A.Palšytė surpassed the Olympic vice-champion, A.Gudžius landed in Slovenia, and the Lithuanian national team remained in the second European Championship league

On Sunday, the decisive – the second – day of the second league of the European Team Athletics Championship took place in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria). Lithuanian competitors were athletes from Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Slovakia and Slovenia. The three strongest teams made it to the first league, and no one dropped out to … Read more

“Latvijas balzams” has sold three properties near the “Z-Towers” complex

The properties at 7 and 7B Daugavgrivas Street, as well as at 28 Rankas Dam, have been sold to the owner of the Z-Towers complex development company JSC “Towers Construction Management” – the company “SPI RE Holdings” registered in Luxembourg. The real beneficiary of both Latvijas balzama and SPI RE Holdings is the Russian-born businessman … Read more

Jānis Ķirsis and Rūta Dūduma-Ķirse congratulate everyone on Christmas with the song “Our Heat”

“This is a song about the solstice. About forgiveness. About time, place and love without borders, »says composer Jānis Ķirsis, who has his first encounter with Imants Ziedons in this music. This composition is one of the main cornerstones of the concert program “Song of the Soul”, which both artists planned to play throughout Latvia … Read more

Electricity market barometer: electricity in Lithuania became 9% more expensive. | Business

“In the Baltic States, despite the increase in gross production, less electricity was produced from renewable sources during the week, which resulted in a greater impact on the price of electricity by fuel prices. Electricity prices in Lithuania and Latvia increased by 2%. decreased energy flow from Sweden (SE4), where the price rose by 16% … Read more

Former Valve game producer Kim Swift joined Microsoft in charge of the cloud game business and produced games such as “Portal” and “Evil Force” #xbox (162474)

With the cloud streaming game mode, Microsoft can even slow down the timetable for Xbox One series models to fade out of market competition, thereby filling the shortage of Xbox Series X|S supplies, and even allowing users of existing Xbox One series models to still borrow By cloud streaming, the game was originally limited to … Read more

US and European stock prices rise, Bitcoin value falls :: Daily Business

Global stock prices rose to new highs on Wall Street on Monday, while the cryptocurrency Bitcoin rose to an all-time high following Tesla’s announcement of investments in the cryptocurrency. Oil prices rose to a 52-week high. All three major Wall Street indices rose to new highs, continuing last week’s rise in hopes of a soon-to-be-adopted … Read more

Impact of sanctions on Lithuanian companies: some will be difficult, but there is a positive aspect Business

Sanctions for certain sectors supporting the Belarusian economy have not yet been formally imposed, and are expected to be approved this Thursday. Export restrictions should affect sectors such as tobacco, petroleum and chemical products, financial investment instruments, weapons and equipment that can be used against opponents. There is also potassium fertilizers, the export ban of … Read more

PHOTO: A tornado is crashing over a Belgian city, breaking down its roofs and breaking glass

On Saturday, the roofs of the buildings were torn down, the windows were broken, cars were damaged, it can be seen in Belgian media reports. Tornado damage in the city of Borena +7 See more 92 buildings have been damaged, but about ten buildings are no longer habitable, media reports. People who were on the … Read more

The media reported on the divorce of Nastya Ivleeva and Eljay, the latest news, broke up, TV presenter, blogger :: Show business :: Dni.ru

30-year-old TV presenter and blogger Nastya Ivleeva and 26-year-old rapper Aleksey Uzenyuk, better known as Aljay, do not seem to be together anymore. Recently, Eljay has not been noticed in the company of Nastya Ivleeva. For example, recently a TV presenter without a spouse attended a party on the occasion of the birthday of Maxim … Read more

HSBC faces € 3 billion in bank sale in France USD loss Business

HSBC has agreed with a private New York investment company, Cerberus Capital Management, to sell the unprofitable business in France for a symbolic price of € 1. The deal is expected to close in the first half of 2023, the HSBC report said. The transaction could cost HSBC around € 2.3 billion. USD pre-tax losses. … Read more