Google is working on making it easier to scroll through search results.. learn how

Thank you for reading the news about technology: Google is working to facilitate scrolling through search results .. Know how and now with the details of the news Cairo – Samia Sayed – Google announced that it is changing the way mobile search works initially in the United States, so that you will now not … Read more

New Apple headphones.. improve hearing and measure your temperature!

Apple is studying ways to turn AirPods into a healthy device, including to improve hearing, read body temperature and monitor posture, according to documents reviewed by the Wall Street Journal. The plans also illustrate the company’s ambition to add health features to devices other than the Apple Watch, where most of the company’s health functions … Read more

A new conference from Apple on October 18 to reveal these devices

Apple has set next Monday as a date for a new conference that grabs the spotlight again in the year of smart devices, during which it will be expected to unveil new Mac devices, most notably the expected new version of the MacBook Pro with the new processor from Apple. Manufactured by Apple Silicon, in … Read more

Here are the best antivirus apps for gamers

Asma Lamnawar wrote on Sunday, October 10, 2021 04:09 PM – Antivirus applications have a special importance in the world of PC applications, because they protect you from all harmful files on the Internet. Although Windows and other operating systems offer their own set of anti-virus applications, third-party applications are indispensable for fighting viruses and … Read more

Business tycoons admit .. These are the best lessons you learn from the founder of Apple!

Ten years ago, the co-founder of Apple passed away, Steve Jobs At the age of 56, after a years-long battle with cancer, his mark went beyond the limits of Apple, to competitors and partners in the business world. Even some young people today, whether they are software engineers or not, look to Jobs’ creativity and … Read more

Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi buys a “camel” to enter the world of camel benefits • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Tweeters circulated on Twitter a video clip of the famous “Snapchat”, Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, showing his new camel, which he acquired, and through which he intends to enter the world of camel charms. The video showed “Al-Mutairi” standing in front of the camel, which was covered with the Saudi flag and its color … Read more

In the video.. Here are the first defects of the new iPad mini 6 from Apple

The iPad mini 6 is one of the latest smart devices that Apple recently unveiled, but it didn’t take long for users to spot its first flaws. And the “Mac Romer” website stated that immediately after the iPad mini 6 arrived in stores, users noticed what is known in the world of technology as “jelly … Read more

A Chinese company unveils a phone that is anti-breakage, water- and dust-resistant

The Chinese company, Blackview, announced the launch of its latest smartphone, BV4900S, which was specifically designed to face difficult conditions. The new heavy-duty phone can withstand the shock of falling from a height of 1.5 meters, and it is also water and dust resistant. The Chinese company explains that its new BV4900S smartphone can withstand … Read more

Scientists make an important discovery about the planet Pluto!

A new study has found that the gases surrounding Pluto are fading away, returning to the ice as the dwarf planet drifts away from the sun. Pluto’s atmosphere is composed largely of nitrogen with a few drops of methane and carbon monoxide. As temperatures drop at the surface, this appears to cause nitrogen to freeze … Read more

All you need to know about the new Apple Watch 7

Asma Lamnawar wrote on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 01:09 pm – Apple is scheduled to open the door for reservations for its new Apple Watch Series 7, which appeared in the company’s releases during its recent annual conference. According to the “Nine to Five Mac” website, which specializes in Apple news, the watch will be … Read more