Caesar 2023: Jane Birkin worries internet users

The appearance of the actress and singer during the ceremony amazed viewers. This Friday evening was the César 2023 ceremony. Charlotte Gainsbourg was nominated for the César for best documentary film. For the occasion, the artist chose to walk the red carpet with his mother: the famous Jane Birkin. This did not fail to react … Read more

5 Facts about the Caesar Self-Propelled Howitzer that Injured the Former Head of the Russian Space Agency

loading… The Caesar 8×8 self-propelled howitzer, also known as the Caesar 2, was developed by French defense contractor GIAT Industries, currently known as Nexter. Photos/Wikimedia PARIS – The Caesar self-propelled howitzer is either field artillery or cannon with enormous destructive power because it uses ejected projectiles. Former Head of the Space Agency Russia (Roscosmos) Dimitry … Read more

Lithuania bought 18 CAESAR howitzers from France

Photo from the Nexter company page France will supply 18 CAESAR howitzers to Lithuania. The countries signed the relevant contract, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the Minister of Defense of France, Sebastian Lecornu. “On the occasion of the visit of Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas to Paris, we signed an agreement to strengthen the … Read more

In Ukraine in a day, what in Afghanistan in a month. The West is catching up with ammunition stocks — ČT24 — Czech Television

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, European countries drastically reduced their defense budgets, armies and arsenals. With the subsequent rise of al-Qaeda, they have focused on fighting terrorism, which requires other military investments and lighter forces, the NYT notes. Even NATO’s long engagement in Afghanistan, the paper said, bore little resemblance to the gun- … Read more

She lost her husband and daughter in the tragedy in Miskolc, a few hours later she gave birth to her second child with Caesar

A few hours after the tragedy, the woman who lost her husband and 13-year-old daughter gave birth to her second child by caesarean section. with five fatalities in a head-on accident near Miskolc. The horrific accident happened on Tuesday night. A 46-year-old lucky man significantly exceeded the speed limit, crossed into the opposite lane, and … Read more

The secret was finally revealed… Iraqi artist Kazem El Saher Ayesh with a prosthetic leg… A video exposing the Caesar and shocking everyone! (See)

2022/08/31 It’s 05:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The pages of social networking pioneers exchanged a video of the Iraqi artist Kazem Al-Saher, showing him moving in the form of traces of the public’s belief that Caesar lives with a prosthetic leg. The pioneers of communication circulated the video amid great concern, as they … Read more

Russian Artillery Strike Damages French CAESAR Howitzer in Ukraine, Here’s the Video

loading… Russian artillery attack damaged French aid CAESAR howitzers for Ukraine. Photo/Illustration KIEV – A footage shared online this week shows how artillery works Russia damage the CAESAR 155mm self-propelled howitzer assist French somewhere in Ukraine Timur. The footage, recorded by a Russian drone, shows the self-propelled howitzer being hit by Russian MLRS fire. It … Read more

You didn’t know these have been part of Hotel Cæsar

The Norwegian soap opera, Hotel Cæsar, was broadcast on TV 2 from 1998 to 2017. With 3,123 episodes, several famous people have played in various roles, and as themselves, in what is Scandinavia’s longest-running soap opera of all time. LONGEST-LIVING: Hotel Cæsar was broadcast on TV 2 from 1988 to 2017 and is Scandinavia’s longest-running … Read more

Defense: Belgian artillery will order 28 Caesar guns from France, instead of nine

“It was decided to create a long-range battery on wheels (Wheeled Fire Systems, WFS) in order to provide a minimum of indirect fire support necessary for the brigade (motorized, editor’s note) and the tactical groups (or ‘battlegroups’)“, indicates the STAR plan, in the chapter reserved for the Earth component. The precise number of artillery pieces … Read more