Who are the investors who inject Rp 71 billion into Gibran’s Doger Ice Business?

Jakarta – A capital injection of US$ 5 million or equivalent to Rp. 71 billion from Alpha JWC Ventures to the Goola startup founded by Gibran Rakabuming, is now in the spotlight. The public spotlight was on Gibran after the son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was reported by a lecturer named Ubedillah Badrun to … Read more

INDUSTRY MAGAZINE | German cartel office searches cable manufacturers

The German Federal Cartel Office is investigating the suspicion of price fixing among cable manufacturers. A spokesman for the cartel office says that the authority has searched several manufacturers of cables and wires. The names of the companies involved have not yet been mentioned. According to the Cartel Office, there are suspicions that companies and … Read more

7 extraordinary business ideas that we have found in other countries | PHOTO GALLERIES

PHOTO GALLERY. A selection of the most innovative business ideas that we have found among the main incubators in the world, according to the entrepreneurs portal, according to the portal Entrepreneurs. 1.- A digital twin based on DNA Predictiv is the first DNA-based digital twin that can help personalize health plans based on each person’s … Read more

[POPULER MONEY] Gibran’s Doger Ice Business Injected with IDR 71 Billion | Sanctions for Selling Cooking Oil Above IDR 14,000

1. Excited about the Doger Ice Business Gibran Injected with IDR 71 billion, Alpha JWC Ventures Open Voice Alpha JWC Ventures capital injection of IDR 71 billion to beverage start-ups Goola back into the discussion. In fact, the investment made by Alpha JWC Ventures was made in August 2019. Goola was founded in 2018 by … Read more

The housing loan insurance portfolio was acquired by Intrum | Business

The portfolio consists of both collateralised and non-performing loans and related liabilities to banks, as well as other outstanding debt liabilities – a total of about 3 thousand. reported, Intrum Lietuva reported. The portfolio of Būsto Loan Insurance was sold by the Bank of Lithuania in 2016 after the company was obliged to sell its … Read more

Stoltenberg calls on NATO allies and Russia to renegotiate

The proposed series of discussions at the NATO-Russia Council could take place “in the near future,” the leader of the alliance said after talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The aim is to “address our concerns, but also to talk about Russia’s concerns and try to find a way forward to prevent any military attack … Read more

‘Lee Soo-geun ♥’ Park Ji-yeon’s health deteriorated enough to be recommended for a kidney transplant… Still, a ‘local business trip’ working mom

[스포츠조선닷컴 김수현기자] Comedian Lee Soo-geun’s wife Park Ji-yeon left for a business trip. Park Ji-yeon posted a photo on her personal SNS on the 19th, saying, “Today I went from Eumseong to Chuncheon! He continued, “I’m finishing my day now! You did a great job today too. Good night. The response was so hot, I’m … Read more

Megan Markle, the victim of an unexpected betrayal, the man she loved had sex with her business manager

The international star and Duchess of Sussex revealedMeghan MarkleShe was betrayed by the man she loves, shortly after their separation. And she revealed on her personal page on the social networking site, “You know that this artistic community is in a crazy period when: you find out that after the separation, your ex-boyfriend, the actor, … Read more

China’s economy is growing by 8.1 percent – but momentum is fading

China’s economy is growing by 8.1 percent – but momentum is fading Because China has come through the corona pandemic better than other countries so far, the economy has also benefited for a long time. But the spread of the Omicron variant triggers new concerns. China’s economy grew significantly again in 2021 – but economists … Read more