By June, Canada will have received a total of 44 million doses of vaccine

« Thus, by the end of June we should have received 44 million doses of vaccines including Moderna, Pfizer and Astra Zeneca “, Announced the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, in a press conference this morning. To date, more than 10.5 million doses of vaccine have been distributed to provinces and territories. By the … Read more

Surprise in Canada: Even French speakers fail French language test

“It’s embarrassing to be French and fail the test,” said Yohan Flaman, a truck driver from Limoges, France. The Guardian. He moved to the Canadian region of Quebec, where French is spoken. Native language To get a residence permit, he only had to take a language test. But that was easier said than done. Flaman … Read more

Canada. A pastor of Polish origin expelled the officers from the church. The police issued a statement

On Sunday, we informed that a Canadian pastor of Polish origin had expelled policemen from his church who wanted to check whether the epidemic restrictions were complied with. On Saturday, Artur Pawłowski from Calgary in the Canadian province of Alberta shared a few-minute-long recording of the incident on Facebook. You can see him approaching a … Read more

Canada. The Polish pastor kicked the officers out of the church. Police statement

Let us recall, during a service in the Polish church in Calgary, the policemen wanted to ask the faithful to leave the service due to non-compliance with the sanitary rules. In the video, a Pole, pastor Artur Pawłowski, repeatedly told the police to “leave this property immediately”. He calls the officers “Nazis”, saying that “the … Read more

People washed their hands in Europe three thousand years ago. The oldest evidence comes from Greece – ČT24 – Czech Television

Lis said that many elements indicated that their only possible content was water. “For example, it is a decoration of some clay vessels with figural scenes inside the vessel. Any opaque content would make them invisible. However, the most important argument was the traces of the actual use of these containers, or rather their absence. … Read more

Vaccine allergy: Health Canada will not make any new recommendations | News | The gallery

Dn a statement released on Saturday, the federal agency said it had examined the evidence known to date. She concluded that “the current product monograph and public health guidelines are appropriate”. “In light of information currently available, Health Canada has determined that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks,” said the agency. Health Canada … Read more

Takeover canceled: Air Canada dumps Air Transat

The EU would hardly have approved the takeover. That’s why Air Canada no longer wants Air Transat. This is especially a problem for the small airline. Together they wanted to become even stronger in the holiday market. Announced almost two years ago Air Canada proposes to take over Transat AT with its airline subsidiary Air … Read more

Facts about Mysterious Brain Diseases in Canada, Causes People to Have Memory Loss

Jakarta – The doctors were worried brain disease mysterious attacking dozens of citizens in Canada. They have had difficulty identifying the cause of the mysterious brain disease since 2020. Over a year, local health officials recorded a ‘cluster’ of mysterious brain diseases with a total of 43 cases. “We are working with various groups and … Read more

Why the Airbus A330 MRTT is on its way to land in Canada

The A330 MRTT has every chance of winning new international competition. According to our information, Airbus is the only manufacturer qualified as a bidder for the Strategic Airlift and Refueling Aircraft (ASTRV) project to the Canadian government. Boeing was not selected, we told La Tribune. As part of the ASTRV program, the Canadian Department of … Read more