Injured in Jerusalem in bus attack, suspect arrested

AFP NOS News•yesterday, 05:11•Amended yesterday, 08:56 Seven people were injured in Jerusalem last night when a bus was shot at. Two victims are in critical condition in hospital. A pregnant woman who was hit is said to be in mortal danger. After an hours-long manhunt by the police, the suspect of the attack turned himself … Read more

The BMTA dismantled the rehabilitation plan, procuring 3,200 EV buses, knocking board maker in 2 months, accelerating the proposal to solve the debt of 130 billion baht.

BMTA dismantling the rehabilitation plan again, adjusting the supply of 3,200 new buses to EVs within 3 years, pointing out that the situation has changed Travel according to the reform plan, 109 routes, expected to make the board in 1-2 months, accelerate the proposal of the green light school workers, revealing that the debt has … Read more

Tourist Bus Transports Dozens of Students Falling into the Gorge in Malang

A bus carrying dozens of students from Madrasah Sanawiah Annur Sawahan, Turen, had an accident and fell into a ravine in Plandi Village, Wonosari, Malang Regency, East Java, Saturday (13/8/2022). Iptu Anwari Sidiq Kapolsek Wonosari said the bus carrying a group of 28 students and two teachers fell into a ravine approximately three meters high. … Read more

40 years ago she disappeared from the bus stop, they found her stabbed. Now they solved the case

Advances in science associated with the modern age bring not only more powerful computers and smarter robots to mankind, but also cutting-edge technologies that can be used for a whole range of projects. The benefits of better forensic technology are undoubtedly more accurate DNA tests, which can help shed light on decades-old murder cases and … Read more

Is the end of bus pilgrimages coming? “Not only convenience”

In an interview with Onet Podróże, Magdalena Zając from the Polish Information Center “MIR” in Medjugorje admitted: – Coaches are still the most popular means of transport for pilgrims coming to Medjugorje – The choice between the coach and the plane does not only depend on costs. For me, the coach is a better and … Read more

Additional buses and a train have been assigned to the Aglona Basilica for the Catholic holiday, as well as the existing bus routes have been extended

In order for residents to have the opportunity to get to the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Aglona, ​​as well as to go home after the feast, from August 13 to August 15 there will be additional bus trips in the directions Riga-Preiļi, Riga-Aglona-Grāveri and additional train trips in the … Read more

We connect to the CAN bus from Linux

What is CAN and how does it work? CAN is an abbreviation of the English term Controller Area Network, which in practice means that it is a network that covers a relatively small distance. Unlike a LAN, which is projected over distances of the order of a hundred meters to cover an ordinary building, CAN … Read more

Robber Rape Girl on Bus, Dozens of Passengers Helpless

loading… Bangladeshi police have arrested suspects in the robbery and rape of bus passengers. Photo/The Business Standard DHAKA – Hordes of armed robbers rape a girl on a speeding bus in Tangail, Bangladesh. The driver and dozens of other passengers were powerless to help the victim because they were under threat of guns. The gruesome … Read more