Stock market: 11 stocks to buy and 7 to sell after a calm August

The stock market tips of the week. (© DR) Unlike in other years, the financial markets remained relatively sluggish during the summer period. The CAC 40 index remains stuck in a corridor of 4,800-5,100 points. In this context, discover our advice on 21 actions. We recommend 11 for purchase. Check out all of the stock … Read more

Jacob Blake probably paralyzed for life, his mother calls for calm

Julia Jackson, Jacob Blake’s mother, calls for calm on August 25, 2020 as her son was seriously injured by police. – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA T/SIPA In Wisconsin, the anger does not subside. The mother of 29-year-old African American Jacob Blake seriously injured by police fire and probably paralyzed for life, called for calm on Tuesday, … Read more

Lincoln and Calm team up to expand wellness concept on and off the road

Everyday life has never been so challenging as before, and that is why many yearn for a feeling of balance, calm and comfort. In the case of Lincoln, the market is calm, America’s number one mental wellness app. This collaboration was born within the framework of #WorldRelaxationDay which was held last Saturday and at a … Read more

Mali: calm in Bamako after the coup against President Keïta

Calm reigned Wednesday in Bamako which still bore the scars of the unrest in the aftermath of the coup d’état against President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, a putsch condemned by the international community worried about the worsening crisis in Mali, already plagued by violence jihadists. Traces of the incidents that punctuated this reversal of power were … Read more

Lincoln and Calm team up to expand wellness concept on and off the road

Mónica Olvera de la Cruz is a prestigious scientist of Mexican origin who is currently head of the Department of Materials Sciences and Engineering at Northwestern University, in the United States, who leads a research group that managed to find a vulnerability in the SARS-CoV2 virus. Although the scientist has extensive experience in virus studies, … Read more

EU leaders want to calm situation in Belarus –

EU leaders on Tuesday called on Vladimir Putin to put pressure on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to promote dialogue with the opposition. On Tuesday, the leader faced the 10th straight day of massive protests. The head of the Kremlin, Minsk’s closest ally, had three separate telephone conversations during the day with Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel … Read more

Coronavirus, that’s why the August data does not leave you calm

In the latest report on the weekly Covid monitoring from 3 to 9 August, published yesterday, the Ministry of Health affirms that “the number of new cases of infection remains overall contained but with an increasing trend”. If we then look in detail at the numbers released day by day from 10 August, the increase … Read more

“If this law is accepted, it will calm the spirits”

Hunt While the law on hunting is struggling in the polls, Fabio Regazzi (PDC / TI), vice-president of ChasseSuisse, believes that this revision will make it possible to manage the “subtle balances of wildlife” with breeding and farming. pastoralism. For Fabio Regazzi (PDC / TI), “We basically pursue the same goals as the nature protection … Read more

Calm down, the Gold Signal Will Skyrocket, Get Ready!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The price of gold has slowly started to climb again since last Wednesday safter collapsing more than 5% on Tuesday (11/8/2020). In trading yesterday (13/8/2020), at 16:43 WIB, the price of gold was traded in the range of US $ 1,930.64 / troy ounce, up 0.6% in the spot market, according … Read more