Saturated Mondok, 3 Islamic Students Burn Al-Quran Tahfiz Dormitory in Makassar

CNN Indonesia Friday, May 26 2023 02:14 WIB Illustration. Three students decided to set fire to the Koran Tahfiz Dormitory building in Makassar because they were tired of being restricted from leaving the dormitory. (iStock/Kesu01) Makasar, CNN Indonesia — The police named three students as suspects combustion hostel building Tahfiz The Koran is located on … Read more

Barbaric 3 Santri Burn the Al-Qur’an Tahfiz School because they are banned from leaving

Macassar – Three students were desperate to set fire to the Tahfidzul Qur’an Markaz Hijrah Indonesia School in Kota Macassar, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi). The barbaric actions of the three were triggered because they were often banned from leaving the hostel. Kapolrestabes Makassar Kombes Mokhamad Ngajib revealed that the three of them had planned the … Read more

Alawar Closes Digital Playground And Activation Keys Will Burn Out Soon

Alawar has decided to get rid of the outdated digital project. It’s time to move on More than a decade ago, Alawar launched a website where you could find many games and purchase activation keys for them. In 2023 accepted the decision to close the gaming sections of the site from June 1, 2023, … Read more

Violent road trip of a truck on the E42, in Brasménil: “The driver can go burn a candle” (photos)

“The driver, originally from Poland, was taken care of by the emergency services, added Captain Vaesken. It was not necessary to carry out an extrication, he was able to extract himself from the passenger compartment on his own. After a first check-up in the ambulance, his vital prognosis does not seem to be committed; he … Read more

AMD figured out why the Ryzen 7000 and Ryzen 7950X3D burn out, and will now limit overclocking on the AM5 platform

Read full version 27.04.2023 20:05, Mykola Khizhnyak AMD recently acknowledged the problem of Ryzen 7000X3D processor burn-in and announced that it was looking for its source. Today, the manufacturer issued a new statement in which he said that he had found the cause of the problem and told how exactly he solved it. Image Source: … Read more

Burn fat while sleeping without dieting! You can crochet in 1 week! Every night before going to bed…

Slims down 2 sizes in 1 week! With this recipe, you will get fit for the summer. Having a healthy and slim body is everyone’s dream. Many people have started to search for diet lists to get rid of extra pounds before summer comes. Although losing weight is not as easy as we think, it … Read more

Haiti | Lynch and burn gang members in response to spiraling violence

Violence in Haiti is reaching levels comparable to those in a country at war, the UN warns. Fourteen suspected bandits were lynched this Monday by a crowd in Canapé-Vert, in the upper part of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, a country plunged into a spiral of violence due to a bloody confrontation between armed gangs, … Read more