Prefectural North Bus introduces IC card “Iguka” All routes in the prefecture, from February 19 | Iwate Nippo IWATE NIPPO

On February 19, the prefecture north bus (Morioka City, President Jun Matsumoto) will start the service of the regional cooperation IC card “iGUCA” on all routes in the prefecture. It can be used interchangeably with JR East’s transportation IC card Suica, etc., and covers all parts of the country. We aim to improve convenience by … Read more

Valle d’Aosta, a tourist bus crashes into the stream: the driver is dead, the 3 passengers are saved

A tourist bus fell into the Evancon stream in Val d’Ayas, near the town of Champoluc (Aosta). There were 4 people on board, including the 71-year-old driver, Roberto Arrigoni, who died. To ascertain whether the cause of death is linked to an illness that made him lose control of the vehicle. The rescuers have recovered … Read more

Teachers suffer fatal bus accident in Emiliano Zapata

One dead and seven wounded, including two pregnant women and one minor, is the balance of accident of a bus attached to the “Teachers First” program of the Secretary of Public Education of the State. The mishap was raised around 1:30 p.m. on the Emiliano Zapata-Lázaro Cárdenas highway, upon his return from the Pensador Mexicano … Read more

Angry that he was removed, the director of “Motorways” fired two, the minister returned them, but already on board

Grozdan Karadzhov PHOTO: Nikolai Litov Only BGN 2 million remain in the company’s accounts. The state-owned company Avtomagistrali EAD, which has to complete the Hemus highway, clear the snow and maintain three main sections of the highway in the country, is not over. A few days ago, on January 17, Desislava Hristova was fired from … Read more

Index – Domestic – A man who was not allowed to take off because he was not wearing a mask nearly killed the bus driver

A 31-year-old man did not put on his mask, so the driver of a scheduled bus in Budapest did not open the door of the vehicle. The incident continues when the unworthy man hit the driver on the head with his fist and then left the injured driver alone, the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office reported. The … Read more

Missing bus driver in Viña: PDI cell phone expertise found in the vehicle

The Investigative Police Homicide Brigade is examining a cell phone found inside the collective taxi that belonged to Juan Gonzalez Farfan, driver who has been missing since last Friday in Viña del Mar, Valparaiso Region. Until now, the ownership of said telephone, which was next to another belonging to the bus driver, is unknown. yasna … Read more

A bus driver in Budapest was beaten dangerously by a passenger without a mask

The prosecution said a 31-year-old man wanted to get on a bus without a mask a year ago. Due to epidemiological rules, the bus driver did not open the bus door for him until the unworthy man hit the driver with his fist. According to the indictment, a 31-year-old man on the evening of February … Read more

A passenger bus overturned near Torres del Paine: There are 29 injured

One passenger bus overturned at kilometer 55 of route Y290, a short distance from the Torre del Paine, in the Magellan Region. The vehicle was carrying 29 people including the driver: 16 women, 11 men and 2 minors, which resulted in injuries of varying degrees. Claudio Mancilla, president of the carriers of Puerto Natales, pointed … Read more

Police on Malioboro Bus Parking Rp. 350 thousand: Not Extortion

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The police have asked for information from the parking lot manager bus from Malioboro Yogyakarta, which is said to set a tariff of Rp. 350,000, has gone viral on social media. Yogyakarta Police Chief Kombes Pol Purwadi Wahyu Anggoro ensured that his staff did not find any indications of illegal extortion … Read more

Viral Bus Parking in Yogyakarta Rp. 350 thousand, Deputy Heroe Asks Perpetrators to Be Legally Processed – A post on social media Facebook containing complaints about the high fares for bus parking in the city of Yogyakarta went viral. In his post, Kasri StoneDakon’s account complained about the tariff for parking buses on Jalan Margo Utomo, Yogyakarta City for 2, which was charged with a fee of IDR 350 thousand. … Read more