“We will not turn a blind eye to such actions” – the Ethics Commission has a stern attitude about Grevcova’s disrespect for Latvia’s history

Two weeks ago, scandalous member of parliament Gloria Grevcova’s reflections on the occupation of Latvia and the work of the Latvian Occupation Museum on the “TikTok” platform caused widespread indignation. While in the museum premises, Grevcova addressed her followers on the social network in Russian, speaking cynically about the history of Latvia and calling the … Read more

State welfare card, poor people card, February 2023, can be used to swipe to buy anything, check now.

Update the money day calendar, state welfare card, poor people’s card, February 2023, check the money day, swipe to buy what products Czech Welfare Patent, Poor Card, February 2023, State Welfare Card Holder When will I receive money into the card? Use to swipe to buy products. What can travel expenses be? And can you … Read more

Cold turkey from Russian gas: Putin’s energy hammer hits Germany hardest

Cold turkey from Russian gas Putin’s energy hammer hits Germany hardest By Hannes Vogel 01/31/2023, 6:40 p.m Russia’s master plan for the energy war with Europe is not working: instead of economic Armageddon, there is only a small winter recession. But there is only limited reason to breathe a sigh of relief: Germany will remain … Read more

Magaly Medina says that Rosángela Espinoza is looking for a rich husband in Dubai | arabic sheikh | Videos | show business | SHOWS

Magaly Medina referred to the recent interview of Rosangela Espinoza for the “America Today” program and pointed out that “The Selfie Girl” had to admit that she is in Dubai thanks to the financing of a suitor. READ ALSO: How did Jazmín Pinedo react when she saw that Gino Assereto kissed a member of EEG? … Read more

These are the Five Very Lucky Zodiacs in February 2023, Business and Income Increase

WHOLESALE, VICTORYNEWS-Soon will enter the month February 2023of course all human beings want to be better and lucky in his life. Not all Zodiac or constellations lucky on the moon February 2023. Of course there are those who haven’t luckybecause indeed the wheel of life is always turning. There are five Zodiac The most lucky … Read more

Car news: “Audi A5 Sportback”. Where sportiness meets a little family car

The current updated version of the Audi A5 Sportback came out at an unfortunate time, right at the beginning of the pandemic, but now it is as fresh as it was a year or two ago, and available at a price that already seems low even on the price pages of mid-size crossovers. How the … Read more

A real institution disappears in Mortier: after 62 years of existence, Jeannine closes her business definitively

It is a real institution in Mortier, in the entity of Blegny in the province of Liège. In the center of the village, just opposite the church, there is a small business that has existed for 62 years. Jeannine opened it with her parents in 1961, but it is closing its doors this Tuesday, January … Read more

Oxxo enters the roast chicken business and this is what its stores look like

In studies such as “A Look at Commercial Real Estate in Latin America / Lifestyles Survey” the importance of the physical point of sale is revealed. Profeco estimated that until 2022 the price of chicken was 120 pesos, average. Diversification sets challenges in brand communication. oxxo enter the business of roasted chickens and with this, … Read more

Extends the emergency situation on the Latvian-Belarusian border

IeM reports that in January of this year, persons were prevented from illegally crossing the state border in 321 cases, in 2022 – in 5,286 cases, and as of August 11, 2021, persons were prevented from illegally crossing the state border in 4,045 cases. Migrant tent camp on the Polish-Belarusian border +12 Watch more From … Read more