to the perfect storm that is being created, both on the technological side and on the financial side. Algorand $ SOMETHING it is confirmed as one of the most interesting protocols in the sector blockchain, both for those … Read more

The “dog charmer”, César Millán was denounced: his pit bull killed the famous singer’s dog and now attacked a promising gymnast | Chronicle

César Millán, the dog trainer, it was denounced by a promising gymnast who assured that her pit bull dog bit her severely. The woman alleged that the animal has a history of extreme violence, since not only attacked her but killed the dog de Queen Latifah, the singer, a fact that Millán tried to cover … Read more

Porsche, Lamborghini, Honda Red Bull: the desire for Sicily, a great recognition for Italy

In the world of sport, motoring, among young people, the web is depopulating in these hours the new short of Red Bull “Ciao Palermo, Monza is calling!”. The video, which is already visible online, will be presented next Sunday at the F1 Italian Grand Prix in Monza. In practice, one of the greatest opportunities for … Read more

Red Bull fired Albon to move to Williams but had ‘future options’ for him

Red Bull has confirmed that it has fired Alexander Albon so he can return to F1 next year with Williams, but it still has a relationship with him that includes “future options”. Williams announced Wednesday that Albon will join the team for the 2022 seasonHe will replace George Russell, who has moved to Mercedes, as … Read more

Red Bull denounces Mercedes’ interference at Williams

It’s not official, but it could be this Tuesday: George Russell will join Mercedes alongside Lewis Hamilton in the place of Valtteri Bottas, whose transfer to Alfa Romeo was confirmed yesterday. It remains to be seen who will take the place of the young Briton at Williams. The candidates are numerous; Mercedes could place his … Read more

Formula 1 | Mercedes loves that Red Bull is spending time on a V6 query

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff has said he loves that Red Bull is spending time interviewing the Mercedes powertrain with the FIA. As we first reported to you ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix weekend, Red Bull asked the governing body a question regarding the Mercedes V6 sensors that record engine intake temperatures at the … Read more

22-year-old rodeo rider dies after being trampled by bull | Abroad

The twenty-something was described as a promising talent. He participated in the Velocity Tour. The cowboy got his boot caught in the flank belt. This leash is tightened after leaving the start box, causing the animal to jump. The cowboy slammed to the ground and the man was subsequently trampled. Campos Silva was rushed to … Read more

Bull Market. Missing the goalkeeper and a prominent player. Rating 6

On the last day of the market Vagnati placed his shots, from Brekalo to Zima to close with Praet. Previously, Pobega had also arrived, all players who must now be amalgamated, magic word in football, from Juric. Amrabat would probably have been the surprise hit, the long-awaited name, which Fiorentina doesn’t need much, but no … Read more