Bogotá, Medellín and Cali have not reached the maximum number of infected

City by city, the director of the National Institute of Health, Martha Ospina, explained in the Senate of the Republic how is the peak or highest number of infected by COVID-19. Capitals such as Bogotá, Cali and Medellín are just beginning to climb that peak, while Leticia, Buenaventura and Tumaco have already passed it. According … Read more

5 young people murdered in Cali were friends and they left neighborhood jujntos – Cali – Colombia

The discovery of five corpses of boys who lived in eastern Cali, the capital of Valle del Cauca, caused confusion and rejection from the authorities and different social sectors. Until now there is no clarity on the circumstances and motives of the multiple crime. The authorities will announce this morning a reward to find those … Read more

Call for justice by ambulance that caused death of elderly in Cali – Cali – Colombia

The case occurred this Friday, on Calle 5 with Carrera 80, in Cali, when an ambulance, which was going about 100 kilometers per hour, ran over an older adult, who was 87 years old. (You may be interested in: ‘My dad was not killed by the covid-19, but by poor medical care’) The Police and … Read more

Investigation of marriage celebration in western Cali despite pandemic by covid-19

Julio 25, 2020 – 09:10 p. m. 2020-07-25 By: Drafting of El País Authorities are investigating the celebration of a marriage this Saturday in an establishment in western Cali despite restrictions due to the covid-19 pandemic. “Everything is subject to investigation. We are finding out how many people there were, who and why they were, … Read more

Coronavirus Colombia: Doctor in Nariño successfully applies a drug against covid-19 – Cali – Colombia

Advances to achieve the long-awaited cure for covid-19 are not only on the scene in the United Kingdom, China or the United States, there are also in the distant and forgotten municipality of Barbacoas, in Nariño. “The number of covid-19 patients has dropped dramatically, as have remissions dropped 90 percent. If before there were around … Read more

This is how the ‘pico y cédula’ was in Cali from July 16 to 31, 2020

Julio 16, 2020 – 12:58 a. m. 2020-07-16 By: Drafting of El País The Municipal Administration released the decree at midnight this Thursday that will continue the measure of the ‘peak and ID’ until July 31. In addition to stipulating the dates in which people will be able to go out, the document also establishes … Read more

How to process the Health Passport and who can play sports in Cali?

Coronavirus The age range is extended to be able to go out to exercise Sports Health Passport: What is it and who can get it? Lthe wool authorities Cali city They have announced new measures for people who usually leave their homes to exercise outdoors. Among those that became known from the Mayor of the … Read more