Camara ends in Dynamo! It’s a big disappointment, Petr Dědek said on the Hockey show the day after

Source: BK Mladá Boleslav A week has passed since we brought you more detailed speculation from behind the scenes of the Tipsport Extraliga about possible coaching moves. In the first part, we focused mainly changes in the staff of the Steelers. In the second part, we looked at possible acquisitions former national team coaches. As … Read more

Camara did not receive an additional penalty for Pech’s intervention, on the other hand, Ondráček will not play one match

In the ninth minute of the match, Ondráček hit Kolář on the goal behind the Pardubice goal, but referee Jeřábek did not rule out Svoboda. However, after watching the record, Ujčík evaluated that it was an illegal intervention and issued a single-match stop to the attacker of Motor. “The intervention was directed at an opponent … Read more

Pardubice cannon Camara received another penalty, the avenger Holland still topped him

Camara was guilty of the first start after returning after a two-match disciplinary penalty for a foul on Spartan striker Vladimír Sobotka, which he committed in a 48th round duel in Prague on Tuesday, February 2. He received a five-minute penalty from the judges Vladimír Pešina and Roman Mrkva for the intervention on Šika and … Read more

Saidou Camara launches into rap and unveils his new clip [VIDÉO]

Series Valid has been the essential French series for the past two years. In view of this success, one of the main actors decides to start rapping. Indeed, Saidou Camara officially unveils its first track as well as the visual that accompanies it. Since last October, Valid is back for a second season. It focuses … Read more

Sébastien Delorme featured in the daily Indéfendable on TVA

Sébastien Delorme will be at the heart of the intrigues of “Indéfendable”, TVA’s daily news broadcast starting next fall. The channel had been seeking for several years to put on the air a daily fiction. It is Pixcom, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, which produces this forensic series based on the original idea of ​​criminal … Read more

João Ferreira’s wife took 7th place in a five-place competition for the Câmara de Loures, but was hired three months later

João Ferreira’s wife, Isabel Santa Rita, is one of the 3382 people who make up the staff of the Municipality of Loures. Isabel Santa Rita was in 7th place in a public contest, held in December 2018, launched to hire five employees for the CDU municipality. However, according to the magazine “Sábado, Isabel was hired … Read more

Vandalized cars and gates in Câmara de Lobos — DNOTICIAS.PT

It was a night of damage on Rua Condes Torre Bella, in Câmara de Lobos. Around 10:40 pm on Friday, several cars and house gates were vandalized using paint. The images that made it to the DIARY show the damage caused that affected at least 5 vehicles. A citizen guarantees that the Public Security Police … Read more

Câmara de Amares buys Caldelas spa for 1.1 million

The Câmara de Amares bought the thermal complex of Caldelas for 1.1 million euros, the municipality announced today. The municipality became the owner of the infrastructure and “concessionaire for the exploitation of those thermal waters”, after having signed the purchase and sale deed with Empresa das Águas Mineromedicinais de Caldelas SA on Friday, the municipality … Read more

Câmara do Porto sends video surveillance to PSP which says it has completed work

JN/Agencies October 13, 2021 at 2:44 pm The mayor of Porto said he was waiting for instructions from the PSP of Porto to proceed with the installation of the video surveillance system in the city, but this police said that they had already completed “the tasks they set out to carry out” in this matter. … Read more

Câmara de Oeiras hires ex-spy company for 39,000 euros

The Chamber of Oeiras hired a company owned by former spy Jorge Silva Carvalho and an inspector of the Judiciary Police on unpaid leave. The contract that SIC had access to, serves to investigate the alleged misinformation in the social networks of the inhabitants of Oeiras, through artificial intelligence. Former Director of Strategic Defense Information … Read more