Former South Korean dictator Chun Doo-Hwan, “the butcher of Gwangju”, dies

Bettmann via Getty Images(Original Caption) 4/26/1985-Washington, DC-: President Ronald Reagan stands behind South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan as the latter speaks at the White House. President Reagan expressed firm support for South Korean President Hwan’s aim of restoring full democracy in his country. Former South Korean dictator Chun Doo-Hwan, a protagonist of brutal repression … Read more

Former South Korean President Chun, Nicknamed Gwangju Butcher Dies

The fifth president of South Korea (South Korea) Chun Doo-Hwan. Photo/twitter/nknewsorg SEOUL – Fifth President South Korea (South Korea) Chun Doo-Hwan died at the age of 90 on Tuesday (11/23/2021). Chun served as president of South Korea after the coup, from 1980 to 1988. Chun died at his home in Seoul at 8:40 am local … Read more

Czech Nightingale 21: Gott cried, White shouted Sokol, Butcher demanded debt

After a few years, the legendary music evening returned to television screens, during which the best singers and bands in the Czech Republic will receive awards. The creators bet on a joke, so in the evening, seasoned entertainers Ondřej Sokol and Aleš Háma performed it. What did the live broadcast bring? Who had the harshest … Read more

Maskorama – Butcher Maskorama performance: – «Off beat»

– Maskorama is first and foremost an entertainment program, in contrast to Star Wars, which I am a big fan of. But you notice that there is a class difference between those who are artists and have obviously sung before, and those who are known for something else. This is what Cecilie Asker, cultural editor … Read more

Stopwatch for Pilsen “butchers”: Butcher three duels, Pernica two. Krmenčík also received punishment

Pilsen defender Radim Řezník received a penalty for three competitive matches for exclusion in Sunday’s 13th round of the Fortuna: League in Slavia football, his teammate Luděk Pernica will not play two matches for the red card in the same duel. In the Sunday hit between Slavia and Pilsen (2: 0), three West Bohemian players … Read more

The butcher will not play three duels for red, Pernica two. Slavia fined for assault – ČT sport – Czech Television

The commission has not yet initiated proceedings after Pilsen’s Jhon Mosquera accused assistant coach Slavia Pavel Řehák of racist insult, but is still investigating the incident. On the contrary, the disciplinary punished the Slavist striker Michael Krmenčík with a fine of 20,000 crowns for insulting gestures after the overhaul with Olomouc. Three West Bohemian players … Read more

Climate, Elkjøp | Butcher Elkjøp’s new offer campaign: – Unmusical and clumsy

Has little left for the electronics chain’s own twist on marketing “climate days”. This week, many have received a newsletter from Elkjøp entitled «Climate days at Elkjøp». One of those who received the newsletter on Monday morning was Petter Gulli. He is the founder of 12 years, a champion of sustainable branding and one of … Read more

He bit, raped and sliced ​​the victims. The butcher from Hanover ended up under the guillotine

Seven years ago, the University of Goettingen had her head burned in a crematorium, which she had stored in formaldehyde for 89 years. This head was separated from the body in 1925 by a guillotine. One of the most horrible German serial killers ended up on the gallows. “Fritz Haarmann, also known as the Butcher … Read more

Syria, after 37 years Bashar Assad allows his uncle Rifaat, the butcher of Hama, to return home

from Marta Serafini President Hafez’s brother was in exile in France, where he is accused of embezzlement and tax fraud and risks the appropriation of assets for 90 million euros The butcher from Hama returns home. Syrian President Bashar al Assad allowed to his uncle Rifaat, who was in danger of being arrested in France, … Read more