A “box of butter” raises panic in front of Mortada Mansour’s house..and a source reveals mf

07:32 PM Monday, January 30, 2023 Books – Muhammad Shaaban: A security source revealed the circumstances of finding a foreign body in front of the house of Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, in the Mohandessin area. The source said in statements to Masrawy that the incident dates back to the past 10 days, explaining … Read more

How many calories does butter have by fat content (vegan or not) and how healthy is it to eat?

Butter remains one of the favorite foods, being so good for breakfast and at the same time giving a special taste to culinary dishes and desserts. But how healthy is it to eat and how many calories does butter have? What is/how is butter made? Butter is a product (dairy or not) obtained by mechanical … Read more

Don’t let it through the kitchen door: it rots your heart! Worst foods for your health

There are many factors that affect heart health. Stress, harmful habits, malnutrition can cause heart diseases. In order to protect cardiovascular health, which is among our vital organs, we need to pay attention to our nutrition. The foods we consume in our daily life increase the risks of cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, cancer and heart … Read more

Human remains found of man believed to have been dead for 20 years: police found butter from 2001 in refrigerator | Abroad

The skeletal remains are believed to belong to a man, but the age is not yet clear. Researchers hope that the autopsy and dental data will provide more clarity. That way they will also try to find out the identity of the man and the time when he died. It is believed that the man … Read more

showed not only “butter” breasts

Irina Pegova has been in films for a long time. She boasts a large number of bright roles. Audiences love her for her work on The Midwife. She also participated in television shows more than once. The artist lit up on the ice and on the dance floor. And over the past two years, the … Read more

Žibėnas, who made the butter swear word to “Rytui”, demanded that the team’s dugout be “laid on the floor”

“It’s unacceptable to play like that in front of your own fans,” the “Ryto” legionnaire from Iceland shook his head after the match Elvara Fridriksson. Bnei Herzliya played their most productive game in the FIBA ​​Champions League, and the Vilnius team conceded the most points since the first game in this tournament, when they lost … Read more

Here’s how to make purée potatoes

Potato puree is a delicious and easy dish that can accompany the main dishes on your table, and is an alternative to fried potatoes. Here are the ingredients and method of preparation. Ingredients 6 heads of medium sized sweet potatoesA tablespoon of buttera glass of milk How to prepare Peel the potato heads and boil … Read more

A large Czech store started selling food at the old prices. Eggs, sugar and butter significantly cheaper, completely fresh

Czechs are experiencing another wave of food price hikes, although for a while it seemed that the situation would calm down and improve. However, the opposite is true, and basic necessities in particular are literally flying up. Anyone who wants to buy eggs, butter or sugar today has to dig much deeper into their pockets … Read more

Is there a shortage of lard? People buy it because of expensive butter

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the season of baking Christmas cookies. You need to use some fat to prepare it. People most often reach for butter, which, however, has become significantly more expensive recently. You will also pay extra for lard, but you can get the same amount for roughly … Read more

butter or margarine: which is better?

This subject is often discussed, both in terms of nutritional value and use in cooking. Butter and margarine have differences and similarities.A comparison of these products will give you a better understanding of the subject. Bridget Coudrey, dietitian and nutritionist sheds some light on us. Butter is a product of animal origin: Butter was first … Read more