Europe requests more clarifications from Hipra before evaluating its Spanish Covid-19 vaccine | companies

Hipra will have to wait longer for Europe to decide whether to approve its vaccine against Covid-19, the only Spanish one that has advanced to clinical trials. The European Medicines Agency (EMA, in its acronym in English) has requested more clarifying questions from the Girona laboratory, according to what appears in the monthly agenda of … Read more

State of stress: what are the practices to follow to relax?

Understand a state of stress to better deal with it Stress: what is it? A natural reaction that manifests itself emotionally and physically, stress usually arises in the face of a particular situation. If it is chronic in nature, it can manifest itself differently, through different disorders. It is therefore triggered by a situation assimilated … Read more

10 Celebrity Fashion Trends With Green, You Can Copy For Slicker Styles in 2023!

Singer with a melodious voice Lyodra is known as one of the celebrities who has a simple but still elegant fashion style. In this photo, he appears to be wearing a green knit shirt layered with a blazer. Copyright: credit: instagram/lyodraofficial/tmd

Ruben Onsu fried Betrand Peto’s bird for fun, his daughter even cried out loud: Mother said yes you can…

Hops.ID – Even when shooting in the studio Ruben Onsu often pranks his friends, even at home the father of 3 also pranks his children. One night Ruben Onsu mention that beloved bird Betrand Peto Onsu’s son and Thalia Putri Onsu were fried. It immediately took me by surprise Betrand Peto Onsu’s son and Thalia … Read more

Three stars – three complex stories – Hi-Tech – Kommersant

The entire history of the South Korean company Samsung can be divided into three stages. The company, founded almost a hundred years ago by a South Korean farmer, had to go out of business twice. However, each time she managed to revive and become even more powerful. Warehouses are burning, factories are burning Samsung’s history … Read more

The Pole was supposed to fight for the world champion belt. The rival can… end his career!

Rivas is the first ever WBC champion in the new category – bridger (101.6 kg). His fight with Rozanski has been postponed several times, for various reasons. The Colombian was supposed to return to heavyweight for a moment to fight with Efe Ajagbąto defend the title in Poland with a bombardier from Rzeszów. But Rivas … Read more

WhatsApp’s most awkward situation can now be avoided thanks to a new feature

The chat application will allow you to undo the accidental deletion of a message. WhatsApp will add a very important function for certain situations uncomfortable that can occur in chat and, above all, in groups. Until now, when a message was deleted “for me” it was impossible to go back to erase “for all”. Now, … Read more

Can a smile, even a forced one, lift our spirits?

Laugh, and the whole world will laugh with you. Cry, and you will cry alone. Dae-su, a character from the Korean film “Oldboy”, repeats these verses by the poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919) while forcing a smile. At the same time, he tries to understand why they keep him kidnapped for 15 years in a … Read more

If you want to have offspring, even though you are HIV positive, here’s how you don’t pass it on to your children – It is feared that people with HIV/AIDS who have offspring can transmit the virus to their future children. This is because the transmission of this virus can indeed be through various ways. Apart from needles, having sex is one of the most common ways of transmitting the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The process … Read more

Left by her father, Angelina Sondakh lost her enthusiasm when recording the song ‘Setia’ – Angelina Sondakh just released their new single titled Loyal which is dedicated to his late father, Lucky Sondakh. In this song, Angeline duets with senior singers Julius Sitanggang. As a duet partner, Julius Sitanggang said, it doesn’t take long to compose a song Loyal the. “Actually, there wasn’t much to take direct vocals. … Read more