This representative of the royal family will follow in the footsteps of Prince Harry and leave England

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their royal duties at the beginning of 2020 and shortly after announcing their decision moved to permanent residence on the other side of the ocean – the United States. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex currently live in a luxurious mansion in Montecito, California. Here they are … Read more

VIDEO: “You won’t take him anywhere!” A woman fights bravely for her husband, who wants to take him into the occupying army

Makijivka is located in the Donetsk region. Since 2014, it has been controlled by the authorities of the “Donetsk People’s Republic”, created by Russian-backed separatists. The video shows a man of the suit’s build, dressed in military clothing with the symbols of the so-called “New Russia”. The woman claims in the video that the person … Read more

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis will lay off approximately 8,000 employees. jobs | Business

“Novartis”, which currently employs about 108 thousand people. people worldwide, confirmed on Tuesday that the company will cut several thousand jobs as part of a restructuring plan announced in April. The company aims to simplify its structure and, among other things, combine oncology and other pharmaceutical activities into one unit. In an email to employees, … Read more

Stop three tanks on A30. Defence; ‘They went to Germany’ – Campania

“For practice”. According to press reports direct to Ukraine Three Pzh 2000 tanks were stopped by the Naples Traffic Police at the Mercato San Severino tollbooth of the A30 Salerno-Caserta motorway because the tractors and semi-trailers of the private companies in charge of their transport did not have a registration certificate and the scheduled periodic … Read more

Air Baltic plans to debut on the stock exchange no earlier than 2024 Business

“It is planned that the shares will be included in the stock exchange lists no earlier than in 2024. We have to prove profitable activity, and we hope to return to it next year”, he said in an interview to Latvian public television. He added that Air Baltic shares are to be listed on the … Read more

EA Games’ position on the gaming industry battlefield How will it be?

in the end EA Games Will it be bought or not ? but EA Games It has made an acquisition in its own right and may be looking for more deals. In particular, a deal that could support the mobile gaming department. EA Games Two such acquisitions will be made in 2021, the first being … Read more

SME Finance and Compensa Vienna Insurance Group integrate business services

Photo by Judita Grigelytė (VŽ) The financial technology (fintech) company “SME Finance” begins cooperation with the non-life insurance company “Compensa Vienna Insurance Group” in order to expand the availability of services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Lithuania. Fintech and the cooperation model of insurance companies will be applied in Lithuania for the first … Read more

Bayer’s revenue in the Baltic countries grew by 9.5 percent. up to 70.2 million euros | Business

This year, it is planned to receive even more income, according to the company’s financial reports submitted to the Registry Center. “In 2022, the forecast turnover of the group is about 72 million. euros”, reads the annual report. The company’s operating profit doubled last year and was 40.96 million. euros (20.36 million euros). Bayer’s activities … Read more

Tire manufacturer “Michelin” will hand over business in Russia to local management – Industries – Financenet – TVNET

“Michelin” production in Russia was stopped on March 15 in connection with supply interruptions after the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. “Resuming production is technically impossible, especially due to supply problems in the context of general uncertainty,” the company said. The French company stated that the business in Russia accounts for 250 million euros … Read more

The Village Economy is Back in Vibrancy through the Pindang Fish Business, Check Out the Struggle of These Business Actors!

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) play a significant role in driving economic activity in the regions. However, unfortunately the culprit MSME are often faced with difficult situations. A clear example of this difficult situation is the Covid-19 pandemic. The ongoing pandemic is challenging the perpetrators MSME to survive. Not only for business … Read more