40 minutes after the woman ran a red light and hit the bus, she “offended again at the same location”…scratched a Lamborghini and suffered a lot | International | CTWANT

Two traffic accidents occurred in Xiufeng District, Guilin, Mainland China. The culprits were actually a couple. The cause of the accidents was running a red light. (Picture/Flipping Baidu) A woman driving an electric car in Xiufeng District, Guilin, mainland China ran a red light and ran into the rear of a bus that was running … Read more

Transmilenio left ‘gomelo’ and will launch a hydrogen bus: the latest in guaracha

In a pilot project between Transmilenio and Ecopetrol a bus powered by hydrogen and electricity was implemented that is friendly to the planet, and that will transit through Bogotá in the SITP component. It may interest you: Transmilenio will get more gomelo: it will bet on more electric fleets with first-class technology Next week the … Read more

“However, they are permanently empty”: Christian and his family can no longer board this bus which took them to Bastogne

The arrival of new bus lines between Belgium and Luxembourg only changed Christian’s daily life for a few months… Christian, a resident of Bastogne, does not understand why he no longer has access to a “free” bus deployed by the Luxembourg public transport network (RGTR) for over a year. In January 2021, Philippe Henry, the … Read more

“Huge advantage” for Munich: penguins drive the bus – the opponent flies

Stand date: March 18, 2023. Authors: Karsten Lübben and Niko Schleicher Bild: Imago | Eibner Money also plays an important role in the playoffs. While the people of Bremerhaven travel to Bavaria by bus, the people of Munich always get on the plane in comfort. “Ooh, how is that beautiful!” chanted Fischtown Pinguins fans as … Read more

Unique Ways of AKAP Bus Drivers to Get Rid of Sleepiness While Driving

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Drowsiness is the main enemy of motorized vehicle drivers, as well as for intercity interprovincial (AKAP) bus drivers. If drowsy is very dangerous because it can trigger potentially fatal accidents. Therefore, AKAP bus drivers do not fall asleep in various unique ways. Ali, one of the PO Pahala Kencana bus drivers, said … Read more

Motor disabled, Franck cannot board the TEC bus due to a technical failure

The resident of Maisières however refuses to let go of the matter. He requests the intervention of the TEC technical service. The driver loses patience, the tone rises. At the side of the road, Frank has to face the gazes of the other passengers. “At that moment, I feel shame, embarrassment. But there is also … Read more

Collision of a pedestrian and a bus driver at a crosswalk in Gliwice. Who’s at fault? We analyze the regulations

On March 10, the Municipal Police Headquarters in Gliwice published the following statement: “This morning, at the marked crossing at the President Lech Kaczyński roundabout in Gliwice, a rather unusual collision occurred. A pedestrian collided with … a public transport bus. The question of who is more at fault, the pedestrian or the driver, will … Read more

Soon a new way of managing the bus transport service in Tetouan

The establishment of inter-municipal cooperation (ECI) “Achamal Algharbi” has just launched a market for the realization of the technical-economic and financial feasibility study prior to the launch of the call for tenders for the management of the public transport service by bus within its perimeter and the assistance of the ECI in the signing and … Read more