Firefighters who did not ignore the silent 911 call “Knock on the handset”

A firefighter who dispatched an ambulance without ignoring the sound of a 911 caller who was unable to talk due to a chronic illness, silently knocking on the handset, was awarded the best prize for situation management by the Fire Department. On April 13th, around 4:20 a.m., Fire Chief Kim Hyun-geun of the Disaster Command … Read more

Xbox players Halo Infinite call for option to opt-out crossplay by cheaters – Gaming – News

I have also been involved in developing my own games. The downside is, usually a server only needs to send some position data back and forth, the only limitation on the server is bandwidth to send all that info around, so you can more easily run multiple lobbies on 1 single server. However, what you’re … Read more

Call to maintain the effort to revitalize the Souss-Massa destination

The Minister of Tourism, Crafts and Social and Solidarity Economy, Fatima-Zahra Ammor, called for maintaining the effort to revitalize the destination of the Souss-Massa region by consolidating the existing seaside offer . A press release from the Tourism Department specifies that during a field visit to the structuring projects of the Tourism Department in the … Read more

Head of Sunat met with Pedro Castillo and Pedro Francke at the Government Palace | nndc | POLITICS

Updated on 11/26/2021 02:09 pm The head of the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat), Luis Vera Castillo, met this Friday, November 26 with the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, in the Government Palace. According to the Transparency visit log, Luis Vera arrived at Pedro Castillo’s office at 11:40 a.m. and remained … Read more

Xbox players Halo Infinite call for option to opt-out crossplay by cheaters – Gaming – News

People can play just fine “for fun”. However, if the entire decoration of the game is broken, even if the core gameplay is good, then that (imo) does have an impact on the experience. I definitely still play for fun. Being able to adjust my Spartan to my taste, as I’ve been doing since Halo … Read more

Berlin has rejected Lukashenko’s call for 2,000. trapped migrants

“There is a report that Mr Lukashenko said at the border with Poland today that 2,000 people are not a big problem for Germany, and Chancellor Merkel agrees to let these people into Germany. On behalf of the Chancellor, I would like to say that this statement is wrong, “Steffen Seibert, a spokesman for the … Read more

Hiroyuki Miyasako laughs at Takafumi Horie’s “Gachi advice” over the yakiniku restaurant “Please cooperate seriously” Love Call: J-CAST News[Full text display]

On November 25, 2021, Hiroyuki Miyasako of the former Ameagari Kesshitai corps talked about the future prospects of the yakiniku restaurant “Ushimiya Castle”, which he produces and manages, while introducing new collaborators. Mr. Miyasako also responds to the remarks of Mr. Takafumi Horie, a businessman who spoke frankly as “honestly dangerous”. Hiroyuki Miyasako From Miyasako’s … Read more

Wake-up call 26/11: Press conference on corona • WHO consultation on new variant

And then this: It went off with a sizzle: the riot around ten ambassadors in Turkey last month. Turkish President Erdogan threatened to expel them after they published a burning letter about a sensitive matter: the imprisonment of businessman and philanthropist Osman Kavala. The ambassadors were allowed to stay, but Kavala has been in prison … Read more

The Spanish DNA vaccine against the coronavirus will arrive in 2022

The Spanish vaccine to immunize against covid-19 based on DNA, and which has obtained one hundred percent efficiency in humanized mouse tests, may be ready for commercialization by the end of 2022 and will introduce advantages in price, level of protection and logistics compared to the current ones. The researcher at the Higher Center for … Read more

Uber drivers continue to cripple Brussels: police threaten to call tow trucks

The police on Friday morning called on Uber drivers on Twitter to free the traffic lanes or see their vehicle repaired. The Cinquantenaire, Loi, Tervueren and Léopold II tunnels towards Brussels city center are blocked this Friday morning following an action by drivers Uber. Rue de la Loi is also experiencing severe slowdowns due to … Read more