Vaccination passport: antivax hurt businesses

After two weeks of running in for the implementation of the vaccine passport, bars and restaurants fear that the drop in ridership is getting worse now that there is no more privilege. • Read also: The zero tolerance policy applies from today • Read also: The official implementation had no impact in Quebec Photo Clara … Read more

How to Get and Check PLN’s September 2021 Electricity Token Discounts for Households and Small Businesses

PR DEPOK – Listen method get and check subsidy electricity or discount token electricity from PT PLN (Persero) period September 2021 for household and small business. PLN make sure the whole customer household and small business is now able to obtain stimuli subsidy electricity or discount token electricity directly budgeted by the government in the … Read more

30% increases on bills. Families and businesses in trouble

The coming autumn could bring with it maxi-increases on the bills. The government is already working to try to sterilize the record hikes in energy prices and prevent them from spilling over to consumers. Hopefully it will do so before October when the Arera, the Italian energy authority, will have to update the gas and … Read more

87 percent businesses use open company data in their operations, reveals a survey of companies

62 percent. 42% of companies use open data to assess the condition of potential customers. checks financial data, 35 percent. reviews the data of various other institutions, such as the Employment Service, Sodra, the Labor Inspectorate, shows a survey of companies commissioned by the open data platform Okredo on how they use the data opened … Read more

the cost of government support measures for businesses

Support measures for businesses in the face of the Covid-19 crisis cost the State 240 billion euros, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announced on Monday. Since March 2020, the State has put in place economic support measures which amounted to 240 billion euros, including a third of subsidies and two thirds of loans, indicated … Read more

Russia is cutting back on gas supplies to Europe, with the price of EU emissions going up to a new record. Therefore, households and businesses in R are more expensive for coal, gas, electricity and heat

Emission allowances I of him hello. Reference contract, relating to the summer of December, today this morning zdrail for the first time in history above level 60 eur for a permit, even and over 61 eur (see graph no). Over the past year, allowances have risen by almost 85 percent. The permit is allowed to … Read more

The vast majority of e – businesses plan sales growth even after quarantine Business

“There is no need to name the reasons why e-commerce sales have grown – it goes without saying, the pandemic has taught people not to be afraid to buy online, because they simply had no other choice. Of course, this posed a number of challenges for e-shops: it was necessary to learn to adapt to … Read more

“Teknizon” and “WallPost” offer resource planning software for small businesses in the Emirates

Emirates news Emirates news “Teknizon” and “WallPost” offer resource planning software for small businesses in the UAE The UAE news source – Emirates – the statement with news details “Teknizon” and “WallPost” offer resource planning software for small businesses in the UAE: Emirates news today Technizone, a private cloud service provider in the Middle East … Read more

Microsoft to raise prices for Office 365 for businesses

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 offers for businesses will soon be more expensive. As of March 1, 2022, several subscriptions are subject to this change. Offers for individuals or for training institutes are not currently affected. In Microsoft’s announcement, Microsoft 365 Product Manager Jared Spataro recalled that this is the first substantial pricing update since … Read more

The end of the monopoly in the gas market: what is changing today for citizens and businesses

After 20 years in the company “Latvian gas“was the right to be the only gas supplier in Latvia, the natural gas market is opened to free competition from Monday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising This means that both businesses and citizens will have the right to choose from which trader to buy gas. … Read more